Friday, 25 January 2013

Some More Sheepskin In My Life and Lush Smelling Nail Oil

I haven't purchased the Ugg earmuffs, they are definitely on hold waiting for a better price.  I have however used my birthday vouchers to invest in some new Just Sheepskin slippers.  My sister introduced me to this brand over a year ago now, and I have lived in my boot version ever since.  Holed and stained, it was time to replace them.  Their prices seem to have gone up lot since my first pair and not one to pay full price for much, I refused the £75 price tag (currently £60 on offer at House of Fraser) for the exact same pair.  Instead I opted for the mules.  I have had the Ugg version before but they were returned due to the sheepskin wearing away in a matter of months.  As we are half way through Winter, I thought these were a compromise mainly due to the £31.50 price tag, reduced from £45.  I love the soles as they are proper non slip ones which is needed when running around after children.  When and if I see the boots on offer later on in the year, I will be buying them again!  These are from House of Fraser, free delivery to store also.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Cozy feet!

My nails are in a terrible state at the moment mainly due to the weather.  This product was recommended to me by my lovely beautician Steph at Urban Bliss Beauty.  I loved it instantly because of the almond smell but to add to this, it has done wonders for my nails.  Apparently oil is the best product to use for dry flakey nails due to it heavily moisturising powers (check me out sounding all knowledgable!).  I have been applying it at night and rubbing it all over my nail and half way down my fingers as suggested and it's made a huge difference.  I bought this on Amazon and it was just under £10 with delivery.  I say bought but I didn't actually pay for it as I used my Nectar points which I converted to Amazon vouchers (no more Amazon points with Nectar as of the end of this month sadly).  SolarOil by CND.

Cashmere joggers update (from previous blog post here) - I returned them at £69 as I just couldn't justify the price tag.  Luckily I did as they went down to £45 so I've snapped them up again, yippee!  So warm and comfortable, I hope these stand the test of time like they were intended too.  Having just read an article on cashmere though, about the best being made in Scotland, I am a little concerned with my made in Cambodia pair......

Back up to £99 now I'm afraid

They don't look like anything special, but they so feel it.


  1. I would love a pair of sheepskin slippers! I have birthday money left but I am hoping to go away in half term so am holding on to it! The CND is highly recommended but if on a budget you can use any oil from the kitchen, olive, sunflower it all works just as well xx

  2. I couldn't be without mine, hence I couldn't wait! I'm sure they will be cheaper in the Summer so hang on if you can.
    Thank you for that tip, now I won't get free Amazon vouchers I may well try that, if the bottle ever runs out! x


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