Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sale (well mainly TK Maxx!) Finds

I'm not sure what made me trail through the TK Maxx clearance sale on line, however I'm glad I did.  With free delivery for an over £50 spend (easy!) and free returns to store, I doubled up on shoe sizes so as not to miss out!  

Dune (TK Maxx) £96, down to £44.99, price to me £18!

Real suede, I love the nude colour for Summer

After seeing this close up and my little toe cleavage I am now slightly unsure - or am I being to picky?

French Connection (TK Maxx) £140, down to £39.99 price to me £18!

Such a classic cut LBD, I've been looking to update my faded one for a while now

Love the detail on it, just add's something else to it instead of it being a 'plain Jane'

Love love love!  Worn the day after arrival, real suede £18!  Honestly! (no idea of brand,  it didn't matter in this instance!)

Oh dear.....Bertie, can't remember the original prices but I paid £26

They just didn't work for me, but it's all about trying!

Whilst returning the brogues (Victoria Beckham inspired me!) I walked away from the till and straight into this Whistles number - honestly, it was right in front of me!  £150 down to £29.99, 100% silk (lover of all good materials, silk and cashmere being my favourites) I headed straight to the changing room.  It had a slight fault on the back with a faint line across the print, however this is hardly noticeable and as I wouldn't pay the full £150 I am in love!  Having a design on my upper body is perfect for me as I have little in the breast department so can get away with a print and high neckline.  Similarly, the bottom half is a dark colour (more flattering on me as my widest part is my hip area) and plain, therefore overall balancing my petite frame out.   I threw in my trusty All Saints heels to give lots of height, but I feel this dress would work just as well with a court.  I can not wait to wear it.

Whistles (TK Maxx) £150, TK Price £29.99 (not in Clearance)

Trying to strike a pose (just don't zoom in on the un-shaven legs...)

Original label still in tact and a close up of the amazing colours

And finally my M&S vests......boring I know, but an essential for me and my wardrobe.  I always stock up in the sale, they work out at £2.50-£3 each so at that price they are worth buying in bulk.

I'll be back with more bargains soon (nearly finished spending my birthday and Christmas money, then I'm on a self inflicted ban......)


  1. OMG I love everything especially the Dune shoes and Whistles dress! Why do I never look at TK Maxx?

  2. Ah thank you - toe cleavage not too much on the Dune shoes then? It is a very hit or miss store, sometimes I have the time and patience, other times I don't! They do get a lot of deliveries so it's always worth a rummage. I've never ordered from them on line before but they were super quick with the free delivery and returns to store were no problem, I would definitely recommend! x

  3. A bit of toe cleavage is fine I think - it's hard for me to find shoes that don't show a bit of it - but then I have VERY weird toes indeed - could never wear those All Saints shoes as my toes would be sticking out of every strap - they are lush though so very envious! LOVE the M&S vests - what a bargain!

    1. But you have very long legs to make up for your toes he he! I have VERY short legs so fair fair!!! Do you know, they are actually also very comfortable! Hence they feature quite a bit! Good old M&S hey!x

  4. I'm not too sure about the Dune shoes - I have to say too much toe cleavage for me to be comfortable with but then again - I'm not wearing them. It depends on how much you love the shoes and if you're happy? You're asking the question so you have some doubts. The rest of the haul are pretty excellent bargains especially the dresses. And I'm not keen on the Berties either. Have a look at Massimo Dutti - some beautiful ones there but a little bit more pricey but they look really nice!

    1. I didn't even notice until I saw this picture. My left foot is called 'long & skinny' my right 'short & fat' - I have a whole size difference in them (there you go Joanna, I forget how odd my feet actually are!!) so the right is the one that looks bad. I am gong to try them again, maybe it was the camera angle and the big flower hides better in 'real life'.....I was purely trying the Berties due to Mrs Beckham wearing a similar pair, mad aren't !


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