Monday, 4 June 2012

Some trousers at last!

1. Top; Zara
2. Belt; Tommy Hilfiger (TK Maxx)
3. Trousers; Next
4. Sandals; Diesel (Harrods Winter  sale)
After a tip off (thanks Beth!) I hit Next to give some trousers a whirl.  I always struggle with trousers, so much so I actually only have jeans.  I am a petite 'pear', and very long waisted so trousers can look a little 'Simon Cowel' on me and finish half way up my body instead of on my hips (nothing wrong with Mr Cowel I hasten to add, he is slightly delicious in my opinion).  On a mission, I took 10 pairs into the changing room, and vola!  Some grey chinos were born into my wardrobe!  THANK HEAVEN!  Worn already today, I teamed with my new Zara top, adding in some colour with my yellow belt.  So comfy and nice to be in a lighter fabric.  I am not one to do lighter colours on the bottom half, but if these wash and wear well, I may give the 'blush' colour a go.

£11.24 ordered in black, white & tan!

One of my very first few blogs years ago was about New Look's leather sandals.  I still buy a new pair every year and with 25% off, I have just ordered 4 pairs (not with the intention to keep them all!) in tan, black and white/cream.  Such a bargain at £11.24 and they are so comfy and last well, still thoroughly recommend. 

The New Look Limited Edition lace blazer I previously blogged about was returned.  Came up larger than expected and felt it should be more fitted.  One major dislike was the fake pocket they added, which wasn't very clear in the pictures, there was no need to add that.  Quality piece of lace though!


  1. So pleased that you found some trousers that work and I am loving the yellow belt - where did you find it? I love grey and yellow and am thinking of doing grey nails with yellow tips - could work, might not - I will let you know!!

  2. Oh, just seen where you bought the belt - sorry!

  3. So am I! I think I just talked myself into 'none fit' without actually devoting some time to it and trying every style on a shop had to offer. I was blessed with a quiet baby for the occasion so that also helped!
    I could so easily ignore colour and stick to neutrals so I am trying really hard to inject some into my life! Starting small with the belt! Let me know how the nails go! x
    PS Belt was purchased over a year a go I'm afraid to say


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