Friday, 23 November 2012

Blogger SOS

Ok, so today I am feeling deflated with technology and as my blog is just that, 'My Blog', I am using it as an outlet to shout out for some help!  Surely downloading photos shouldn't be as time consuming as it is for me?  I have to re-size individually as always too large from mobile, then open in Paint and save as a BMP otherwise when I upload them they are the wrong way round?  Now my 'Picasa' thingy-ma-jiggy (had to google that spelling, impressive even for me!) is full apparently but how do I now which pictures are one's I've used on my blog and which aren't?  Arrrrrgh!  I just want to share my piccies with you all!

Rant over, I am moving away from the laptop and to the washing bin instead, I need to do something productive!

Any help/tips greatly appreciated!



  1. Hi Rosie - there seems to be a lot of this going around at the moment where a lot of bloggers have reached their 1gb picture capacity on Picasa. I hear there are a number of ways around this - one is to purchase more capacity which is what I did for $2.99 which gives me 25GB storage for a month and this will be on a monthly basis. I paid the $2.99 for this month but it also buys me some time to look into the various options available - I hear some people talk about storing their pics on Flickr and linking throught that with Html but I confess I know nothing afterall I took the cowards approach and paid my way forward. Do a bit of googling - there's lots of advice out there, its which way you choose to go that's all. I hope that helps a little - I know how frustrating it can be.

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for replying, I am pulling my hair out with it! I have started deleting some pictures I know I haven't used (mainly ones where they uploaded the wrong way round) but it's so frustrating and time consuming!
    Thank you for the Flickr note, I think I will delegate to the hubby who is slightly more computer literate than me!
    Guess I am getting a free blogging site so they had to make some money some how!
    Do your photo's upload the wrong way round or is it just me it hates??!! x

    1. I've never had a problem with uploading photos except for the reaching capacity issue. I can't imagine why they are uploading the wrong way round. Set the challenge for the hubby and see what he can do. Give another shout out if you are still having problems though not sure what I can do really but it helps to not feel that you're alone with the problem.

  3. Yes, it definitely does help to feel that I'm not alone. I must admit though, I've woken up with lots to blog about in my head and and thinking I may just give in and pay for now....!x


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