Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Cleaning!

I don't know if it's the new life I've just bought into the world, the hint of Spring with all the lovely daffodils around or whether it's just time but I feel the need to have a really good clear out of the wardrobe. Out with the old and all of that. As most of my wardrobe has been in hibernation during my pregnancy, I want to wake it up, move it round and clear out the rubbish. I am going to be ruthless! I have already made a start and put 12 pairs of dusty old shoes in the car-boot pile! The more I clear out, the more I won't hear the words 'you don't need....' from my husband!

I have started making a few purchases. I'm not ready to invest in bottom half yet as PB (post baby!) am not ready, but grabbed this cute cardy from Laura Ashley of all places (popped in to furnish the kids rooms!.) It was £60, then marked down several times to £18 and 25% off everything the other week-end so £13.50 bargain! I know the karki colour may appear a little A/W (Autumn Winter) but the gold lurex wakes it up and I think with a nice crisp white Tee underneath I can get away with it for the coming months, black for now though!

Next on my shopping list is some hats for bad hair days on school runs. As it's been cold a nice wool hat has covered up my un-straightened messy hair, I need to find me a Spring/Summer alternative as with a baby to drag along too, even less of a chance to do my hair.

Popped into a Zara at the week-end - if I wasn't on maternity pay, I would say as much of my wage as possible would be spent in there at the moment. What a collection they have. Day/night/school runs,classic pieces, they have it all. Saving my pennies for a big splurge soon!


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