Thursday, 21 October 2010

Capsule Winter Wardrobe

Deborah asks Glamrosie via Facebook;
Sorry for all the questions! I've got hundreds, you'll want to start charging me soon! What items do you think are the basics for any wardrobe? I've recently lost weight so have nothing that fits anymore, I'm restocking my wardrobe and need to know where to start................

1. Underwear - the staple to any outfit, make sure you are measured regularly and have some great sets of underwear. If your weight has changed, this is especially important.
2. Layers - a collection of vests (M&S can't be beaten!) and long sleeve t-shirts, high or low neck depending on cleavage size. Make it easy for yourself to start with. Think of 2 colour pallets; blacks, greys, whites, and then browns, nudes and creams. If you always have some of these in your draw you can dress them up with cardys, necklaces or wear as a basic under other items.
3. Jeans - a smart navy pair for going out and a lighter pair for day wear. Every wardrobe needs jeans! It can take a while to find the right pair for you, there is so much choice out there. My favourites are Topshop's Baxter style, skinny but not as tight as their Jamie style. Levi's have recently launched 'Curve ID' to find the perfect pair for your body shape. Have a look at their website; if you have an idea of your shape and measurements, it can recommend for you straight away. There are even images of women in the different cuts they offer to give you something visual to help.
4. Cardys/Jumpers - just watch the content. I love cashmere but will only invest in a good quality piece. Avoid 100% acrylic! There are plenty of wool cardigans about. I bought a beautiful basic style in a rich raspberry colour from Costco of all places! £15! This is where you can add some colour to your basic layers with cardys. Again, think of your 2 colour pallets to get your capsule wardrobe started. You can always add accessories to brighten or update any basics.
5. Shoes - a good black court, a must! I am loving suede courts right now, Dune have a fab selection. Boots; a heeled pair to wear with dresses or over jeans (think knee-high or trend of the moment, ankle shoe boots!) and a flat day pair - Ugg my number 1 day choice!
6. Dress - a basic tunic style that can be dressed up with heels, tights & jewellery or down with flat boots, leggings and a cardy. Try H&M, they have a great selection of dresses.
7. 'Going-out-top' - something to wear with jeans and heels for an emergency outfit. Look at the image above, something like this never dates, looks great with jeans (or even skirts), add a cute clutch, a cardy if you want to dress down and off you go!
8. Handbags - a black clutch and a two day bags; across the body for casual shopping trips/day outs, and a larger handbag for work.
9. Jewellery - some big statement earrings, a necklace and bracelet. Say you want to jazz up a scoop neck t-shirt with jeans and heels, add jewellery and this does the job. Try not to wear more than 1 large statement piece of jewellery at a time, it over complicates an outfit. If you have short sleeves, think bracelet, high neckline think earrings, scoop neck think necklace (or leave bare and just do earrings if fussy neckline).
10. Winter coat and a blazer - blazer is another staple that can really make a difference, especially to how you feel and hold yourself. I recently converted my sister who always thought that they were just for the office. Found her a different material to her tailored work suits and she loved it! Said it made her feel so much more confident. You can add a scarf for warmth if you need, this isn't an everyday coat, you will know when it's needed! Winter coat - just look at which length would suit you best and invest! A coat can take you through the whole season and many more to come if you pick wisely.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our High Street

Kerry asks Glamrosie via Facebook;
I have recently just had a baby but my old wardrobe is awful. As I am now on rubbish maternity pay, where can I shop that is good value for money and not Primark as although cheap, would like them to last :-)

Fabrics – probably one of my biggest rules! I always check the fabric content. Especially come winter, I need wool, not acrylic. You will get to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t quite quickly. 100% cotton is great for summer tops, but there’s no warmth for the winter and after a while, they do lose their shape.

I wouldn’t write off Primark completely. It’s all about accessories at the moment, big bold ones, I think Primark has it’s place for things like this. You can grab a cute clutch or day handbag for under £10. If you want to update a look quickly and cheaply, they do really good scarves and jewellery. I also use them for basic layers, long and short Tee’s and tights. They have just launched a Limited Edition range. I am yet to see the collection as it’s only in the bigger stores but have seen people wear some pieces and they look fab.

New Look, H&M & Topshop are probably my favourite High Street shops at the moment. H&M is really worth a good rummage, they have some great items and of the 3 shops I’ve just mentioned, probably the cheapest. If you sign up to their newsletter via their website, you will get 25% discount on 1 item online.

River Island & Dorothy Perkins are featured quite regularly in a lot of magazines at the moment. Just had a voucher code through from Dorothy Perkins for free delivery, including items in their sale (now with an additional 20% off until Friday!). Use VCDELFREE at the checkout. River Island’s sale is also now on!

