Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Bargain Next Red Coat

I found this gorgeous red coat in Next the other week, I did share it on Instagram and Facebook but in case anyone missed it I thought I would pop it on here.  It is a very similar colour to my red Zara one (last picture below) just slightly longer.  I have had so many compliments on the colour of mine, based on that alone when my one has had it's day I will definitely buy another coat similar, it's a gorgeous raspberry red shade and so flattering. 

£75 down to £35

My Zara coat

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Wedge Trainer Debate

As Spring has Sprung, I feel I will start to break out the trainers again.  I like wearing them with ankle skimming jeans or trousers with no socks.  I feel the cold so I have to wear socks in the Winter and letting my ankles see the light of day just doesn't happen until around about now so my thoughts are turning to the trainer again.  Last year I purchased my first pair of Ash Jalouse boots.  They have been stuck on my feet, worn in so well (so well in fact that there was another bargain purchase last months which I will share next, promise).  One trend which I just couldn't get my head around was the wedge trainer.  I still have mixed feelings, I still think they look great on others but for some reason, every time I've tried them on, something felt wrong.

Ash Genial RRP £135
Maybe it's the leather, the price tag, the buckles, I'm just not sure.  But I just really like the idea of a trainer giving little old me some height.  I love wearing a heel which is why I have loved my Ash boots as the heel is the perfect height for every day wear.  I don't think I have written them off completely, more that perhaps I just haven't found the right ones yet.  I like the look of the Esprit ones below.  Maybe it's that they look a little more like a trainer but not as bulky as the Ash Bowie trainer - so a good in between.  I also think that the wedge is slightly more discreet which I like.

Esprit £59
Ash Bowie RRP £169
So have you succumbed to the wedge trainer yet?  Or will you be sticking with the flat versions?

Gisele Bundchen in her Isabel Marant wedge trainers RRP £365

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Chanel Gift Ideas

The title needs no more introduction!  I love all things Chanel and everything that Coco made the brand.  For me, it is the ultimate in luxury.  However although I am lucky enough to have found a few handbags in charity shops (it can be done, I also know people have found them at car boot sales!) I know that for most, it feels like a brand that is just so unobtainable.  So this is where make-up comes in.  I was challenged a few years ago to buy for a friend who barely wears any make up but it was a big birthday for her.  I wanted to buy her a little luxury Chanel so the sales lady recommended the Chanel compact mirror.  She loved it as she did always have one with her so replaced it straight away with this little beauty.  It went straight on my wish list that year and I was lucky enough to revive one as a gift also.  It's  been in my handbag every day since. 

RRP £26
Then last year I had another friend to buy for who wouldn't use the mirror but I wanted her to have a piece of Chanel.  I asked at the Chanel counter for ideas and was told about their lovely lip balm.  A lip balm - everyone uses those, it was perfect!  Not only that, of course it looked amazing and had that whole luxe Chanel vibe going for it.  Naturally it has made it's way (finally) into my life this Mothers Day. 
RRP £25
Lastly, a gift given to me that I have used so much and adore, the Chanel no5 hair mist.  I love perfume but I am always forgetting to put some on and feel it's wasted on school runs so tend to only wear some when I'm going out.  This is a great alternative as it's subtle yet lingers longer as you get wafts from your hair throughout the day.  It's the priciest of the three I've shared but it's essentially perfume for your hair so you are paying more for this classic scent. 

RRP £38
There of course are other great brands who also do some fabulous little gifts like these, so if you're not near a Chanel counter always ask at other beauty ones as I've found the staff so helpful when it comes to gift ideas.  Don't forget to ask them to pop it in a little gift bag too (free!) to make it look that extra bit special.

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