Friday, 25 May 2012

Mummy's Night Out!

So after waiting months (we booked it in the diary way in advance!), myself and 2 of my fab Mummy friends decided to venture out for a Pizza and a few drinks so we could finally finish a conversation! You'd think having planned it so far ahead I would have sorted out an outfit, nope! I sat here typing this still with several different options thrown on the bed. My old faithful FCUK black dress is probably going to have to cut it. Note to self, as rare as a night out with the girls is, please buy yourself a outfit for such an occasion, my current dress is very tired now.

After a few tears and tantrums, I decided to get the old legs out to see the light of day (or night so to speak), brave the cold (it was at the time!) and wear the above. VERY old FCUK dress, Marks & Spencer shoes (soooo comfy), vintage clutch & yet again, the Miss Selfridge crop leather jacket makes an appearance! This really is my 'go to' jacket to add a little spice to an outfit (was in the kitchen when I dreamed up that terminology, can you tell? Cooking sausages mind, nothing spicy at all!)

My friend T and I are off to a concert at the end of the month, so I have enlisted my Mum and husband for school run duties and babysitting, so that we can hit Oxford Street prior to the concert. We've made a pact, for every item we try on, the other picks something we would recommend to try on, you never know! I now plan on buying an outfit for nights out so that it's not such a drama before hand (sigh, back of hand on forehead, I didn't do Drama A level for nothing......)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Limited White Lace Blazer

Limited White Lace Blazer

Just ordered this lush Limited Edition Blazer from New Look.  Was £34.99 but with the code (expires today so hurry) VC20MAY got 20% off so £27.99, and free delivery to my local store by this Friday!  Can't wait to try it on!  Love how it goes so well with the light denim jeans it's been paired with.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Out of Season Shopping

How uninspiring is this weather right now? Blimey, it's taking everything out of me not to chuck my big puffa on over my PJ's for the school run! Not helped when the 5 year old tells me my hair looks a mess (well that's because I've spent my time doing yours my lovely so now have no time left for me!) promptly followed by; "peach isn't your colour Mummy" - I give up! I guess you can always rely on children for an honest opinion!

As I live local to Bicester Village (how lucky, yes I know!) I do tend to pop in as often as my bank balance will allow to scan for some amazing deals. I've talked before about out of season investment buying and I think this is a good example of one! Snow boots! Timberland, waterproof (obviously!) and leather, originally £115.00, price to me £17.49! Crazy as it may seem, at that price, who wouldn't? May even be wearing them sooner than I think.....

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Handbag Personal Shop

Check out this handbag, £79.99 down to £26 in TK Maxx! All leather, dustbag included, I snapped up all 3 they had left! 1 for myself (of course!), 1 for my sister, 1 for my friend. I love shopping and enjoy a bargain that I can also share with friends and family. I am always texting pictures to them asking if they want something I've found. Just an example of one of my best finds for a personal shop!

The M&S top below didn't work out. Was far too long on me (am a shorty), but the colour's were great on me which is a shame. Always worth a try.

PS Can't wait for Marc Jacobs cosmetic line! Am a huge fan of his (handbags especially!)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wardrobe Replenishment!

Thank you Bicester Village for a little help on this! After my huge clear out I said no more stripes & no more cardigans so I bought a striped dress, striped cotton top & a plain cardigan..... I keep telling myself 'Coco Chanel' and it makes my stripe obsession feel a little better. Cardi and top from Ralph Lauren. The top was £16.99, great detail with buttons, logo and split up the sides, I can tell the quality compared to my Primark versions (nothing wrong with a bit of Primark, you just get what you pay for, and had a birthday voucher so was feeling flush!). The cardigan was over £100 originally, made up of cotton, silk & cashmere, £24.99 - what an investment! The dress was from Jack Wills and was a bargain at £14!

I am also on the lookout for some new comfy jogging bottoms for around the house, so if anyone can recommend any, please shout! The problem I have is that the standard length are all so long and my Mum does enough alterations for me! My old faithful Playboy ones (don't laugh) were so thread bare they went to the rag bag bin heaven! RIP old faithfuls, it was a hard decision to part ways.

If like me you are an eternal hoarder (fashion does full circles right?) and find it hard to have a good cull, here are some tips that helped me feel like I wasn't 'wasting' the clothes I hadn't worn in years;

Tote up and do a car boot sale (out of site, out of mind, I have 3 totes ready in the garage for the carboot season!)
Rag bag bin for any holed or stained garments. My daughters school have one. If they aren't good enough to send on then they get weighed as rags and money still goes to charity.
Good old fashioned Charity shop if you can't store them anywhere.
Ebay - great for selling some of your more pricier bits and building up some funds for replenishment!
I found a local shop selling designer clothes for charity, I get half and half goes to their charity so it's a win win!

PS please excuse 'un-tidy' photos. I've decided that I just need to crack on with sharing things on here. The thought of trying to get that 'perfect' picture was always in the back of my mind and slowing me down. So I thought what the hell, we're all human after all (plus I'm sure you guys want to have a sneak peak round someones house if you're anything like me!). Crumpled bed covers from 'my own'!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Firetrap Maria Denim Dress

Firetrap Maria Denim Dress

Ok so this weather is 'dullsville' but am living in hope.....I love this dress!  I live in denim and this looks so easy to wear!

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