Sunday, 31 March 2013

Faux Leather/Wet Look Leggings

A little late to join this trend, but then I have never been trend led, I just like well styled, classic, quality  clothing, sometimes I throw in a twist.  This I guess is my twist.  After recently seeing the lovely Fiona over at Avenue 57 in some faux leather trousers, I loved how she dressed them down yet they still looked effortlessly cool.  I am a jeans girl through and through, they are my smart/casual comfort zone.  I try to push away from them at times, this is one of those times.  My friend came to visit me the other day wearing some shiny type of leggings.  They were very subtle, I didn't notice properly until I saw them in better lighting but they just looked a little smarter (and cooler dare I say it!) than normal leggings.  Originally I took photo's of her cute Clark's boots but then I got closer and saw the leggings!  They were from Tesco's over a year ago.  I am not so sure they are the a 'true' wet look type, but as I'm not sure I could do the whole faux leather/wet look just yet (baby steps for new styles of course) they seemed a great in between way to try something new.  I'm off to google some (research purposes only, purchasing ban still in place) as they are not on line at Tesco, so if you can recommend any, please share.

Not the best photo, but originally I was focusing on the boots!

Fab boots though!
My wish list item this week, these coral courts from Topshop, called 'Gwenda'.  They are suede, and I have a thing about suede shoes for some reason.  At £58 I don't think that's a bad price at all.  Oh and I have a shoe thing at the moment also........

Friday, 29 March 2013

Animal Sandals (for when the sun makes an appearance!)

I braved a few stores for some last minute Easter treats today, not sure what I thought I might find that fitted the bill in there but I did pop my head into Next.  Dangerous on a very strict shopping ban, so I thought at the very least it was material to share in todays blog (who am I trying to kid?).  I make no secret of my love for animal and breton print, silk and cashmere.  So my natural homing device led me straight to these babies.  All leather £22 (although the website states £18 so order on line quickly!).  I daren't try them on, I need to last a whole month, yes a whole month of no purchases, Lord give me strength.  So Wednesday 1st May, I am back there hoping they don't fit and I can prove the husband wrong and I've lasted a month and a day with no purchases.  Wish me luck!

£26 Jewelled version

£18 Tan version

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring/Summer Wedding Outfits & Some House of Fraser Sale Bargains

I was asked for some ideas for an investment dress for a wedding a client had coming up.  She wanted to spend a bit more than normal as the dress needed to be used again for a similar occasions.  With this in mind and having seen the Hobbs Invitation range in the flesh a few weeks previously, I pointed her in their direction.  I also recommended the new Somerset by Alice Temperley range in John Lewis (or to pop to her store in Bicester Village if she was near!).  Here is some of my favourites.

Somerset by Alice Temperley


Hobbs Invitation

£159 now £109


£169 (so lovely they deserved a spot on here!)

And just because I love to share a bargain, House of Fraser have some great ones in their sale right now, I love both of these from Firetrap.

£65 down to £19.50

£75 down to £15.75

A little competition for anyone who likes to dabble, FeelUnique have teamed up with The Sunday Times Style 2013 Beauty Awards.  Vote for your favourite products here by the 14th April & 5 lucky voters will get a £500 Beauty Dash and the first 500 voters will each win £20 e-vouchers.  Good luck!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Love my Boots!

Yay my bargain M&S boots got their second outing today for a kid's birthday party.   I am so pleased with them.  For £35 I feel they have really woken up my look, black boots would only heighten my negative mood with this ridiculous whether we are having.  I paid more for my jeans and coat!  Good old M&S and their sales.  My only slight grumble is that they are a rather hard suede and dig in my ankle when I walk.  However I may be being slightly unfair as this is only my second wear, and both have been short times so they probably need breaking in some more.  Either way, the slight discomfort will be endured as they are worth it!

Teamed with my favourite Topshop Baxter jeans 
Another one of my bargains, my FCUK coat from Bicester Village last year, £60 and worn loads!

My wish list item this week - some bling sandals!  Yes, just to rub it in, I am heading to where the sunshines is in approximately 9.5 weeks (who's counting?!).  I live in sandals like these, with a strap between the toes in the warmer months.  My selection are rather plain though and who says bling isn't for every day wear?  At £28 and real leather, I may be giving these a go when Warehouse do another 25% off discount.

Friday, 22 March 2013

River Island - my Shop of the Week

Not a normal choice of shops for me personally as my day to day look is a lot more comfort/smart/casual than high fashion.  But I wanted to take a peak at their Rihanna range and as with a lot of retailers at the moment, their sale is on.  Never one to pass up a browse on line, I have been pleasantly surprised.  Their fair prices seem to have won me over (but not so much so to risk a proper telling off from the husband for shopping AGAIN).  Delivery is £3.95 with free returns.  Be nice to see them offering free delivery to store like some other retailers. 

With regards to the Rihanna range, it's not for me.  A lot of crops and a very fashion led colour palette of black, grey white, acid yellow and denim.  But with prices as low as £20, I applaud them for letting all the young Rihanna fans have a piece of her style.  I know when I was younger if the Spice Girls had done a range with prices and pieces like this, I would have been there in a heartbeat.  Instead I made do with Bay Trading's take on their pinstripe suits.......

