Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Cambridge Satchel Company

Finally with the Summer holidays upon us, me and my little ladies made the most of the sunshine in our back garden.  They were good to me and let me catch up on my stack of Look magazines.  This led to a new bag crush, The Cambridge Satchel Company - I think I am behind in just finding out about this little gem!  A great collection of colours and sizes but best of all - you can have them personally initialled!  Prices start from £74, they are all leather (all handbags should be in my opinion!) and made here in Great Britain!  Loving the pastel limited edition range above.  Saving up!
(PS this is not a product endorsed blog, although I would be very happy and willing to test one......!)

Friday, 27 July 2012

School Mum's Night Out

Title says it all!  The end of their first year, so we thought we all deserved a meal out together minus the chatter of the children!  It was at a local village pub, so I didn't think a dress was fit for the occasion.  Instead I opted for my smart Diesel jeans (previous BrandAlley purchase), a Warehouse top (currently on sale at BrandAlley's outlet site for £14.85), my old faithful New Look blazer, a freebie nail polish (thanks J!) and my new Gap wedges.  My shoes were so comfy on their first outing, well done for making a good shoe Gap!  On looking at my photo I feel I missed out on the jewellery front.  I left deciding on the attire until the last minute so neglected the jewelry.  I think a junky ring or bracelet as both the top & blazer were 3/4 length sleeves would have finished it off nicely.  Oh well, style is all about evolving!  Must try harder to devote more time to thinking next time!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hair Care

I have naturally wavey hair and was 'bought up' by the hairdressers to use mouse.  Obviously with GHD's my life changed & I went sleek.  However now with school runs I rarely have the time to run the straighteners through my barnet.  I use Kerastase serum with my GHD's but alone it is not enough and I still frizz like Monica.  I am permanently looking for a product that is less sticky than mouse yet provide's me with a loose natural wave that I don't have to use my straighteners with.  Answers on a postcard please!

I have just tried the John Frieda colouring foam as it was on offer in Tesco and recommended to me by a friend as easy to do myself.  I usually go to my hairdressers as home kits started to fail to cover my grey a few years ago, however my current budget doesn't allow for such an extravagance.  Well, after flicking it on my babies nice white curtains, doing the school run looking like a witch (it was supposed to be dark brown) with the back of my neck stained and hair up (kindly pointed out by the husband when he got home), I have decided I will not scrimp and scrape again on my hair colour.  Leave it to the professionals, especially when you are as clumsy as me!  The product over all wasn't bad though!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bicester Village Wet Weather Gear

I took a trip to Bicester Village for a new rain proof jacket, thankfully North Face had replenished their stock before the week-end crowds hit.  I grabbed this for a bargain £39.90, needless to say due to our current climate - I have lived in it!  I love that the hood can tuck away neatly and it is so easy to roll up and put in a bag.  I can hand on my heart say this is 100% water proof, it has been thoroughly tested!

I have been after the large North Face gilet for a while now (currently have a very slim one which I can wear under coats).  At £100+ I have held off, but my luck was in again and managed to get one for £46.90 - I had to emphasize this point to the husband who thought I was crazy at buying such a garment now!  I love this bright cheerful colour and find gilets so handy with the children as there's not so much bulk on my arms weighing me down.

Reiss had a great sale on, a coat for £55, 80% wool, but not in my size.  I even took my sister back a few days later but the size came up large on her.

Finally I found these little gems from Mulberry.  All leather, £89 if only they fitted!  I am normally a 4 but they came up large.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wardrobe Maintenance Client

So I have been helping the lovely T over the last couple of months (blog about that once finished!) and one of the things I really recommend is a hook somewhere where you can hang new items of clothing or plan an outift.  Visualising it is great however having something stare you in the face is unavoidable!  With new purchases I like to hang them first on my hook (placed on the inside of the wardrobe door) just to make sure I am investing in an item I need.  To help T do the same I found this lovely hook currently on sale in Laura Ashley for £6.30.

