Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Free Maybelline foundation sample

Just a quick one in case you don't follow me on Twitter and Facebook, I didn't want anyone to miss out!  Follow this link and a few simple steps to receive 7 days worth of foundation to trial.  Let me know if you like it!  I have signed up as well!

My little claim to fame!

A huge thank you to Beth at Style Guile for featuring me in her Brit Mums Blog Style Round-up article.  Beth's blog is a great inspiration for a variety of daily, wearable outfits.  It was so nice to be considered and promoted in this article, I welcome all endorsements!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Does your Home Interioirs reflect your Personal Style?

Ever one to draw inspiration from all sources, most recently from an evening baby sitting!  My friend J had told me about her living room changes and without knowing how utterly stylish she was being she had opted for for a 'Carrie Bradshaw' look.  Previously she had a featured deep red wall, she has lifted the mood entirely with this amazing blue and taupe combo.  On a budget, a trip to Ikea spruced up a lamp, some new cushions and a throw. I think it looks amazing!

I love this modern print, also from Ikea!

This left me thinking about my own interiors.  I am not daring in my own pursuit of colour, I enjoy relaxed neutral tones, my whole house is the 'hint of' range from Dulux!  This is reflected in my own personal choice of colour when I'm dressing.  Greys, taupes, dull some may say but I enjoy wearing them!  It was actually one of the first things my tutor noticed about me when I was studying at London College of Fashion, so just to throw her, I wore a green blazer one day!  You can't help wearing what you enjoy, and sometimes I do feel like adding a blast of colour, but usually with accessories.  My friend J who's living room grabbed me, has always been one for wearing colour and patterns and she looks great in them.  I am always open to inspiration of any kind, I am now just trying to find a way of incorporating that lovely blue into my life/wardrobe/home!

My neautral colour pallets!

Does your interior choice reflect your clothing?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pregnant and need a Party Dress?

Well I've found this little gem for you!  Whilst scanning the Matalan website the other day for a dress featured in this post, I stumbled across this.  Now I can't see that it is actually advertised as maternity wear which is strange, but the images definitely show a bump!  I love the simple detailed embellishment on the caped sleeve and the fabric looks loose, stretchy and comfortable.  The price is amazing at £22, I never wanted to spend a lot on maternity wear as I felt cheated that it wouldn't be part of my wardrobe for long.  If you wanted to add some more sparkle, you could easily add a large bib type necklace which are available at reasonable prices from places like Primark.




Bib style necklaces from Primark

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Introducing Petite Maman

I have been contacted by the lovey Ash from Petite Maman to share a guest blog with regards to her innovative idea for smaller nursing bra's.  Now as I've previously blogged (and whinged!) about, I am not blessed in the boob department and shopping for bra's is probably my least favourite thing to do.  Throw in hormones and tender pre and post birth breasts, and you get one very un-happy me!  I struggled so much with nursing bra's, I know it was wrong, but I stayed in my under wired padded bra's until after birth when my milk came in and then reluctantly purchased ill-fitting nursing bra's from the High Street.  I couldn't agree more with Ash's statement below "I think all mums deserve the chance to feel great about themselves and what they’re wearing, especially when they have a new baby to look after" this is what I am all about (taking it a stage further though, all people in general for my business!).  Even though I knew I was doing an amazing job feeding my children myself, I felt compromised in how I was feeling about the bra I was using to do so.  I think that as Mum's do such an important job bringing up our babies, we need to feel like 'ourselves' as much as we can.  So I am very pleased to share with you Ash's post on her new business venture.  Please read the below from Ash and spread the word Mummy's, this is a great product if you are small in the breast department.

I have always struggled to find bras to fit my 34AA boobs, and when I became pregnant last year I knew that it would be a mission trying to find nursing bras. With people constantly telling me that your boobs go up at last 2 cup sizes when you have a baby I was hopeful but not entirely surprised when I barely grew into an A cup by the end of my pregnancy!
By that point I had spent a lot of time online, trying to research suppliers that make smaller sized nursing bras and found a fantastic manufacturer that would offer me samples on a wholesale basis. That’s when the idea for Petite Maman started to take shape. I became even more determined that I had a right to feel comfortable and beautiful in a bra that fitted well while embarking on the journey of breastfeeding for the first time. The only A cup bras on offer from other retailers left a lot to be desired with shapeless cups and stretchy white fabric. I received my first sample bra by airmail from a specialist international manufacturer just days before my due date! Finally, I had found nursing lingerie that was great quality, beautiful and most importantly suited my figure. Road testing began when my baby boy arrived and I was so impressed with the bras that I wanted to make them available to other petite mums!
In my experience, when it comes to breastfeeding there can be enough obstacles to overcome without having an ill-fitting, ghastly nursing bra to contend with as well. I think all mums deserve the chance to feel great about themselves and what they’re wearing, especially when they have a new baby to look after.
So without further ado, I am pleased to offer these A and B cup bras to help you become the 'Yummy Mummy' you were born to be!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

In need of a colourful post!

Well it's been a very sleep deprived week, with a poorly 5 year old.  So with that in mind, I am going all out to bring a colourful, glam picture to you all, not only to brighten your day, but mine as well!

