Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shop of the Week - Zara

I am feeling a little uninspired this week, maybe I have had too many shopping trips to close together (oh who am I kidding.....).  So I started looking back through my phone photo's and found these bad boys.  Ok, now I'm feeling inspired.  I tried these on a few weeks back in Zara and fell in love.  This was also the shopping trip where I put back two £10 tops from their sale rack, I was asserting some self control (and I had already purchased the beautiful pink ballet pumps a la this post) so they weren't marched to the till.  Having a few pairs of shoes in a similar style, I could not warrant the spend.  However when my lottery numbers (well my husbands ones) come up at the week-end, I will have no reason to feel bad and will head to their website.   Right, snap back to reality.  Whilst perusing their site,  I found not one but several monochrome dresses which I felt the need to share.  Hence, this week Zara is my shop of the week.  I'm not saying they don't have their fair share of some high end fashion styles not for the faint hearted, but push on through and you will find some classic gems such as these with some very fair price tags.  I had to stop at the dresses, I was getting a little carried away.  15 minutes before my shut down, wind down time, I need to hit publish!

Oh Hello!




£39.99 nip in that waste!


£49.99 My favourite

PS Have you found anything that inspires you recently like Zara just has for me?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

London Baby!

 Evening all!  A picture based post tonight, it's going to be visual for you!  I spent yesterday in London meeting with some lovely fashion Mummy bloggers.  It was so nice to catch up and relax all day with no time restraints.  A few of us (yes, me included!) branched off for only a couple of hours to hit the shops.  As I do get into London more than some I felt it only right to take up the 'tour guide' role to navigate them to the shops they needed then back to the bar!  It's late and I've set myself a new challenge to shut down and switch off by 9.30pm so excuse the slackness but I will address the ladies by name but tag in their equally fabulous blogs.

Sue & Beth
Helen, Joanna, Kat & Fiona
Sue 'papping' Marlene & Avril
Close up of Avril's fab Accessorize necklace, love it worn over her denim shirt

Sue 'papping' Moi!

'The Hat' (and the coat) are Marlene's but wanted by all!
Uniqlo's very 'Cath Kidston' Tee's (but by Greengate instead)
Their great selection of scarves

Even more impressive was their cardi range - how many colours?! 100% cotton £19.90

Their Orla Kiely scarves were £9.90 - an amazing price

I loved Cos's colour palette, soft pinks and greens

Cos's leather was fab and magnetic closures are always a favourite of mine

And me! I did wear a coat, Marlene might have that picture!
Topshop Baxter Jeans
Topshop Boots
H&M Tee
Gap cardi (£14.99 in the sale - bargain!)
New Look necklace
Balenciaga Handbag

Every time I see myself in a picture at the moment, it makes me want to cut my fringe back in.  So what's stopping me - the maintenance!  But the sound of me harking on about it for so long in my head is equally as annoying so this week I may just nip in to the hairdressers.......

Wish list item this week - Benefit's Fine One One highlighter.  I love the mix of colours and that you can use it on your cheeks and lips is a double bonus.  I am currently using a max powder blush but I do find that cream blushers give more of a glow.  So next time I'm near a Debenhams, my voucher is going on this little 2 in 1 gem.  £23.50.

Must dash, 9.43pm already......ho hum, tomorrow's a new day to achieve my goal!  Night all x

Friday, 22 February 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Love (and some very cheap Ballet Pumps!)

I don't know about you but I love the Palmers Cocoa Butter range.  I find their products very fairly priced and always good quality.  Last year when I ran out of my usual night cream and was waiting for the Christmas sale offers, I saw in Superdrug that Palmer's had a skin care range.  There were only a few products but they did have a night cream.  I was in a rush at the time and never got back to the store to purchase.  So this week whilst I was on a little light shopping trip with a friend, I paid Superdrug another visit.  I had asked in a few Boot's stores but they didn't stock the skin care items.  It's currently on a 3 for 2 offer and also available on line (just did a quick check and found they do a coconut hair range as well - yum!).  So my friend and I shared the offer as I only currently need a scrub, she bought one as well as the face mask.  This worked out at £4 and while it hasn't set the world alight as far as scrub's go (but then I am no expert), I feel that Palmer's have delivered again on a fair price and a good product.

£6 but cheaper if you use the 3 for 2 offer

Also on offer were their lip balms.  I have used them before but not the tinted dark chocolate cherry flavour.  For less than £2 each I grabbed them and am so impressed with the tint.  If you are after a cheaper alternative to the Clinique Chubby Stick, I really recommend this.

£1.89 for the plain, £1.99 for coloured

My favourite lip products at the moment

I was very well behaved on this shopping trip.  I even put a £10 top back in Zara.  However, after a recent trip to London where I had to wear some ballet pumps on the commute then swap to heels, I realised how much I needed a comfy pair.  These just called out to me.  They were sold by an independent but are by Jones Bootmaker.  Originally £60, last day of their sale, £15.93 to me - BARGAIN!  All leather, I thought at half price for £30 they were slightly over my none existent budget but for £15 odd, why would I walk away?  I can't wait to wear these bobby dazzlers!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Brand of the Week - Bex Rox

Jessie Cuff £255

Jewellery is a the perfect way to show a little bit of who you are and change an outfit from dull to exciting, I love how statement pieces do this and the Bex Rox range does it so well.  Here is a more detailed look at this brand.
Each piece offers a little insight into who the designer is and where she has come from. Some designers keep their work separate from themselves, creating pieces for the buyer, with little individuality. Bex Rox infuses each piece with her history, offering the buyer a wide range of different pieces of personality to compliment their own and help to define who they are.
White suede cuff £140
From her roots on Spain’s Balearic Islands to her travels in South East Asia, Australia and South America, Bex Manners has let every experience influence her work, creating a mixture of colours and methods within her personal style. Her fascination with Art Deco and the shapes found in the animal world is evident in many of her pieces, making it a unique and interesting collection.
Fluoro gunmetal Gina bracelet £225

