Thursday, 30 September 2010

Winter Coats - for Gemma!

Gemma ask's Glamrosie; I need a new one and could do with some tips!

GR; Always look at material content (great habit to get into), don't think you won't know your stuff, you will. We all know Wool keeps us warm so make sure there is some in the jacket your buying! A mix is fine, but I personally wouldn't go for less than 50% wool if I was buying a Winter to keep the cold out.

Now, style. Military is very in right now (you'll start to notice all the brass buttons now I've told you!) but for you Gemma, you are a working Mum, you have to grab your coat and run, no time for loads of buttons. I am suggesting a trench style (belted) for you. You can quickly slip on and tie the belt in a knot and away you go. As you are blessed with more up there than me (!) this style will also flatter you. Don't go for a double breasted coat (see New Look example above, although this is a fab buy in the sale at £24.99 - with wool, for all you smaller chested ladies out there). This style would just make you look bigger on top than bottom which you don't want. Don't go for a long mac as you are petite. Think just below the bum, sinch in the waist with a belt, then a nice colour scarf to keep the neck warm and brighten up a blocked colour coat.

Next and New Look do great belted mac's if you are looking for a lighter weight coat.

The following may give you some idea as to what I feel may suit you, hope they help. Let me know how you get on!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Stress Reducing Foods

Just read a great little article from (always sign up to magazine websites, fab short articles emailed daily!). Now if your a busy working Mummy like me and trying to be a Yummy one (!) at the same time, stress hits you daily! Here James Duigan (new book out Clean & Lean Diet) share his best stress fighting foods;

Avocado - contains good fat that lowers blood pressure (in turn stress levels). Try on an oatcake.

Nuts - helps immune system and contain Vit B which lower stress levels. Handful a day.

Berries - Vit C which helps stress (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc) and contains fibre which level out blood sugar levels (these fluctuate when your stressed).

Dark Green Veg - again more vitamins which the body needs in times of stress.

Turkey - contains an amino acid which releases serotonin (calming feel good hormone), apparently also has a soothing affect on the body which can help you sleep better!

Happy munching!

PS and a naughty little one from me, chocolate also releases serotonin, be good to your body, go organic, a little square in times of need!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Shops I've enjoyed this week

Next - lots of bows, a great little 'Chanel' esque jacket in. Some well priced shift dresses for work, a little bit nicer than the norm. Some great suede shoe boots, with a workable walking heel!

Selfridges Shoe Rooms - wow! Went before they'd all opened, but a must for all those shoe lovers out there!

Dover Street Market - had to do as keep reading about it. Very high fashion, great to look around for the experience. Not a traditional stall market at all! A 5 storey building with loads of designers each having a little 'pitch' so to speak. Tried on the YSL Tribute sandals (image above) just because I could! Amazing quality, but so couldn't walk in them, don't know how the celebs do it!

Portabello Market - Enjoyed again for the experience. Thank goodness the weather held out for us. Got a little upset by all the people with their so called 'vintage' stalls. Watch out for this, don't get sucked in because it all looks old & musty! Know your stuff! Great day out though, loads of yum fresh food too. Just give yourself a good 3-4 hours to do the lot! Doubles up on similar stalls that Spitalfields Market has. For me, I love Spitalfields that little bit more. Just feels more upmarket that's all.

Swarovski Crystallized is a concept store opposite Liberty's. Great for some one off pieces. Some fun designers like Lulu Guinness and reasonably priced too.

Odds & Sods!

Just a few snippet bits of stuff, so thought I'd do all in 1 blog!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter! I update every day with the latest discount, tips, clothes I've found & photographerd to share! Am under Glamrosie on there too. It's free and easy to join and if your nosey and like celebs, it's great for that too!

Make sure you grab New Looks latest free mangazine. Voucher in there for 20% off between 23/9-10/10.

Don't forget to check out (if you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen this tweet already!). Absolutely gutted that I missed out on the Christian Louboutin sale, up to 40% off most. Some great styles too, sign up to get their newsletter (I so am now!) so as not to miss out like me! They responded to my tweet and there are more Louboutin sales coming!

Check out my Ebay site for one off sales of fab items. Currently a lush brand new Patrick Cox handbag on offer. £235 RRP, starting price £39.99! When ever I list items such as this, I will always blog and Tweet about them, so get in there first! Ends Sunday 19th September 8pm!

