Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wardrobe Maintenance

Winter months, New Year, as good a time as any to have a sort out in our wardrobes and make space for any new exciting sale purchases! As my baby is due soon, am planning on some AB (after birth!) shopping but I do need to de-clutter, even if I can't try them on, I can still have a tidy up. Here are some tip's on reducing your wardrobe to only include items you do wear;

1. If you've not worn it in a year - charity/bootsale it. Unless it's vintage, then store away in moth proof bags.
2. Pack Summer/Winter clothes (eg vests/short, scarves/gloves etc) away in boxes. You can buy great fabric totes everywhere these days that can sit on top of your wardrobe looking pretty! Put thick jumpers/strappy tops etc. in here. Then your wardrobe isn't cluttered up with pieces you wont be wearing for another 6 months.
3. If you buy anything new, get into a routine of hanging it on the front of your wardrobe where you can see it. If it's still sat there 2 weeks later (unless bought specifically for an occasion) then it doesn't have a place in your life and return it, save your money for when something does!
4. Be ruthless if you need a good clear out however remember that accessories like necklaces and scarves can update a tired outfit. If the item is in good condition, still fits and is a classic, route through your jewellery and add something. A big fabric flower broach can change a top instantly.
5. Jeans and woolen jumpers should be folded and put in drawers (with moth ball sachets). Hanger marks on jumpers are no good for maintaining them and jeans take up too much space.
6. Rotate how you organise your wardrobe. This is a great way to bring some freshness to your daily outfits with pieces that have been hidden away. Organise into colours, work & play, patterns & plain but always tops & bottoms.

I think I may print this blog off as just noticed towards the back of my wardrobe a black top on a hanger is grey (dust) and worn a cardy that has been washed too many times so is half way up my back!

Good luck!

PS No I don't have a wardrobe like the above, but it's always good to have something to strive towards......

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So last month I tried a new company to me, Bumpalicious, for a few bits of maternity wear as I was not getting very far with mainstream shops. I wish I had known about this company before finishing work as I think they have a great range of clothes suitable for the work place.

The package arrived promptly, neatly wrapped in tissue & tied with ribbon, on top a packet of sweetheart sweeties - nice touch! As shown in the image above the jeans were comfy & well made, a good thick denim fabric. I love the blue wrap top, especially as I can wear it afterwards, it will be great for easy access breast feeding! Loving the royal blue colour as I wouldn't normally pick something that bright. It's nice to try something different & I also feel that I can wear it with black in winter & lighter colours in summer, so it's very versatile.

One thing that I did feel made this company stand out is the free personal shopping service they offer. It is so reassuring in your pregnancy having someone on your side, thinking about the clothes that you wear and untimately, how you feel. I filled out the online form and as I mentioned above, was picked out a colour I wouldn't normally wear which has freshed up my maternity wardrobe (something I didn't think possible!) It's also great for when your brain is mush during pregnancy and you need someone to think for you!

Overall I felt like I was getting a very personal & friendly serivce - something you don't normally get with online shopping.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sales Update!

Topshop - silk dress sold out even after I had checked out & purchased, so annoying! So it didn't turn up with my order. Tunic dress not so fab but cape a bargain for £15 for Summer, so tucking that little gem away. Went back on-line the other night as had an email through saying further discounts and new lines added, trying some more bits! In need for a School run coat - long, hooded and warm. Found one (how did I miss it before?!?) for less than half price with great reviews so giving that a whirl - lets hope it makes it to my door this time!

Managed to try on the Timberland boots in store and they were too high up my leg. Instead I went for these Earthkeepers ones. I love them - and they are even waterproof! Can't wait until I am back in my navy skinnies AB (after birth!!) and can wear these lush brown boots with them. On school runs I have been only in flats, these were so comfortable and a really sturdy, stocky heel so will see how I go.

Also tried on the Miss Selfridge gilet in store - not in my size, but I got the jist. Another no no, just wasn't up to much really for £40.

On-line sale shopping lesson learnt - majority I liked has not been the same in the flesh, so get out if you can and view the real deal! Needs must though, and as I'm nearly ready to pop, places like Topshop are just too busy for me so I have resorted to on-line ordering twice. But when I have managed to get out in the week and view some of the bits I've liked on-line, it has saved me the hassle of returns as they haven't been right.

Happy New Year to everyone! Here's to a stylish and comfortable one for all!
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