Wednesday, 26 September 2012

From Tesco to Louboutin!

I live a varied life, variety is the spice of it so they say!  I ended up being oh so controlled at London Fashion Weekend.  Some beautiful scarves by Sara Ebbett and Emma J Shipley grabbed me, but not my purse so apart from some charity popcorn I left emptied handed.  Jlynch had some amazing belts as well.

Not one to leave the big smoke without making the most of it, I spent some time in Selfridges having a little dream!  I love their shoe department, the mix of brands, the luxurious atmosphere, but for me it's that I can actually lay my hands on brands like Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga.  Here's some pictures to capture the lux!

I tweeted this from Topshop's Limited range the other day, even more delicious in the flesh!

A little skull from McQueen

Hello Christian!

Bonjour Chanel!

Love these H&M floral trousers

Quirky from Mr Jacobs

A little piece of heaven

For Jenny x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Weekly Tesco Shop....

Ended up a little more exciting this week!  As 'A' woke up earlier than planned (my plan, not hers) from her nap, I ended up with a whole 30 minutes extra in Tesco, yes I know, I am a lucky lady.  Feeling a little a drift with this extra time, I of course made my way to the clothing section, for me, not the children!  Low and behold, a 10 minute changing room session later and I come out with 2 pairs of new trousers, and still a happy baby in tow.  Always reluctant to try on trousers, I am lazy when it comes to them as I find them hard to shop for, I forced myself with this added time to make the effort.  I still like to stick to darker colours for my bottom half, I tried some light green ones on but they just emphasized the parts I didn't want to.  So I chose these dark green soft trousers with zips up the ankles (£14), and these oiled like black ones (£16, which the husband hates!).  Both came in a shorter leg - well done Tesco!  I will model them at a later date for you!

 Off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow and I can't wait.  I always have a great day out with my sister and we hopefully will discover a new brand for us to get our teeth into!

On a more 'Wintery' note, Timberland have just launched these.  For those of you who follow my blog, you will already know how I feel about their Earthkeeper range and these look so nice.  Will be looking out for a sale or discount code, £140 full price.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A little Chanel Coco Noir Pour Moi!

Even the beautiful boxes bring me joy!

So my husband was lucky enough to get a rather generous voucher from his employee for his 10 year service.  I of course have been on hand to help him make the correct purchases.  After some new trainers and gym things for him, the necessary house bits (cushions and a new milk pan for my Horlicks, don't ask) I managed to sneak in a little treat for myself.  And why not!  I believe every lady deserves a little Chanel in her life.  I finally got my Chanel Particuliere nail polish (I did point out to him I had waited patiently for over 2 years for this colour since it's launch in January 2010) and also the new Coco Noir eau de Parfum.  Chanel Gardenia is my absolute favourite, but I do have to admit, my wise friend was correct that as it is a eau de Toilette, it doesn't last.  I am happy to report the Parfum does, and it is oh so lovely!  Thank you also to Debenhams for making it an even more delightful purchase by letting me use a 15% off code!  (Yes, I even refuse to pay full price for Chanel)

Friday, 14 September 2012

New Look Sandals

So a lovely school Mum and I got chatting, which ended up being about shoes, as you do!  She hates anything in between her toes and her current fav's were wearing very thin.  Once I know someone is in need, it's like I have a radar!  On a budget (aren't we all) and coming to the end of the season, she didn't want to spend a lot.  I happened to browse the last of the sale shoes in New Look at the week-end, and found these gems!  All leather, a fab versatile metallic colour, and wait, the best bit, all for £3!  Yes £3 for leather shoes people - it can be done!  I don't know who was more excited about them, her or me?!?!

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I managed to have some decent time in H&M the other day, I feel it is a shop that needs time devoted for a rummage.  I came out with the two items shown.  I have been missing a black vest for a while now, not just a cotton every day one but a more plush one that can dress up jeans or talk down smart trousers by keeping it simple.  I love the fluro pink internal edging that just peaks through, it offers something that little bit unusual to what could be an otherwise very plain top.  This was £14.99.

My love of stripes continues, especially for my top half!  I have branched out slightly though (!) with a burgundy stripe instead of my normal black or navy.  Light weight 100% cotton, I thought this was a great price for £12.99, and for the coming Autumn months.  I have some burgundy boots I would like to pair it with along with some black skinnies (this look is for when it gets cooler obviously!).  On the skinnies front, whilst in the changing room the other day with my sister, we had many a mirror around us (it was one of THOSE changing rooms...), oh my, that was not the sight I was expecting of myself!  Being a very petite person, I have always stuck with skinnies and nearly always turn them up .  Now either it was the mirrors or my shape has changed since my last proper inspection!  I think I need to veer towards some more straight leg trousers, like my Next chinos.  For some reason, I do feel smarter and more pulled together in them.  I am a proper jean'aholic' and seeing myself in that long mirror from a distance really homed in on my post baby body shape.  Age also factors into the need to adjust, sometimes, it just creeps up on us!
On top of bra shopping, bottom half shopping is 2nd in line for my worst items to shop for so wish me luck!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shop Window Inspiration

A little round up from my week off, here are some of my favourite window displays from our capital.  On route to Hamleys of course (if not once, twice, several times, I was reminded it was not ''Mummy's'' day out - special trip minus the baby sister) so I had to get my small fix of fashion from the shops windows as I was dragged past (sigh).  Don't forget window displays, they really do give you a brief insight into what styles are now and to come.  That aside, they also give you some fresh ideas on styling your own wardrobe.  They are a trick not to be missed people!

Anthropologie - Love this 'Carrie Bradshaw's bedroom' blue!  So bright & cheerful

Zara - it's all about black this party season!

H&M - this pink jumper is 'this weeks most wanted' on their website £12.99

H&M - printed trousers are still very much 'in'
Liberty - Alexander McQueen, say no more

Coast - black party season ahead again!

Dune - I love animal print!
Reiss - great colour pallet 
Mango - great staple,black leather jacket
Mango - who doesn't need a pair of silver heels?

Ugg - I need me some of their pumps!
Ugg - lots of colour!
H&M - sorry, had to throw this one in, Mr Beckham cheering up busy shoppers!
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