Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Topshop Treats

It's been a while again, I'm sorry.  As much as I love to write and share on my blog, it is a little hobby and unfortunately hobbies have to take back seats in life sometimes don't they.  The good news is my new Project Manager hat (for our home renovations) is fitting well and although I'm exhausted juggling everything, we are making progress and have actually cut through a door to my walk in wardrobe - priorities firmly in place (ok, a dishwasher and kitchen has also been ordered...)!  I digress, back to my passion.  We took some much needed time off at the end of May and had a day out shopping.  I'm always ducking and diving into shops for bits and bobs or shopping with clients so it was nice to properly spend time looking. Topshop won hands down.  My photo doesn't do this dress justice and the shoulders need to soften slightly but it is so comfortable and didn't break the bank at £24 (and 100% cotton!).  Would have loved it in a marl grey (pretty please Topshop?) but it was this or white so was a no brainer.  

Ruched Waist Corset T-Shirt Dress £24 
Then I went a little off-piste and took my own advice when I'm working with a client - always take something you think wouldn't work on you into the fitting room.  My item was these trousers.  I am desperate for a variation to my much loved jeans, I needed something to pull me out of a little clothing rut I've been in.  Now I will admit, they haven't been worn yet, they are high waisted and as much as they look fab here, I worry what else they will work with.  I love the fit, the colour, the waist but they are out of my comfort zone.  I know I just need to bite the bullet but I'm fragile at the moment - my wardrobe is in boxes and it's unnerved me a great amount!

Paperboy Utility Trousers £39
The t-shirt wasn't even questioned.  So me, so girly and classic with a high neck, it's a keeper.  

They only have it in the 'Tall' option online however do check stores as it was only 3 weeks ago. There is the grey option which I also love (and am very tempted by!).

Floral Applique T-Shirt £24 
I know people struggle with Topshop, they can be a little hit and miss for me also - and I am the wrong side of 35 just so you know!  However they do have classic pieces, pieces that last.  Recently I dug out an old Kate Moss for Topshop dress.  I wore it to a wedding and still enjoyed it and loved that no one else would be wearing it as it really is so old!  It's washed beautifully so has stood the test of time and I don't feel it's dated at all.  

Watch; Tag Heure
Clutch; Vintage Chanel
Shoes; Zara

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My Little GlossyBox Treat

I  know, I know, don't go falling off your chair - two blog posts in the space of 4 days!  However this was too good not to share.  An offer dropped into my inbox for 50% off Glossybox's May box (use code GB50) and it becomes £5 instead of £10 (total of £8.25 including postage).  I'm not one to sign up to subscriptions so it will just be a one off for me but this little lot arrived and for £8.25 it's an absolute bargain.

I'm a huge Paw Paw fan, if you haven't heard of it, buy the box alone for that (as it's over £5 alone). It's like a less medical scented Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and a staple in my house hold!  The kids always use it for cuts or sores, it has the smoothest silkiest texture that glides on over grazes perfectly.  As for the other products, well I always use scrubs and foot creams and the little make up set and blusher are just the icing on the cake.  Be quick if you fancy a cheeky treat as they are selling out quickly (so they tell me!). 

PS Make sure you cancel your subscription by the 14th of the month if you don't want to carry it on.  Or, like me, forget and get an extra months treat!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Breaking The Silence (With A Mini Shopping Trip!)

So hello!  Long time no speak.  I had what was probably known in the business as 'writers block' but in my real world it was more a little break as life just became a little over whelming.  I had planned to write a post explaining myself but I randomly woke up this morning after feeling unwell for the last few days wanting to share two little treats with you so here they are.  Maybe I will break again, maybe I will share a little more insight into my shenanigans but there is no real plan, I am free-styling it and going with the flow.  No pressure being placed on my little self - so apologies to the probably now small regular audience I have left, I can't guarantee the frequency on here!

