Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Brand of the Week - Bex Rox

Jessie Cuff £255

Jewellery is a the perfect way to show a little bit of who you are and change an outfit from dull to exciting, I love how statement pieces do this and the Bex Rox range does it so well.  Here is a more detailed look at this brand.
Each piece offers a little insight into who the designer is and where she has come from. Some designers keep their work separate from themselves, creating pieces for the buyer, with little individuality. Bex Rox infuses each piece with her history, offering the buyer a wide range of different pieces of personality to compliment their own and help to define who they are.
White suede cuff £140
From her roots on Spain’s Balearic Islands to her travels in South East Asia, Australia and South America, Bex Manners has let every experience influence her work, creating a mixture of colours and methods within her personal style. Her fascination with Art Deco and the shapes found in the animal world is evident in many of her pieces, making it a unique and interesting collection.
Fluoro gunmetal Gina bracelet £225

Her signature piece is the chained bracelet which come in a variety of colours and widths.  There is a nice balance between the chainmail of the bracelet and the solid cuff that joins it together.  The Gina bracelet is a good example of this, drawing the eye to the contrast between materials and colours.
Antelope ring £250

The pieces based on animals are particularly special.  They are elegant with a vintage feel, which is very much on trend at the moment. The Antelope ring has a great deal of detail and would certainly make some impact.  There are so many jewellery designers out there these days that is can be a little difficult to find a style that suits the individual and still offers high quality.  These pieces are reasonably priced for the high quality and craftsmanship that has gone into them.  The best thing about designer jewellery is that if it is taken care of then it will last for a long time, becoming a regularly used part of your wardrobe. Her website even comes with guidelines for how best to look after the jewellery.

Mini kissing seahorse £165 (how cute!)


  1. Wow these pieces are gorgeous! Trying not too look too closely or they'll end up on my wish list.

  2. I know, aren't they just! Luckily some of my favourites had sold out! x

  3. love the antler ring


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