Wednesday, 30 November 2011

October/November Purchases!

I have been focusing lots on my Christmas shopping for the last month (shame to say it's not all about me and my love of clothes shopping!). Want to be organised and enjoy the build up now I am off on maternity leave.

I have however been grabbing the odd few things for myself whilst doing some online shopping. If you have the patience to trawl through emails, it really is so worth signing up to lots of shops newsletter's. I have so far used 40% off at The Body Shop, 25% off at M&S, 10% off at Feel Unique, 10% off at Debenhams, 20% off at New Look (and most I still collect Nectar points so grabbed a load of free storage totes this month also!).

I love this M&S Limited Edition cardy I ordered (follow link). I can still wear it whilst pregnant as I've been wearing it over tunic's and dresses and it will also stop in my wardrobe for after the pregnancy. The multi colours go with lots and it's so nice to find something a little different to the norm. The quality is fab and with my online discount (and free delivery to store!) I also managed a Hello Kitty jumper for my little one's Christmas box and some hubby presents (not mentioning - he proof reads this for me!). I also grabbed some of their maternity tights. Mmmm. Now the quality is good but I am a small and boy does the crutch hang low. So low, that I have almost been worried it will start to show below my dress! They are comfortable and definitely work over the bump but the pulling up constantly is a tad frustrating. Great if you aren't walking far!

More for after the birth, unless purely for evening decoration! I managed to bag a proper bargain (for me, my sister and friend!) with these real suede boots from New Look (follow link). Originally £50, down to £25, then additional 20% off voucher, £20 - WOW! I am afraid to say these are now out of stock, so make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter (both under Glamrosie) as I post regularly and you'll be first to see these deals.

Purchases for next month, a dress for husbands works Christmas Party, to flatter the bump, not land mid calf making me shorter than I already am! Challenge and a half, Internet research here I come!

Monday, 28 November 2011


Just a quickie post today, for all those struggling with presents for relatives, I've used this company several times and think they are fab. Free delivery (posted flowers) with chocolates and 10% off until 10 December! Cheered my great Aunt up no end to receive her favourite flowers - carnations! A little pre-Christmas present (but you can select the date to nearer the time) to show someone you care. Use code CHRISTMAS.

Be back with a blog on recent purchase's very soon!

Feel free to email me with shopping you may need help with and remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Trying something new!

So I made my trip the the Bare Minerals counter last month and been slack to update you all as didn't purchase it the same day. I like to try these things first! A primer was applied to start (never used before, I thought moisturiser was enough!), this felt lovely and a small sachet is supplied in the start up set to give it a go. So the application was a little different to my normal powder puff, it involved a large (supplied in the pack) brush being swirled over my face in circular motions. The assistant did one side of my face then let me have a go on the other side - I managed to match it up no problems! I left the shades down to her, I was the 'light' pack. There are 2 shades in there for Summer & Winter which I found handy as (sunshine dependent obviously) skin colour does change slightly through the year. The concealer powder was then used (again with a brush supplied) to cover any blemish's, I had a go and it was so easy. Lastly a 'veil' was applied, a subtle bronzer over the face. Apart from a few tweaks (my eyebrows had been swept around far too much...!) I looked like me, thank goodness (!) just a little better! I left it on for the duration of the day. I didn't feel 'caked' in the make-up, nor did I feel it was a look unachievable on my own. I liked the idea I could use in the day as well as build it up to give a slightly heavier coverage at night time. It also has SPF in it - a very important must and a DVD to remind me again at home. The one thing I was surprised about was how much was actually on my face when I removed it. I honestly didn't think much was on my face - it's just powder after all! But removing it covered all my cotton pads. Not sure I would feel 100% happy sleeping in it as advised you can do, but worth knowing I guess for a very late night!

So at £48 for the starter set, I decided to give it a go. Now on maternity leave and a strict budget, I shopped around for the best deal and just this morning, instead of paying £48, have paid £36.72 including delivery - BARGAIN! Thank you FeelUnique for your one day promotion of an additional 10% off, the waiting paid off!

Please feel free to ask me anything I may have missed, I think it's so important for us ladies to share our opinions.

PS you also get Nectar points at FeelUnique - double bonus!

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