Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Round Up

It has been a very busy month with trips to Birmingham, London, sample sales, used clothing sales, Christmas shows but I'm finally sitting down to bring you some of my best finds.

In the Bullring, the H&M was fully stocked with some great items not seen in the smaller stores.  I fell in love with their cashmere range, at £39.99 I thought it was a really good price for this luxurious fabric.  (sign up to their newsletter now, I've just been given a 50% off 1 item code - cashmere here I come!).

Love this pop of colour!
Comes in yellow also

Warehouse are doing some great party froc's at the moment.  I like the feathers on this one but felt it was a little pricey at £130 however they are doing 25% off all full priced items.

Gap (also doing 30% off) was full of colour, I loved it!  I loved the jumper below but I'd just stocked up on loads of cheap knits at a sample sale so was very controlled.  I saw some deep purple ankle jeans at £44.95 but even with the 30% off I walked away (and it was meant to be that I did).  Looking on line the next day they were £14.99!  I ordered them straight away thank goodness as they sold out so quickly.  Never known this with Gap before, less than half the price on line, so keep a watch out in their sale section for little gem's like this.  I am off out for my friends 40th tonight, so they are getting an outing straight away!
£39.95 (sold out on line now too)

Gap's colourful wall in their Oxford Street store
My bargain jeans!

And finally, ending on some more colour, Selfridges flowers and cakes, nom nom nom!



PS Almost forgot!  Finally found some great tights in Primark, £3, thick and comfortable (already snagged on first wear - don't you just hate that?!).  Waiting for a discount code to try some more pricey ones at Marks and Spencer as recommended by Beth at Style Guile, cashmere tights £10 but out of stock on line currently, how nice will those be!  (or I'm hoping Santa may pop a pair in my stocking!).

Primark £3


  1. I've got one of those 50% off codes off 1 item but I don't know what I want to spend it on yet. Cashmere is tempting but I would love something navy and they're not offering any navy cashmere at the moment. I'm going to hold out a little longer and see what else comes in. You look like you had a fun day shopping.

  2. Hi Sue, I have literally just used it as it expired tonight! Desperate to try their cashmere and a bargain at that price. What about the cream version? Don't waste the 50% off (sorry for encouraging!!). Yes we had a great time, and they closed off Oxford Street to traffic so there was no pushing as people could walk across roads, so much easier! Hope all is well with you x

    1. Already got a cream crewneck cashmere jumper from Uniqlo so couldn't justify another. I'm not good with pink (I'm not very girly hence jumpers and jeans in grunge colours). The greyer the better for me, I'm afraid.

  3. I also daily opt for muted tones, but I'm trying to incorporate more colour, especially in Winter to cheer myself up!

  4. Hey G - Loving the cinnamon sticks used with the flowers.. I know that has nothing to do with fashion but love it anyway and it look pretty! And thanks for posting about the tights - in desperate need of some new THICK tights. Not one's that say they're a heavy denier and turn out to be near enough see through, but actually ones that do the job. I'll be popping to Primarni on my lunchbreak tm to get me some. Great blog xxx


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