So what got the creative juices flowing again you may well ask?  The Victoria Beckham tops I managed to bag 5 weeks ago or the shoe post I drafted back in March?  Nope.  A new piece of nightwear I think.  Rock and Rock, totally.  Oh and it was a belated Mothers Day present so perhaps sub consciously it follows on from my now very old last post!  On Mothers Day we popped to Bicester Village as in the end I just fancied some new PJ's.  Alas there were none there until nearly 7 weeks later and I find the most comfiest night shirt ever.  It was reduced to £21, one left in my size then another 10% off with my VIP card.  Not forgetting 100% beautifully brushed cotton from The White Company.  It was meant to be.  

Next up, for any Jo Malone fans, The Cosmetic Company are now stocking it permanently and also more than just the bath and body range.  These little travel perfumes are £9 (you have to spend over £55 to get any discount) and just perfect for me as I don't tend to get through perfume easily.  This scent was gorgeous and a lovely little treat.

Dolce & Gabbana
So that's all I bought.  A belated Mothers Day present of a night shirt and a £9 bottle of perfume.  It was enough to excite me after the last few months, trust me!  However look at these beauties from Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.  Nothing that could warrant a place in my life right now but the stylist in me truly appreciates the beauty and drools over the fabrics, craftsmanship and art of the pieces. Maybe it was seeing these that got me going again and not the nightshirt after all......

Clothes really weren't on my agenda and if they were, I gravitated towards comfy jumpers - that's all I tried on!  And rather fittingly the nightwear was also a 'comfort' purchase.  I saw this wool and cashmere jumper in All Saints.  I really liked it but the reduced price tag of £70 felt a little hefty.  Also, whenever I go there they always have and extra 20% off everything and lucky me that day - they didn't!  Coming into Summer I didn't want to pay that price so I left it behind but I now have a friend working in the village so will have to get her to keep an eye on it!

Shacket & Jeans; Topshop
Jumper; Rag & Bone
Boots; Ash
Bag; Balenciaga
Watch; Tag
'N' brooch; Markus Lupfer
The first time in what felt like a while that I'd made an effort so thought I'd share the outfit!  Nothing mind blowing just my favourite Joni ripped jeans from Topshop, a jumper (with a thermal vest under - that start of feeling poorly!), shacket and my beloved Balenciaga handbag.  Some classics in my wardrobe.  Comfort plus a little style - my staples.  

NB The VIP discount card is available to anyone with AA cover.  You just need to show your card to the information desk on the day to get one.  There are conditions naturally but generally it is very handy to grab, even if just for a cheeky coffee discount!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Quick Mothers Day Idea

I'm leaving it late to share this I know but I didn't plan to write this post then realised I couldn't leave it unsaid!  And where there's a will, there's a way so there's still every chance you can get one in time.  Be it for yourself or your Mum, I highly recommend a Roberts radio.  Now I featured one on my Valentines gift guide and my husband decided to pay full attention (second year running, the candle was last year) so I blatantly need to keep these posts up, even if for my own benefit. 

Roberts Revival iStream 2 £219.95
Initially I didn't push my luck and just opted for the mini one but he did some research as as we don't have great signal in the village decided to go for the internet radio option.  This is the most expensive however if you aren't fussy then you can buy refurbished ones direct from Roberts here (£131.99 for the above model).  My first one was in the duck egg blue and not only was it not the colour I would have chosen (bless him, he can't get it 100% right but he got 100% for effort!) but was also not working properly.  Roberts were brilliant at arranging a courier collection then shipping another out to me. 

I love that it's portable.  I'm not one for bluetooth and connecting it to my phone, we have a Bose speaker for that but it kept driving me mad that when I used my phone it would interfere with the connection, I just wanted a good old radio.  

There are 3 sizes/specs, this was the smallest and one I wanted originally but if you can stretch to the above I would recommend it - needs dependent!

£149.95 brand new via John Lewis or £89.99 for a refurbished one here 
And on a last note (this isn't a sponsored post at all, I was just browsing John Lewis and as they're service is so good I know you can get it in time) this Selfish Mother range donates a portion of the sale to charity so it's an ethical purchase too!

Because as Mothers, we so are aren't we!  £50 via John Lewis 
£35 via John Lewis 
£10 via John Lewis 

Happy Mothers Day to all us Mummy's!
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