New Look – I really couldn’t rave enough about them especially their Limited Edition collection (see blogs below, been mentioned once or twice!). They have a free magazine in store, grab this as there’s always a 20% off voucher in the back for a certain time period. Worth making a little shopping list with them then waiting until the voucher is active. Free delivery online at the time of going to blog press!

M&S – don’t over look them! Their Limited Collection and Autograph range has come a long way, especially their shoes! Also great for classic items such as wool cardigans. I bought a long grey one there last year when they were doing 20% off everything. It has washed so well, am very pleased with the quality.

Sign up to your favourite shops online. You can get emails on what’s new in, offers and sometimes advanced warning of sales.

Please don’t forget most shops now have free returns to store. I used to be so put off by internet shopping but now I am a huge advocate. No parking fee’s, no banging into people, no food fee’s (lunch, coffee’s etc!). I still rarely pay delivery for something, there are always codes about and places like Miss Selfridge, Topshop & Asos now have free returns via post too.

Remember to follow me on Twitter as I try to update daily with any current discounts and offers.

If you would like me to tag along on your shopping trip to lend a hand, contact me privately to arrange.

PS take a little bit of time with this to invest in some key peices. My next blog will be on a capsule wardrobe, so get some more idea's from that!

Monday, 18 October 2010

All the M's! Make-up, Magazines & Monsoon!

My 5 minute get out the house make-up tips!
Powder (just to take the sheen off and even over complexion), use a large brush to sweep upwards (into skin) then downwards (to dust off any access). Cream eyeshadow, to brighten up eyes, making them look clean and fresh. Eyebrow pencil then gel to set. Quick eye-lash curl, then lashings of mascara. Sweep of bronzer or rose coloured blusher depending on my mood (tanned or English rose!). Under eye concealer, dab/pat, no rubbing in this delicate area! Finally a lick of gloss or tinted lip balm, then run out the door!

Don't forget you can get a years magazine subscriptions using Tesco clubcard vouchers from as little as £9.50 (that's for Marie Claire). I subscribed to Elle for a year - £11, I do the shopping it's my little treat! If you know anyone else who regularly buys magazines, do a mag swap! My friend has Grazia so we exchange regularly!

Shop of the week
Monsoon's Fusion range. Check out the fab dress and cardy below. Some great 'wow' pieces for the coming party season.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Glamrosie's Top 10 Christmas Tips!

A stressful time for most, so lets get organised early and enjoy it! Here's my top 10 things to help you stay on top of it all and have a glamorous Christmas!

1. Start looking into your Christmas party outfit NOW! Don't leave it until the last minute. If you can't get out to the shops, use the web. There are loads of free delivery offers and return to store so no need to worry about postage costs. I have my skirt (see previous blog) so am on the hunt for a top and accessories now. No time like the present!

2. Get your Christmas present lists for people ready. Even if you just write down the names of who you have to buy for. Keep it with you, you never know what you might find on your Tesco's shop!

3. Book your appointments now. Your haircut, manicure, waxing etc. Come December, everywhere will be fully booked and you don't want to miss out!

4. Keep a box in the garage of things you pick up for Christmas on your travels. I already have a huge red candle I'm saving, some duck pate, mulled red wine, gingerbread, Christmas tea towels (yes, am a huge Christmas fan!). Just pop things in when you find them, then come December you have less to buy!

5. Babysitters/In laws - book them up now for your party's! One less thing to worry about nearer the time.

6. Your own Christmas list. Now some people might not like this, but I think it's handy for those people who have no idea what to buy you. I don't have a huge list, all I do is save up the books, Cd's, DVDs I would like from September onwards (Amazon wish list!) and put them on a list. Makes everyones life easier and no money is wasted on a gardening book that won't be used!

7. Catalogues - pick them up on your travels now. Start circling ideas for people, write against your present list to remind you when your out and about.

8. Theatre or panto - if you want to get your family really into the Christmas spirit, book now!

9. Budget - set yourself a realistic one for presents. Write it next to each person. I am a 'lots of little bits and bobs' present buyer, so I write my total then deduct what I've spent going along. If you want to make your life easier (I tend not to go for this option with regards to presents.....) then just get the 1 gift for the whole budget, wrap and be done with it!

10. New Years & any other Party's near Christmas - I'm not going crazy! But in my family we have 5 birthdays straight after Christmas. I like to pick some things up in sales but if at least I have made a start then I don't feel so stressed. Just have an idea what you would like to do re NYE if your a party goer. Start now, less rush later on!

And remember, let me help! I love present shopping, so if your stuck for idea's, email me with a brief description of the person and will start looking for them too! Re putting together outfits - favourite past time! Shout me when you need a hand!

Dress shown by Warehouse The Exclusive 10 collection

Monday, 11 October 2010

Wish List October 2010!

Grey Skinny jeans - fed up with blue jeans!