£18 top, £30 shorts
If I was going to buy something from Rihanna's range would definitely be one of these, I love high neck sleeveless Tee's

And some of my favourite sales picks;

£27 down to £15 (leather)
£25 down to £10
£35 down to £15
£25 down to £10
£30 down to £15
£45 down to £20, size 7's only left on line (leather)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Friends is the Right Places - Thank You Jo Jo! x

When I want something I can't get - I'm like a woman possessed.  My poor friends and family get 'SOS' emails with price, style name/number, stores near them, all the details until I find what I want.  When time was less of an issue for me, I would actually call around stores across the UK to get exactly what I wanted.  (I still have a Christmas tree in Bournemouth that was 75% off, sorry Lizzie, I will come and get it).  So after I waited online for the M&S sale last Tuesday and found that some of my lovely readers who are size 3.5's had obviously ignored my warning that these babies were mine, they were sold out in seconds.  So the following day I was on a mission.  Poor Jo who happens to work very close to the Metro Centre was sent a text to get in there ASAP for me.  By Monday (yesterday) they are with me!  I really do have fab friends.  £65 down to £35 - I LOVE!

My only question is - do I cut that strap at the back?  Does it make them a little 'cowboy'?  I've worn them already today as I've been poorly so they were the perfect pick me up, amazing what a new pair of shoes can do for you!  I will leave the strap on for a while as once I cut it, there's no going back.  Did anyone else manage to get any of Marks and Spencer's fabulous shoes in their sale?

PS Kurt Geiger sale starts on line midnight tonight!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Week

I very nearly forgot to place an order with my 30% off Gap voucher - but I didn't, phew.  So still on my 'minimal budget/semi shopping ban' I am always in need of trousers.  I have blogged and moaned many times before how I hate looking for bottoms, I love my jeans.  With an important meeting coming up in London, I thought the discount be best spent on trousers.  So I ordered 3 pairs and 2 pairs of jeans (at £14.99 it was worth a shot), a jumper for the hubby and 2 further pairs of jeans for my sister to try.  None of the jeans worked (thank goodness), 1 pair of trousers came up loads larger than I think they should, then I tried these on.  Et Voila!  I could tell before I had even pulled them up that I was on to a winner.  They feel so comfy to wear and made me feel great even with a cold and feeling run down.  Anyone who knows me knows my hate of paying for delivery.  However with the 30% off and a pair of winning trousers, I think I can well and truly justify the £4 (oh and my nearest store is 20 miles away).  I am thrilled to say the least.  I have teamed them with my Ted Baker courts and will probably add one of my Banana Republic blouses tucked in, maybe with a little skinny belt.  

£29.95 but £21 with discount

Gaps Slim Cropped Pants

I promised I would share any wardrobe progress from my very honest post in the week about the state of my wardrobe.  I am a firm believer that if your not feeling too great about yourself, then trying on clothes is a no no.  So I decided to just start with my shelves and re fold, re organise.  I found 1 holed Tee which will go in the rag bin and some very shiny lurex scarves which I haven't worn in over a year, so they were promptly removed.  The pink one has managed to find it's way into my 6 year old's room....It was baby steps today, but it's still progress.  Thick Winter scarves have also gone away in the drawer under my bed - I am being optimistic.  The picture makes the cardi's look untidy but I promise they are organised by colour and pattern!  Lessons learnt - no more navy cardi's needed but a nice plain black scarf is.  

Plain and patterned Tees, Cardis, Scarves

Didn't make the cut (apart from the pink now residing in daughters room)

I hope all you Mummy's out there had a lovely Mother's Day last week.  I had a great one with family and a quick impromptu visit to Bicester Village.  We were very kindly given a 30% off voucher for Ralph Lauren (Friends and Family event) so I did say to the Hubby not to buy me lots of tack for Mother's Day as would rather put the voucher to good use.  These lovely PJ's came down to around £16 with the discount - now that's a bargain!  Perfect present from my little ladies, quality and comfort (yes a little Christmasy but there's no Santa on them so I'm not bothered!).

I am seeing one of my closest friends tomorrow as she lives far too many miles away 'up North'.  But her reason for getting a mention on my blog tonight is that she is bringing with her the M&S boots that I was madly after in the sale.  She managed to find one pair of size 3.5's in her store so they had better fit.  From my online sale shop I got the hubby's slippers as I always do in their sale (half price), a cardi for the 6 year old, a zester (yes, really) and a new bra (bra's - another thing I hate shopping for ticked off this week).  Nothing very adventurous so these boots best be good!  They were £32.50 from memory and as I've lived in my black suede ones I felt these would be a great seasonal purchase.

My wish list item this week?  Flicking through Grazia and saw 'my shoes' I tried on the other week.  They looked so much better on my feet than they did in the magazine, surely that warrants them right?  It's called my 'wish list' item for a reason, they are not a 'need' Natalie, keep dreaming...

Thank you for reminding me about these Grazia
I think Zara need to donate these to my wardrobe

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Quick Post Tonight - Ebay - Yes Ebay, Shop of the week!

I need to hit the sack, 3 hours sleep (poorly kiddies) does not make for a coherent Natalie!  I was just sorting through inbox and opened my Ebay email, they just wanted to remind me about their French Connection Outlet with up to 70% off ending today, so kind!  So instead of my usual time spent browsing, I am going to hand it over to you guys to do.  Their prices will still be discounted tomorrow but not as much as today, so be quick!  However, purely for research sake and adding some visual prettiness to my post other than words, here are some of my favourites.  Happy Shopping people!  

£95 down to £28.50
£155 down to £37.50
£47 down to £14.50
£180 down to £45
£125 down to £30
£125 down to £28.50

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