Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So last month I tried a new company to me, Bumpalicious, for a few bits of maternity wear as I was not getting very far with mainstream shops. I wish I had known about this company before finishing work as I think they have a great range of clothes suitable for the work place.

The package arrived promptly, neatly wrapped in tissue & tied with ribbon, on top a packet of sweetheart sweeties - nice touch! As shown in the image above the jeans were comfy & well made, a good thick denim fabric. I love the blue wrap top, especially as I can wear it afterwards, it will be great for easy access breast feeding! Loving the royal blue colour as I wouldn't normally pick something that bright. It's nice to try something different & I also feel that I can wear it with black in winter & lighter colours in summer, so it's very versatile.

One thing that I did feel made this company stand out is the free personal shopping service they offer. It is so reassuring in your pregnancy having someone on your side, thinking about the clothes that you wear and untimately, how you feel. I filled out the online form and as I mentioned above, was picked out a colour I wouldn't normally wear which has freshed up my maternity wardrobe (something I didn't think possible!) It's also great for when your brain is mush during pregnancy and you need someone to think for you!

Overall I felt like I was getting a very personal & friendly serivce - something you don't normally get with online shopping.

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  1. The girls at bumpalicious are great and offer a really personal service, which is fabulous in an era when service seems secondary (how Mary Portas does that sound!)


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