Monday, 26 November 2012

Autumn Trends Catwalk Show

I love to watch catwalk shows, you never know what you may see that inspire's you, it's like a lucky dip in the world of fashion!  I went to The Ideal Home Show at Christmas and watched Antonia O'Brien's take on Autumn Trends. I managed to grab a few pictures (and sorry, only half way through realised where the outfits were from, it was on a huge screen above the catwalk!) but I did pick up a trend I rather liked; a dress with a jumper and belt.  I think this look would work well if you are short of a smart/formal outfit and have a dress that you can put a jumper over without altering the shape of it to much.

The 'plum' trend, the model on the left was my favourite look (jumper was actually M&Co!)

You could dress this down with black tights and shoe boots

Sparkle! Red dress F&F (Tesco!)

LBD from Matalan

Winter warmers (military trend)

Everyone needs a good hooded parker in their lives!

Statement knits - middle jumper; Next (Primark have some fab Christmas cardi's in!)

Eye candy.....

Must dash, cat's just been sick on the baby's coat, back to reality!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Amazing Ebay deals - be quick!

Still not sorted out my pictures, so here are the links, be quick, selling fast!

Boden Waterfall Cardigan, 100% merino wool £20, was £59

French Connection black coat, 100% wool coat, £39.99, was £100

Womens Timberland Boots (only a size 6 left now!) £34.99, was £135

Follow this link for more Sunday Spectacular's, just picked the best 3!

PS Don't forget to log on through Nectar for extra points

PPS Anyone in London today, 20% off at Selfridges, and free parking on single yellow - get shopping, do me proud!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Blogger SOS

Ok, so today I am feeling deflated with technology and as my blog is just that, 'My Blog', I am using it as an outlet to shout out for some help!  Surely downloading photos shouldn't be as time consuming as it is for me?  I have to re-size individually as always too large from mobile, then open in Paint and save as a BMP otherwise when I upload them they are the wrong way round?  Now my 'Picasa' thingy-ma-jiggy (had to google that spelling, impressive even for me!) is full apparently but how do I now which pictures are one's I've used on my blog and which aren't?  Arrrrrgh!  I just want to share my piccies with you all!

Rant over, I am moving away from the laptop and to the washing bin instead, I need to do something productive!

Any help/tips greatly appreciated!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Eyebrow Re-Shape

Spot the difference!
 I admit that I get a little tweezer happy when it comes to my eyebrows.  I have dark hair so if I don't keep on top of them, I feel un-groomed.  I decided to ask a professional as felt I was penciling in a lot more than normal.  Apparently I really need to let them bush out!  I had read an article ages ago about where they should start (using a pencil from the centre of the nose to inner corner of my eye) but this was remembered incorrectly!  It is from the edge of the nose straight up, oops!  It is always worth refreshing your memory with beauty routines by asking an expert.  She also introduced me to Benefit brow zings which she hugely rated as said it was softer and more subtle than a pencil and brown gel.  I tried my friends at the week-end and thought it did a great job of filling in rather than a pencil so it's now on my Christmas list, I just need to visit a Benefit counter to pick the best shade.  In the mean time, I found an old (yes I know it should probably be in the bin, but at least it gets me used to brushing my eyebrows through rather than penciling) Body Shop kit, which doesn't have the wax that the Benefit one comes with but it looks better than what I've been using.  I must admit, I think the thicker brow I've been wearing for the last few days has made a difference, next beauty refresher - hairdressers!  Have you tried anything new in your routine recently?

Benefit Brow Zings £22.50
The Body Shop £10


Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Winter Wedding

I did end up wearing my bargain French Connection shift dress to a friends wedding.  However being busy with the girls, I left piecing the look together until the last minute (I always work better under pressure!).  The suede peep toes I had planned on wearing, once tried on, reminded me exactly how unconformable they were.  This was a 12pm wedding, I had to last 12 hours, these weren't going to work!

Luckily it was half term and a customary trip to Ikea for meatballs, left me next door to a shopping centre.  So I hit the shopping centre hard, with a 2 hour limit.  30 minutes to go, slightly panicked, I ended up with some Ted Baker court shoes from TK Maxx.  I loved the colour and I thought it would work well with the dress, adding some warmth and softness to the overall look.  Luckily I knew I had an unused (I knew it was going to work for me one day!) Coccinelle clutch, also from TK Maxx that even though was not an exact match, as my clutch didn't sit right next to the shoes, it would work.  Throw in a free Nails Inc nailpolish I had from a magazine and  a new £1 Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy (thank you Debenhams for my £15 Beauty Card Reward - stick is £16 RRP) and I was pleased with my final look.

