Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Somethings gone wrong....

So I've just had to in put my password twice as I forgot it and even more disastrous, I see this amazing picture of Rachel Zoe with an even more amazing Alexander McQueen nappy bag - and where do my eyes take me - to the cooker and kitchen units behind her.......I have been away far too long, spent too much time on my new home and no where near enough time on my favourite past time and life long addiction to handbags, shoes, clothes, get the gist. Someone give me a good shake! I need to go to bed now and wake up tomorrow thinking of this picture and not the new kitchen units I have to buy, wish me luck and pray I write soon before I'm lost to the wrong world!
PS just spotted her lush jewellery and RZ on the handbag, along with the nice flooring....


  1. I'm loving this blog. I want Lauren's sandals. Just browsing for a pair of 'wear em to death'wedges myself at the mo but gonna have to go downmarket. I find stylish mum's so inspiring. I'm not the kind of frump who is jealous...I'm just in awe! Have been slimming down lately and gone from UK 14 to 10/12 so clothes shopping starting to really interest me. I have a blog on weightloss, relationships, lifestyle but would never attempt a fashion page as I'm clueless so will definitely be linking this in a post. My blog is

  2. Hello Goofyguru! Thanks for your comments, always welcome feed-back. Try New Look for cheaper wedges - great selection, as have Next. Feel a little bit frumpy myself at the moment, but am on a mission to find my old self again! Would be great if you could link me in, and please do shout if I can help with anything 'fashiony'!

  3. omg, how could you miss the bag lol its gorgeous!! ;)

    Abi xx

  4. As I said, something's gone wrong....don't worry, am re-training the brain!


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