Introducing the lovely Lizzie (Liz to everyone else, but always my Lizzie), who is blessed in the figure department, can make a black bin liner look amazing, but also a £16 dress from Matalan.  Yes fashionista's out there who are looking at this dress and drooling over it, it is from Matalan!  The collar, bird print, colour and pleated bottom half, complete with buttons to the neck is one hell of a dress for the money.  I can't find it on the website, and had I been taller, I would have pinched this from her as she slipped into her evening outfit.  A perfect, easy dress, fit for afternoon tea at The Dorchester, for one's Hen do of course!  I'm not going to share my pose with the cars outside the hotel, as unlike my gorgeous friend, I am in desperate need of perfecting a full on pose.  We are all jealous Lizzie, you were born with it, so enjoy it!

Dress; Matalan
Shoes; Dune
Car; Ferrari, owner unknown (we would have liked to have known...)

Special thanks to Lizzie for allowing me to feature her!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A little bit of 'Animal' from Clarks

I had to pop into Brantano for some kiddies wellies, and never one to pass the opportunity to window shop was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  As well as my stripey tops obsession  I also have an animal print one!  These by Clarks come up large, so be prepared to go down a size.  I am a loyal ballet pumps advocate but I know the the 'slipper' shape is now also very popular so I tried both styles on to give you an idea.  I think they would look great with black tights and a dress or skirt, now it is getting colder.  If you struggle with a heel but still want to dress up your feet, I think these are a great alternative.   They are slightly cheaper direct Clarks (prices below) and both are leather.  Not bad at all Clarks!


I thought these weren't bad either! £50

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Discount French Connection

I feel like I've been on a bit of a roll with French Connection of late.  I recently ordered a dress and top via BrandAlley, the dress being over £100 originally, and the top around £60.  The dress is for a Winter wedding, I am going to add a lighter coloured blazer (like this) to it.  I ended up paying £32 for the dress and £19 for a 100% silk top (seen in this blog).

Picture does not do it justice

Nor does the close up!

I was then tipped off (thank you G) about the French Connection outlet site on Ebay, with furthers discounts for a day and free delivery, I ordered a few pieces.  Although these are being returned (due to fit) I am definitely keeping my eye on their Ebay shop.

Third time lucky I ended up at their outlet in Bicester Village and bagged a £195 coat for £60, another silk top and animal print jersey dress (similar on sale here just different print).  All around the half price mark.  I think the moral to this story is that if you get to know brands that work for you, you can end up getting classic pieces from their range, discounted from a variety of places.  One dress from their outlet I loved but it was only about 30% off.  I am now waiting for this to come up on one of the sites mentioned, have I said before how obsessed I am with bargains?!?  I will keep you posted on how it pans out!

Bargain with 45% wool for £60, ideally more wool content  but you can't have it all!

Needs a good press though!

I love this turned up cuff detail, great for me with short arms!
Love this print, versatile material and dress

Like this extra piping detail, makes it look more expensive

I love silk!  Not as shiny as it looks!

Zip up the back just to add extra detail and make it easier to get on and off!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Tights (and a little bit of Animal..)

I never found ones that I didn't end up tugging up every ten minutes.  So I gave up - far too easily.  Answers please if you've found the perfect pair, with details!  I really want to wear more of my wardrobe in the Winter and be comfortable doing so, so I am putting this out there as an SOS!

On a more furry note, my sister bagged the below from her local TK Maxx.  At £24.99 they are a fraction of the price of the Louboutins I blogged about previously!  But they don't have the famous red sole.  Saying that though, a few of you have contacted me to say that the red sole isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Costing lots in maintenance to re-heel and sole.  I am still undecided on that potential investment, or not, so to speak.  Compare and contrast below!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

To Louboutin or not to Louboutin....

Fashion/Style dilema people!  Those who understand my shoe & handbag obsession, may well know a pair of Christian's has been on my wish list for a while now.  Having the pleasure of trying some on recently, I am left in a state of indecision.  1)  Are they worth it & 2) Plain or animal?  If anyone has a pair and and opinion, please feel free to share!  I keep thinking I could get 4 other very well made pairs down at Bicester Village for the price of one pair of them, but then they won't be by Mr Christian Louboutin will they?!

PS I have a savings pot, this is not a decision I am taking lightly or making quickly once the pot is full.......

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hen Week-end Outfits

I had the pleasure of afternoon tea at The Dorchester then drinks in a Mayfair bar for my lovely friend's Hen Party.  24 hours minus the little ones meant one thing - heels!  For afternoon tea I opted for some cropped trousers with a frilled top and fitted blazer, finished off with my animal print Dolce & Gabbana shoes (courtesy of Bicester Village and a huge discount!).  I felt the shoes added a little fun yet sophistication to the outfit!

Top - Miss Selfridge
Blazer - Topshop
Trousers - Topshop
Shoes - Dolce & Gabbana

Next up was the evening outfit.  There was a black and gold theme so a good excuse to bring out this gold sequinned number!  I kept the top and shoes plain and simple with a silk vest and nude shoes adding a little extra boldness with the jewellry to balance the look out.

Top - French Connection
Skirt - New Look (Limited Edition)
Shoes - Marks & Spencer
Necklace & Ring - Primark
Earrings - Topshop

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