My only regret is my necklace.  I should have worn my bold flower one and foolishly listened to my husband who had a very strong opinion on it (does anyone else do that - ignore their own opinion in favour of someone who really doesn't know best?).  But it wasn't a major fashion disaster, we live and learn!  The dress was so comfortable and not tight and restricting and the shoes were so good to my feet that I can't wait to have the opportunity to wear them again!

The shoes that saved the day! £49.99 all leather and free nailpolish

The 'old' clutch and new lippy

The necklace worn (New Look Limited Edition)

What I think I should have worn!(Topshop)

Group shot of accessories (and the better necklace!)

The final ensemble (yes I wore a coat!)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Party Season Shoes

With it fast approaching and on a last minute hunt for some shoes for a wedding, I came across these sparkly numbers in Zara.  I love the simple glittered single strap ones but the arch on my foot didn't sit right on them.  I fell for the spiked heeled ones and may have to save a few extra pennies for these.  I think they looked fab and a little different too.  I can see them with a simple dress to liven it up or even complimenting a more dramatic number, a versatile addition to any wardrobe!  I struggle with ankle straps, I just don't find them very comfortable but as I was reminded, no pain no gain, so I have to get over this!  I think they would even work with a patterned ankle length trouser for a meal out, I really am talking myself into getting them now!

(un-polished toe nails I know, but nails need a break at times....!)


Pictures do not do them justice


Amazing detail

And just because I love animal print, I am sharing this!  lush!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

'That' Zara coat and my French Connection one!

Well after a manic half term with lots of cramming things in, I did manage to pop into a Zara to try on the coat I fell for on someone else in my last post.  I (as well as my bank balance) am happy to report it didn't live up to my expectations.  It was as I expected up close.  Well made, great materials, classy and edgy and a little bit different to the norm, yet it just didn't work on me.  Maybe it was the casual outfit I was wearing (although as initially reported, the lady wearing it was wearing a converse pump style shoe) or maybe it was just not meant to be.  Being petite I felt it swamped me instead of doing what it should, flattering me.  It also looked in my opinion a little bit bland and nondescript.  Whether it was £119 or £19, you should never do 'nondescript', we are worth more!

So I am now left very pleased with my £60 French Connection coat that I previously blogged about here, and finally a picture with it on!  Excuse the bad hair day, it was after a late night at a wedding and also very windy!  I do not like having my photo taken but for the sake of sharing a good coat.....

Friday, 2 November 2012

Another peruse around Bicester Village

I think this must be my only ever shopping trip I actually put money back into my account (I returned some tops) and didn't spend a penny (even bagged a free lunch due to having to wait in Pret!).  I did enjoy a roam with my friend though, we had a great time catching up and browsing.  I found this amazing Miu Miu dress in Prada (they sell Miu Miu in there, as it's their sister company), it looked so 'Victoria Beckham' so I tried it on - purely for the hell of it!  At £350, it was slightly out of my budget but we had time and I wanted to experience it for myself, even if only in a changing room.  The quality was what you would expect, a thick luxurious fabric and the cut just as good.  The sleeves looked spectacular, however not really a dress that I could get a lot of wear out of with my lifestyle.  As always, it came up a bit too long on me, so I was pleased that as much as I loved it, it wasn't right for me in fit or for my bank balance.

There is no point in including any of the face shots taken - my eyes were closed for a change, I blame the photographer!

Victoria and her collar! 

Bicester Village was fully stocked up with lots of ideas for Christmas presents.  We had a candle over load as my friend loves them but she introduced me to The White Company's 'Tuberose' scent, so lovely with notes of Gardenia, my favourite.

Temperley had beautiful leather key rings and luggage labels starting at £12 and L'occitane (I now know it's correct pronunciation!) had loads of great offers on, especially when you bought more than one item/gift set.  All Saints was full of sequinned sparkle, ready for the party season.

Whilst quing for Prada (yes, we qued!) I spotted a lady wearing a gorgeous black coat.  It was three quarter length but it stood out as the top part was leather.  I thought it was by a designer, the cut was perfect on her and you could see the quality was good straight away.  That night I had an email through from Zara for their look book and low and behold, there it was!  I am making a beeline for a Zara store to try this on asap.  It is £119 so still a pricey coat but I honestly thought it was high end designer when I saw it on the lady.  She was wearing it casually with jeans and pumps and it looked so smart.  If I hadn't have just been let in ahead of her to the shop, I would have embarrassed my friend by asking her where it was from, I have no shame when I like something.  I say it's meant to be mine purely because I got an email the same night.........I hope it doesn't fit!

Zara Leather Biker Coat

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