Monday, 15 November 2010

Back to Basics

So, I felt the need to just re-cap and re-fresh exactly what I am doing here (even if for my own benefit in those times when my head is just a fuzz!). I wasn't the best dressed child by far, but my earliest memory is my black patent leather shoes which my dear Mother refused to let me wear to school. They were my pride and joy and boy did they make me feel special.
That is where I still am today. Some people think fashion & style are a waste of time, energy and money etc, blah blah blah. I think differently. I think that even more so in our era, feeling positive about ourselves is a necessity. Think about how much more confident you feel in a suit all you business woman out there - that's power dressing. Now apply this to everything. Painted nails make me feel more feminine, more together. Weird to some of you I know, but it works for me. I wanted to start something to share this. I am not a high fashion chick by a long shot, I have a 3 year old daughter - those outfits would just not work practically or financially. But I enjoy putting outfits together, finding great deals, enjoying special purchases.
My 'thing' is probably handbags. Yes, I have a fair old few. And a separate closet just for them! Madness, waste of money I hear you say! But look, I don't spend a lot on my hair, nor have a gym membership nor spend a fortune on designer clothes. Handbags, on the other hand, I could spend thousands on and still think it was an investment in my daughters 'vintage' future!
I read an article by Hilary Rose in Elle magazine which just reminded me exactly why I am doing this. She was fighting cancer yet put all her energy into her wardrobe. She couldn't control what was going on on the inside, but could on the outside. I applaud her attitude, braveness and general spunk. Now that is passion for fashion through and through! A few quotes to give you an idea; "Clothes are my defence. They're an investment in the future that will be mine". "After one particularly evil bout of chemotherapy, the sight of the scarlet Manolo spikes gave me heart"
In an era where woman are working even harder to multi task careers, parenting, relationships and home making, it is even more important to make our esteem as high as possible and this I believe is aided by Fashion and Style.
There is a method behind my sometimes seemingly madness!

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Have been a little slack on my blog front recently - am very sorry. House selling & holidays have taken over! Have a saved blog very nearly ready to go but in the mean time to keep you interested (please don't stray!)just a few special deals for you to try!

The more I talk to people, the more I hear no one has yet found the 'perfect' mascara. So today I took an old one to the Clinique counter in Boots who currently will replace any old one with a sample of theirs.

VIE at home (used to be Virgin Vie) are also giving away (yes, really!) their £12.50 mascara for just £2.50 to cover postage. Order via their website (highlighted), it's the 'Precision Lash' mascara, enter 'LASH' in the promo box. Valid until 3rd December.

La Senza have a Christmas Gift guide leaflet by their tills. 20% off voucher in the back, valid until 30th November.

This week's Grazia has 20% off voucher for Asos, valid until next Tuesday 16th from memory

Be back soon!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Glamrosie's Catch up!

So I felt it only fair to give you guys an update on previous posts.

I am now firmly into my eye creams. I use Clarins Eye Contour Gel in the morning, which I purchased from Feelunique, as they were the same price as Duty Free! It's a light blue gel that is so re-freshing first thing and once dried doesn't affect my make up. The 3ml sample I initially trialled is still going, so the 20ml actual size is going to last me a while! At night I am now using Elizabeth Arden Millenium Eye Renewal Cream. It absorbs in really well. Over all I feel I am less darker and definitely less puffy around the eye area going into my thirties! Need to keep this up in my cream routine.

For my under eye concealer I am using Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector which I purchased from Boots as was in need so didn't shop around on the Internet for it any cheaper. I spent an evening and a lunch break trying lots of new ones and found this product. It appears that I have been wearing the wrong sort of shade around my eyes. I always lent toward a lighter colour, but after seeking advise from the assistant, all it was doing was making them look blue and veiny. I am so pleased I actually spent the time trying different brands. Along with my gels and creams, this has made a huge difference to my eye area.

Also from my wish list I have purchased some new silver hoops. I found them in a store that was closing down with a BOGOF offer so got a Amber stud pair too for £12! Grey skinnies - Topshop Baxter style have a great colour which I now live in! And I did order the New Look boots with the zip up the side (image below in blog 'Winter Boots' the last pair), am very pleased with them, worn loads already.

I have been slack on the Christmas party outfit. I always do this, hence why I nag myself to start as early as possible. I have my New Look Limited Edition sequin skirt (seen below in blog 'Wish List October 2010') but I am yet to find anything to go with it. I really need to spend some time on Asos, free delivery and returns now. Need to order the silk top from them and give it a try asap or i'll end up last! A cotton top won't be dressy enough. Topshop have now re-launched their 'Rae' style (seen below in blog 'Topshop Rae Shoes') in a bronze patent colour which not only is bang on shoe trend but goes with the skirt. Will update you when I get there! Do shout if you are searching too, whilst I am looking, I can for you also. Warehouse seem to have a great selection of party frocks in at the moment.

After trying to order online for hours, I finally managed to bag a Kate Moss classic tea dress from her last collection with Topshop. A little pricer than what I normally spend at £60 but hey, it's Kate! Shown above, yet to arrive in the post!

Currently on my shopping list are 1) some new Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. After about 4 years (supposed to only last a year!) they have finally given up the ghost. They are the best little miracle workers in my make-up box. 2) And I keep putting these off some new bra's. Need to take my own advice and invest (just so hard to spend £50 on 2 bra's and know for that I can get a pair of leather boots...) needs must!

Shops to visit this month - Biba's re-launch at House of Fraser and if I manage a trip to London, Lilly Allens vintage clothes boutique Lucy in Disguise.

Happy November!

PS I want a dress that Olivia Palermo has modelled in Mango, not that she's helped design it, purely because she has worn it! Love the one shoulder purple sequined dress!
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