Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Few Recent Outfits

I can not pose for toffee, my eyes are either shut, the picture is blurred, I move, I look drunk, I don't get the background right, the list goes on.  So bare with me whilst I try and master this like other bloggers seem to.  Honestly, the outfits looked better in the flesh (I am assured).

I went for an evening out to a used designer clothing sale at a pub, which gave me an excuse to don some heels instead of my usual flats for the school run.  I purchased these burgandy suede knee highs from New Look last Christmas.  Being heavily pregnant, I was insistent on buying them even if I wasn't going to wear them for a while.  Why was I so insistent - because they were £20 (and real suede!).  Love them!  They spruce up an outfit instantly.  Throw in my trusty (and also not worn so much due to the kiddies) McQueen scarf and a dash of perfume and I felt effortlessly chic and comfortable.  A little tip, if off to a clothing event/shopping, wear a vest or cami under your jumper.  If changing room queues are horrendous, you can whip off your jumper and at the least try on some tops.

Next I bring you my Gap jeans from my last post.  Now honestly, this outfit looked better in the flesh!  I teamed them with my H&M black vest top seen in this post and then woke it up a bit more with this fab yellow necklace, £2 from Primark.  The shoes are old Kurt Geiger.  This was a meal out outfit for my friends birthday, warm legs and a roomier top to accommodate some food, job done!


Not an outfit as such, but a demonstration of my brilliant snow boots, I purchased them a while back and featured them in this blog, for the bargain price of.  I have never owned a pair before, but my they gripped the ground well for the school run.  I will say it again, buy investment pieces like this out of season when you see them reduced down to pittance.


  1. You look really slim and very chic. It's nice to get the opportunity to dress up. The posing is very hard - hats off to those who manage to take a picture of themselves and still look relatively normal. I have noticed that I always squint (old age probably) as I try to focus on what I am taking and so consequently look a bit demented. I could never do the blogger stare that some do so well - I always end up laughing as soon as anyone points a camera at me. I can't believe you got Timberland snow boots for £17! Bargain!

  2. Ah thank you - it's the black that does it! My eyes are normally shut, so at least they are open!
    I know, serious bargain hey! I do love my bargain hunting! x

  3. LOVE those boots - I wish I was your size. I'd come round and steal them xxx


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