Sunday, 3 June 2012

London Baby!

Forever 21 £7.40
A little bit of Audrey - My own!
Well Oxford Street was soooo hot!  But fun to have a walk around mid week minus huge crowds.  We didn't do so well with the choosing things for each other to try on.  I decided to shut my finger in the boot of my car and break it a few days earlier so save bashing it around, only serious contenders were tried on! T did really well in Forever 21, she has a enviable shape and the clothes seemed to be made for her long, slender legs.  I did manage to find a fab hat in there (was on my 'to buy' list from previous blog) for those bad hair day school runs.  I wore it the next day and got lots of compliments (which was nice considering my barnet was so greasy underneath!).  At £7.40 I thought this was a great price.

Zara £12.99
H&M £12.99

I also decided to up the quality stakes on my much loved long sleeved stripe Tee's.  My Primark ones have done me proud but as I have discovered my love of stripes appears not to be waning, I thought it was about time I tried out some made to last a little longer.  I opted for a Zara with 3/4 length sleeves in cream and navy and a H&M one in white and orange.  I liked the button detail on the H&M one especially.  Interesting discovery for me (I am a little simple at times) is that the thin stripes on me definitely are more smart/casual than just casual.  Thin stripes from now on in!

H&M £12.99
Whilst browsing H&M (the Regent Street one is HUGE!) I found a great every day Summer top which I have worn already.  This time though, the stripes were vertical, love a change!  I always keep tags on new purchases and hang on a special hook on the inside of my wardrobe, if they've not been worn in 2 weeks, it's a return (unless purchased in advance for a specific occasion).

No 'party frock' was found, same old 'when your looking for something you never find it'!  So that's still on my list to hunt down as my next night out is now 2 weeks away and I don't think the husband can cope with another wardrobe malfunction.


  1. Love these tops, stripes are so classic. Good luck on the dress hunt!

  2. Thank you! Am thrilled with the quality so far. No luck on the dress hunt, either too casual or too dressy! Mission & a half!


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