Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas Present for Girls - BARGAIN!

Get to Mothercare/ELC asap people, £50 down to £15, an absolute bargain! Don't normally share kiddies links on my Blog but thought this was too good not to!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mary's Golden Rules

I don't normally do this sort of post on my blog, but thought this article was well worth a read. Simple and to the point, I love what Mary has to say. Starts with one of my all time must's when shopping; "Buy quality fabrics" and ends with "don't buy crap" - something we are all guilty of doing. After seeing something I like, I always feel to see what I think it's made from then check the label. 100% acrylic = no way! The word even has 'cry' in it, which it what I do when it lasts one wash before bobbling!

(Copy and paste below link into browser, won't allow me to link I'm afraid. But also pasted the article below)


Mary Portas is the avenging angel of the British consumer, so we asked her to help us out with some of the most common shopping problems

“Buy quality fabrics with a great cut. I’m not talking designer prices – select the right bits of premium high street. For my new footwear collection I worked with Clarks because they are absolutely the best shoemakers I know. They are the experts in crafting quality, comfortable shoes at a decent price – I just added a bit of fashion edge. I don’t think anybody should have to compromise on comfort or style.”

“As a nation we’re not very good at complaining. Fast fashion has really killed off personal service in our shops and we’ve all just got used to it. I hate walking into a high-street store and seeing all of the staff shuffling about and stacking shelves – what’s wrong with a smile and a ‘Good morning’? I think the only way to combat this, as a shopper, is to make your voice heard.”

“It’s a question as old as the business itself and one I don’t think retailers will ever get right. Honestly – just get in the fitting room and try it on. Take in two or three sizes and don’t get hung up on a number. It’s the reflection in the mirror that counts, not the size on the label.”

“I’ve tried to create my ideal shop for women. When I turned 50, I remember really noticing that the high street was completely obsessed with youth. Women of my generation still want modern, cool, contemporary fashion – but there wasn’t anywhere that said ‘this is your spiritual home’. So I went to House of Fraser and created my own.”

“I remember buying clothes for my 43rd birthday – I was trying on ‘boho gear’ in a famous store and basically looked like a drowned lampshade. Since then, I’ve had five codes seared into my brain and I use these every time I shop to avoid the dreaded mutton moment: avoid dressing like a teenager, edit your trends, work with your proportions, keep it low maintenance and don’t buy crap.”

Off to John Lewis this week to get my make-up done at the Bare Minerals counter, will report back asap!

PS 20% off New Look voucher in their free mini mag, I managed to get one in my Look magazine also!<

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Re-working the wardrobe

So instead of opening it and sighing at all the clothes I can't currently wear in my pregnancy (skinny jeans and tons of tops girl me!), I have decided to move out what is completely unwearable for now. Leaving me with, well a fraction of my wardrobe. Some thought needs to go into this!

Tunics and leggings have been my staple so far. Having not invested in maternity jeans just yet (I am 25 wks), I have relied upon what I have so far. With some new jeans on the horizon, I am keeping in some comfy flowing long tops to go with them as well as my cardy's as I love to layer. I am doing a little swap with the other wardrobe (coats/joggers/party dresses, general not every day wear) and bringing in the coats! Have decided that whilst my arms aren't growing larger (yet...), I am going to change my look with some blazers, gilets and coats. They don't need to be done up over the bump do they! I have some cute leather gilets I can throw over my tunics to add a little something else, I just need to be a bit more playful with what I have! Who cares if I get it wrong now - I am pregnant - hormones a plenty, am going with that excuse! Summer vest tops on shelf being swapped with scarves - they are currently stuck in a box (a pretty one though!) and need to be used more to change my look.

I did go and purchase a lovely pink lippy from Chanel, a little bit of cheerful luxury in my pocket brightens my day! Used my points from Boots to also purchase the matching lip liner, love how a small but luxurious purchase can change the way you feel. Was well worth hanging on to my birthday vouchers for 9 months to use when I needed a pick me up. Bought the new Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Exuberante.

Haven't managed to get to the Bare Minerals counter yet, that was my October challenge so still some time to sort out my base make-up!

Shopping list item - some maternity tights so I can wear a dress instead of leggings and a tunic!
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