Went to investigate a new under eye concealer today. Been told I need to treat my tired, dark circled eyes not just conceal them (by 3 different colsultants!). I guess the time has finally come, age is taking effect (or the nasty stork who dropped me off a bad sleeper of a child) so am now off to investigate a new eye cream also! Will update you on my finds!

What Body Shape Am I?

I promise to write a proper, brief and to the point blog on this soon, as a dear friend of mine is struggling. Here in an email conversation, I gave some advise, even though at work, I couldn't leave her hanging!

B; I've been trying to sort out my clothes etc and what to wear for my shape, but there are loads of different things on shapes of bodies. I think I may be hourglass (as I have boobs and hips but my waist does go in, but not that much so I'm not sure!!) I suppose there are lots of variations of shapes.

Then I want to work out what is best to wear for my shape.

Any good websites you know of?

GR;I always found Trinny & Susannah the best reference guide for shapes, they have actually done one specifically on shapes now; The Body Shape Bible. (Order via Nectar then onto the Amazon site and earn points!)
£7.50 paperback, £8.99 hardback.

Gok is great to watch on TV - his 'How to look good naked show'(he also has books out, follow highlighted link).

For this sort of thing I like books to have right in front of me, like a partner to go through my wardobe with, or to sit & watch a pro like Gok & how he works it out on the TV.

It takes time, and even when you know your shape, sometimes, there will be a spanner in there and something completely not meant to be for you will work, so always try try try on! They say every time you go into a changing room, you should always take something you completely wouldn't pick up, as you never know! I tried on a Kate Moss for Topshop Limited Edition dress last year, really figure hugging - so wouldn't wear normally as am very hippy (true Pear shape!), but the sequins over it completely worked for me & not only did I love it, felt great in it too! Also another dress that so wasn't me was (yes, another!) Limited Edition dress from New Look. Adore silk as a fabric as love the rich texture & way it falls but the print & cut of this dress (tad more baggy on top) was not me. However everyone I showed it to said it really worked, so I tried it, 18 months on, still love it! Wore it to a wedding reception the other night & brought it up to date a bit more with some bargain nude gladiator heels!

Practising with shapes makes perfect! Get the book, read it, digest it, learn it! Then I will come over and help!

Sorry, was supposed to be a quick email but i get carried away!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nail Polish Remover

Ok, so I've been asked via my Twitter account for advise on a good nail polish remover. My good old Mum, as always, got me into Mavala. I've used the blue (acetone) one for a while now then ran out. Went and bought a cheap 99p one, it took forever to get my polish off, so back to good, reliable Mavala it was. This time I opted for the pink one as it is acetone free. Acetone isn't fab for your nails (think paint thinner kind of stuff) however if not used regularly, it is fine. It does make the nails dry or brittle so regular use if you paint your nails all the time, isn't advisable, so swap to a none acetone one. Red polish is frustratingly annoying to remove, it does take a second wipe over. Mavala is so good though, if you hold it on the nail for a few seconds then wipe, majority of it is off. Again, Mavala is available online, in larger Boots, department stores (Debenhams, John Lewis) and most of the time in small independent pharmacies. It's worth spending a couple of pounds more on a better quality remover to look after your nails. Hope that helps!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fake Christian Louboutin's

Felt the need to do a quick blog on this. Just read an article about the above. Now, I may be just being naive, but what I read never really entered my head as a possibility. I have, I will admit, considered purchasing fake Louboutin's. I am not a massive labels person (well ok, slightly more that the average maybe!) but I do like the big ones like Christian! Handbags, I just couldn't consider a fake for some reason, but shoes like these, possible. Until now. An undercover investigation in South East China exposed a factory, complete with child labour, producing fake Louboutin's. Kid's sticking the famous red sole to the bottom's of shoes, £20 for 90 hours work. 14 hours a day, with just 1 day off a month says a 15 year old girl. Enough said, I think you get the jist. Think before you buy! I would rather save and pay the full amount for a pair of shoes, knowing they came from a trusted back ground. Go to Harrods, enjoy the whole experience of picking your designer shoes, pay the price and know that you are getting a real hand stitched pair and be proud of yourself!
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