Friday, 26 September 2014

The Little Zara Order

So after my last post, I caved and checked out on my Zara order.  Shopping from a list is dull dull dull.  But it has made me question my sporadic purchases so it does have its benefits.  I ordered 3 items and they are all going back.  I so very nearly kept this dress.  I loved the star print and at £7.99 I thought it was a bargain.  I wasn't sold on the loose, cut out sleeves but when my friend told me it looked like something her Mum would wear, my mind was made up.  Even at that price it wasn't worth keeping.  It's now gone from their sale items, luckily for the customer some may say!  

(That's my hair that looks like a shooting star.  I decided to keep the shot for good luck!)
I failed to put this on my shopping list as it's not really a 'need' but I've been on the look out for some housey/loungewear trousers to replace my faded Nike joggers which are starting to get thread bare.  As I wear them a lot more than planned (I am honest that I love my joggers at the end of a hard day, there is absolutely nothing glamours about them) I was thinking about upgrading them to something a little more flattering.  I also feel for the poor people who see me outside watering my baskets or I open the door to in my current ones.  I saw these and thought they were worth a go.  I don't have her figure so needless to say they looked terrible, not even photo worthy for here.  Also a little static, so back they go.  They are £17.99 here in case anyone else fancies them. 

I was thinking about keeping this t-shirt then as I decided to return the others and saw a top in All Saints (it's coming up below) I thought I'd rather put the £10 towards that instead.  Nothing majorly wrong with it, comes up fairly large, I was just being good - yes, I'm probably coming down with something.  They do it in a few different colour ways and I would say for £9.99 it's worth it.  See it here.

So I managed to get to Bicester Village and found nothing in the way of sandals for my beach wedding outfit so tonight I will be ordering a selection from my previous post and update you on them soon. All Saints is back at the village (yay!) and I fell in love with this top.  It was £178 down to  £71 which I still felt was a bit steep as well as it's not on my shopping list - so I walked away.  However, they have a VIP date coming up soon with 20% off items so I'm hoping it may still be there then!

And finally, one for the Christmas list!  My very old Gucci make up bag has seen better days and I loved this leather one from Anya Hindmarch.  I like light coloured items for my handbag so I can easily see them.  This was down to £65.  Please Santa, I have been a good girl this year, honest.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sandals Research (yes, you read that right!)

I'm struggling to keep to my shopping list this month, I hold my hands up.  Partly because there are still some little sales going on and partly because I hate having to buy something specific, I feel compelled to get it right!  Not to mention the need for some sparkly sandals for a beach wedding next month that I won't be able to wear again for about 6 months.  I have been doing a little research but I haven't purchased, yet.  So here goes, baring in mind the dress above;

My favourite so far and only because there is the subtle hint of animal print involved!  I don't think they would work that well but I love them!
Steve Madden at House of Fraser £34 (was £69)

I like the simplicity of these but I think they are bordering on too simple.
Ravel at House of Fraser £30 (was £40)

Probably the best in terms of ticking boxes so far; leather, bling, sandal, not too pricey.

New Look £27.99
No bling but I actually have a black sandal hole in my wardrobe so these could possibly kill two birds so to speak.  There is black in the dress and a kind of flower/abstract print so they aren't a million miles off.

Office £26 (was £40)
I am due a trip to Bicester Village this week so I am holding off until I've been there.  Failing that, I think I will just have to order a few pairs as I did with the dress and take it from there.  The shopping list this month feels like no fun at all!  (Hence I've just got majorly side tracked over at Zara and added some bits to my basket, to check out or not to check out.....).

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Annie Haak Bracelet

I previously blogged about my first introduction to Annie Haak in November last year (see here), I saw them at a press day.  I tried on the 'Yard of Rose Gold' bracelet and loved it.  Not only because it actually fitted properly needing no adjustment but I loved the idea of a yard of gold around my wrist - a feeling of luxury thinking I could have that much length in gold on me!  I also liked that it was a simple, fuss free design that could be worn every day.  One thing I have learnt over the years is that when purchasing something a bit more pricey than the norm, I want to wear it as much as I can, not save it for best.  Best can be worn daily too, you know!

I had some 'special' money set aside for a piece of jewellery to remind me of some dear relatives that are no longer with me and as soon as I saw there was a 10% discount, I knew this was a done deal.  My sister also wanted one so we have matching.  After being made to order, they arrived 4 days later by recorded delivery with a hand written note inside - I love personal touches like this.

I was given a silver single bracelet at the press day which has been worn a lot and it still looks as good as new so I had no doubt about the quality of the item.  I paid £139.50 for my bracelet with the discount (sorry, it's ended now!), they are £155 normally.  I don't wear a lot of jewellery but I love staple pieces like this that mean something personal to me.  They also do a 'yard of love' which would have been perfect however I really fancied some rose gold for a change and that one only comes in silver.

PS This is not a sponsored post, it's just me sharing something I've purchased and love so I thought I would share it with you!

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