Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Love my Boots!

Yay my bargain M&S boots got their second outing today for a kid's birthday party.   I am so pleased with them.  For £35 I feel they have really woken up my look, black boots would only heighten my negative mood with this ridiculous whether we are having.  I paid more for my jeans and coat!  Good old M&S and their sales.  My only slight grumble is that they are a rather hard suede and dig in my ankle when I walk.  However I may be being slightly unfair as this is only my second wear, and both have been short times so they probably need breaking in some more.  Either way, the slight discomfort will be endured as they are worth it!

Teamed with my favourite Topshop Baxter jeans 
Another one of my bargains, my FCUK coat from Bicester Village last year, £60 and worn loads!

My wish list item this week - some bling sandals!  Yes, just to rub it in, I am heading to where the sunshines is in approximately 9.5 weeks (who's counting?!).  I live in sandals like these, with a strap between the toes in the warmer months.  My selection are rather plain though and who says bling isn't for every day wear?  At £28 and real leather, I may be giving these a go when Warehouse do another 25% off discount.


  1. I have some gorgeous Steve Madden bling sandals that I love - they add some glam to shorts and a tee. I only ever wear thong sandals as my toes are so weird I can't do scrappy ones.

  2. I love the new lighter boots on you but I am big on lighter boots anyway - they soften a look and like you say will take you in to Spring a lot easier - when it finally arrives.

    And yes, deep envy - holiday! I'm not sure we'll get away this year. I can'd do sandals like those - I have wide feet and they just look fat in them. Great!

  3. LOVE the sandals (and the boots!)
    Off to check out Warehouse

  4. I was so dissapointed I didn't get a pair of these, super jealous of you and Avril, but yours are very similar to my Zara ones now I see them on you so I suppose I had no need really!

  5. £35??! That's bloody cheap. I can only dream of walking into a store and buying shoes off the rack. I probably have better luck in France, US and Asia where they stock smaller sizes.

  6. I wish I had got those boots but they looked awful on the website! Love the sandals, in fact I love sandals! I was eyeing up a lovely pair in Karen Millen earlier today, leopard print of course! x

  7. Yes, I am very pleased with my bargain boots, thanks to my lovely friend up North! Leopard print - a lady after my own heart! x


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