Her signature piece is the chained bracelet which come in a variety of colours and widths.  There is a nice balance between the chainmail of the bracelet and the solid cuff that joins it together.  The Gina bracelet is a good example of this, drawing the eye to the contrast between materials and colours.
Antelope ring £250

The pieces based on animals are particularly special.  They are elegant with a vintage feel, which is very much on trend at the moment. The Antelope ring has a great deal of detail and would certainly make some impact.  There are so many jewellery designers out there these days that is can be a little difficult to find a style that suits the individual and still offers high quality.  These pieces are reasonably priced for the high quality and craftsmanship that has gone into them.  The best thing about designer jewellery is that if it is taken care of then it will last for a long time, becoming a regularly used part of your wardrobe. Her website even comes with guidelines for how best to look after the jewellery.

Mini kissing seahorse £165 (how cute!)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Week

I had a meeting in London yesterday so when I had finished I headed straight to the Clinique counter to try their new Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes.  For once minus the kids, I had some time on my hands so when the sales assistant offered to try the product out on me, I thought why not!  If possible it's always advisable to try before you buy so I took my seat.  I had my eye make-up removed and a cream applied before the sticks.  I picked out the Bountiful Beige as a lighter base colour then Whopping Willow (green) as the main shade.  I loved how the product went on, it felt nice on the eye and seemed to be easy to apply.  Deciding to leave it on for a bit then chose a colour, I walked away from the counter.  An hour later I took a look at my eyes and the colour had creased terribly.  Now I'm not sure if it's that it was applied straight after an oily cream or that it's more of a creamy base rather than a powder shadow.  Either way I left empty handed.  I will give it a go another time without removing my powder and report back then.  

Whilst in Milton Keynes last week, I grabbed some of the shop window images to share.  New Look's were both stylish and inspirational.  I love denim shirts at the moment, but fail to find the right one for me.  Monochrome was featured in all three windows, a major SS13 trend.  

New Look - I love how they've dressed this down with the shirt

New Look's monochrome

Great layering from New Look 

TopShop adding in cobalt blue to their monochrome

Miss Selfridge's breton and monochrome window

My wish list item this week, Victoria Beckham's two tone clutch.  I had my hands on this little baby and the black and cream version (which was my favourite) in Harrods.  The quality of the leather was outstanding, and it needed to be at this price.  I loved the simplicity of the design, it was sleek and sophisticated.  One day maybe!
£325 Small Zip Leather Clutch

On a slightly cheaper note, here is Gap's leather clutch.  Not as structured leather as Victoria's (love just calling her Victoria as though I know her....) but for the price, a fair alternative.  I am all for real leather and think this is a very well priced piece.  I arranged that little display for them!

Gap £24.99

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shop of the Week - Jaeger

I was having a little clear out of my business folder the other day and came across a list (I do like a list!) of my original business and blog idea's.  Like all things in life, time gets the better of us and you forget your roots so to speak.  One of my plans was to bring to you my 'shop of the week' be it from the web or a store that I've visited during the week that impressed me, either with their prices, new styles, both or anything of interest!  So I'm going back to my original plan and doing this on a weekly basis as 1. I like to keep in touch with what's out there which sometimes I neglect and 2. I just like the idea! So this week I am bringing to you Jaeger.  They have some amazing discounts on their sale items and currently if you use this code EXTRANL2 you get an additional 20% off.  Here are some of my favourite picks, be quick though, I am sure these won't last long!

100% silk leopard print blouse £140 down to £49 (£39.20 with further discount)

£160 now £35 (£28 with further discount)

100% wool jumper £120 down to £49 (£39.20 with further discount)

£180 down to £35 (£28 with further discount)

Silk pleat front blouse £140 down to £35 (£28 with further discount)

A line skirt £80 down to £30 (£24 with further discount)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Animal Lover

I've been wearing my animal print coat a lot this week.  I bought this from Zara a few years ago when I was in Brussels.  At the time I nearly purchased a big faux fur version from Topshop, but I was talked out of it by a friend who insisted it would only be worn for one season.  Well C, just to let you know, this one is in it's 3rd season and I still love it!  I have worn it less recently as I've been wearing my grey FCUK coat but this week fancied something with a little more 'va va voom'!  So I dressed it down with  obligatory Uggs and even had a hoody stuck out of it (hair hiding it in these pictures!).  Animal print is either a love or hate, personally, I love it (much to my husbands dislike) and I won't stop wearing it!

Does look slightly maternity like in this picture but in the flesh it doesn't!

Blimey I didn't realise my Uggs made my feet look like flippers!  Oh well, only the school run!

Here are some of my favourite animal prints that are around now.  Don't over do it with a print like this, team with a separate that is plain, or if a dress, keep jewellery simple and minimal.  Make it look too loud and people will see you before the print, that is not what you want to achieve!

French Connection £110 Monochrome trend = tick + animal = fab!

£7.99 H&M
Matalan £14 black side slimming panels
£49.99 Zara
And on my wish list this week - Zara's parka.  I'm on the look out for something a little more casual than my trench for when it warms up and I love the leather combination on the sleeve.  It makes it a little different to a plain parka.  My only reserve is that the arm's aren't real leather.  I would have to see it in the flesh to warrant spending that much on a coat with fake leather on!  For a cheaper version, Tesco have one for £28, follow this link.

Zara £99.99

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