Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hair Care

I have naturally wavey hair and was 'bought up' by the hairdressers to use mouse.  Obviously with GHD's my life changed & I went sleek.  However now with school runs I rarely have the time to run the straighteners through my barnet.  I use Kerastase serum with my GHD's but alone it is not enough and I still frizz like Monica.  I am permanently looking for a product that is less sticky than mouse yet provide's me with a loose natural wave that I don't have to use my straighteners with.  Answers on a postcard please!

I have just tried the John Frieda colouring foam as it was on offer in Tesco and recommended to me by a friend as easy to do myself.  I usually go to my hairdressers as home kits started to fail to cover my grey a few years ago, however my current budget doesn't allow for such an extravagance.  Well, after flicking it on my babies nice white curtains, doing the school run looking like a witch (it was supposed to be dark brown) with the back of my neck stained and hair up (kindly pointed out by the husband when he got home), I have decided I will not scrimp and scrape again on my hair colour.  Leave it to the professionals, especially when you are as clumsy as me!  The product over all wasn't bad though!


  1. There isn't one! I have tried every product on the Planet since I was about 14, even the hairdresser has given up on trying. If I fancy anything other than straight I have to create it with ghds

  2. Well at least I am not alone! I have tried the salt water spray options but they make it like straw! Odd that I end up straightening my naturally wavy hair with GHD's to get the texture I want only to curl it using the GHD's again!

  3. Glamrosie - you crack me up! The only answer I can think of is to start training your little one to straighten your hair whilst you sort the baby out!! Get her multi-tasking from a young age and you can't go wrong. Haha - can you tell I'm not a mother myself!? I'm sure you always look fab whatever you do with your hair xx


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