I also have the below on the wall next to my mirror from Dunelm Mill.  At £16.99 I think this is a handy bargain/  Not only does it look good even if it was just an arty piece but so useful to have next to my mirror when trying things on.

We are having a trip to Ikea soon to look at more organisation idea's for her wardrobes as we have made huge progress in clearing out, now we need to focus on making it user friendly and accessible!

 My hangers!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Face Cream

The oldies are always the best!  I try to not scrimp on my face creams, you get what you pay for and Lizzie Arden and Lancome are my preferred choice. I was lucky enough to be at a John Lewis on the first day of the sale and I found this lovely little bottle (boxed and sealed of course).  It was half price as I was told they are bringing out a new line.  At £15.50 I thought I would try a lotion instead as I normally use a cream. It has SPF 15 in it (always get an SPF) and oil free.  I am impressed.  Yes I know that is it now, I won't be able to buy it again as its a finished line but my skin likes change anyway so I will go back to a heavier cream in the Winter.  If you hunt around you can still get expensive creams at a reasonable price. This one is currently still £31 on-line at Boots, but I also saw it in store for half price so make sure you look around in store - on-line isn't cheaper in this rare instance!

PS I love the glass bottle, makes it feel expensive in my hand before I even apply to my face!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Topshop Sale Purchases (& Necessities!)

 Thank goodness!  I've finally found a going out dress!  £25 in the sale thank you very much Topshop!  Love the bright green.  It's fitted without being too structured.  I am just not suited to the body con dresses with short mini's out at the moment, they make my child baring hips look even wider and I'm too old to do too short!  I thought it may be a little too formal but the colour brings it into night life outings perfectly (pictures don't do colour justice!).  I love the zip up the back as well, adds a little depth and character to the dress.  It feels comfortable on (a must) and I like how I can add to it with accessories or keep it really and simple.  I am thinking of pairing with my All Saints killer shoes as there's black in the back, I think I will keep with that in the accessories for now. 

Tried to get a better picture to show true colour!  A lot lighter than full pictures suggest!

Another Bicester Village bargain!  (18 months ago now though!)

This £5 jumper has been worn far too many times already!  I previously tried it on at full price, £36, and thought it just hung on me.  Which to be fair it does, however with skinny jeans I love the way it hangs!  (Sorry Mum, I know you didn't!).  It is slightly longer than I would normally wear but it just feels like a comfy every day jumper that has some substanance about it.  Well it was a little predictable of me - stripes again!

I have been trying on Baxter jeans for the last 2 years (apart from 9 months pregnant) and struggle as feel the shape varies.  My friend J and I have been wearing them for years but found recently they have started to creep higher up our backs.  Thankfully this lighter pair fits perfectly.  I wanted some lighter jeans for the Summer months (although we aren't actually having much of a Summer are we) and the wash on these was just right.  Not a fan of the faded look across the thigh, I am far to short to be highlighting it, I feel these fitted the bill.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Me Maintenance

So I've been a little slack on the posting updates.  Believe it or not, I write them very quickly then got complacent about checking them, adding photos (ironing my clothes...!) and releasing them for the world to see!

Following on from my slack approach to publishing my draft posts, is my general maintenance!  The other day I had a nice long bath (I am not a bather!) to shave the legs - OMG, why on earth have I neglected them for so long?  They will need a second going over before the week is out!  I then treated myself to lashings of L'occitaine body lotion, so smelt of cherries, honestly!

The next on my general maintenance list was my nails.  My 5 year old manages to escape to her country house (located in the suburb of.....our garden) and promptly comes back out with all 20 nails polished, neatly no, but painted in the purest of pink none the less.  For fear of wasting my oh so precious time and throwing my toys out of the pram for smudging them in minutes, I decided to take my own advice previously blogged about and paint in stages.  So one evening I base and 1st coat them, then next day before a car journey I 2nd coat and viola, no smudging!  48 hours on and although slightly scuffed at the ends, I am highly impressed with my Barbara Daly for Tesco nail polish recommended by a fellow shopaholic T.

This week, my aim is to wash my hair...........

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