Silk vest top to go with my lush New Look Limited Edition skirt above! New Look is NOT just for kids as I've heard some people say. Yes, there are some not so great stores around, but on-line is fab! Thinking Asos for a silk vest to tuck in as this skirt sits slightly higher on my hips. Getting my Christmas party outfit ready, start thinking about it now, don't leave it till the last minute. Have already booked my manicure! Let me know if you need help hunting for things, my favourite past time!

Louboutins - a next year/sale purchase me thinks!

Denim shorts - for my winter summer holiday, struggling now, may have left to late!

Tapered trousers - that dont make my bum look big! Always put off trouser shopping, I have none apart from jeans! Really want a slighter smarter look than leggings and tunics for work. Tops are too easy to find for me, I need to spend more time on my bottom half! There will be something out there, I have every faith!

Caterina Lucchi handbag - from TK Maxx. Stunning Italian leather, lush cream/stone colour for every day. I need need need!!!

New under eye concealer - finding my current Lancome one is now not good enough for my dark circles!

Smart shorts for an evening out - with pockets on the bum (can't be pocketless in that area, only enhances it on me for some reason!)

New silver hoop earings - a friend kindly pointed out I have been wearing an odd pair for goodness knows how many years, oops! Found some at Portabello Market but would only accept cash and no machines near by. I now can't find any decent ones for under £15, so am holding out. Silver is cheap and am not going to be ripped off!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Westfield London - for parents!

Have always loved this shopping centre, but even more so after what we discovered this week-end for parents in need to shop! 95p cinema screenings for children, same price for the adults accompanying them! We missed the 11am showing of Shrek Forever due to traffic, but couldn't believe how cheap it was! Check out their website to book. Only a couple of quid booking fee, so for the 3 of us, still would have been under £5! As we were in trouble with madam for missing it, we just managed to get the last 'taxi' for her to ride around in. £2 for the whole day, and they had double seater ones too! Pick them up from the concierge desk in the car park. You can leave your pram there, there's plenty of room for shopping bags on it, and she loved to steer it around the shops! Get there early though, we got there at 11.30 on a Saturday and just got the last one.

Was also impressed by the baby changing facilities (and I can't believe we never discovered it before!). Kiddies table & chairs, Peppa Pig playing on a flat screen tv, large separate toilets, baby mats with separate sinks and even a microwave!

From memory, I think the first 2 hours are free to park in the week, and when we've gone then, it's been so nice, it does get busy at the week-ends. Parking can be expensive, we paid £14 for up to 7 hours, but it is still cheaper than the train for us and less hassle.

Of all the shopping centres we've been to with our daughter (and there's been quite a few...!!), by far this is the best. Restaurants are all fab too! You could even leave Daddy and kids with the cheap cinema showing (check website for exact details) and have a few hours to yourself! Let me know if any of you make it there and what you think! Happy Shopping!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Winter Boots

debvn asks Glamrosie via Twitter; what about boots this winter? Long or short?

Now I am a HUGE fan of Ugg's - but real ones, not the fakes that slouch so much you look like your walking on the side of the boot, be kind to your feet people! If you don't own a pair, get with it! Shudoo have 15% off at the mo is you enter vc1015, not sure for how long though. Or Bicester Village now have an outlet shop.

Enough on them, I could go on forever, have 4 pairs and I know I will buy more! As for height, that really depends on you. For me, as I am short (5ft3), I can really only do a taller boot if they have a heel on. Dune are great for this taller, well structured and made leather boot. I am currently on the look out though for a short flat boot to wear as a slightly smarter alternative to my Ugg's. Found a great pair of 'biker' style short leather boots in Gap. Black and brown, but I am still not convinced as feel a little like puss in boots with them on!

The other boot to try is a shoe boot. See earlier blog on the M&S ones I love. The grey ones look fab with skinny jeans but also dressed up with black tights and a dress. If you want to make you legs look longer, opt for the black ones with the black tights. The lace up style is very now!

You will also see a lot of the below lace up style about. I think these can look fab on certain people. Give them a go if they are your cup of tea, they are very on trend and look comfy but they just don't work on me.

Colour wise, I don't wear black knee high boots, you would see me coming a mile off. I opt for softer colours like grey, stone, tan. I think they wear better and for me, go with more of my wardrobe.

Remember, Fashion is for now, Style is forever. Go with what works for you and your shape. The high street has so much to offer now, spend time trying on different styles. Then once you have a better idea, use the web. Asos, Aldo, River Island, Topshop to name but a few, all have great footwear collections. Don't forget New Look - their website is fab and they do sell good leather boots! Check out the brown ones below, yes, they are from New Look! Last 2 images are some that I am thinking of trying, but waiting for the 20% off voucher to work online next week! Let me know how you get on!

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