Monday, 21 April 2014

The Night Before.......

The eye op!  I'm having my eyes lasered tomorrow so please bear with me on posting blogs.  I was aiming to be organised and write in advance but the Easter week-end has been none stop, literally. The two little ladies are now tucked up snoring and I'm about to have a Horlicks to ensure I try and get some good sleep.  My eyesight is pretty horrendous.  At 10 years old my Mum realised I couldn't see the birds in the trees - I thought this was normal.  I have been saving and waiting years so it is pretty major for me.  In my teens it was a vanity thing having to wear glasses but now nearing my mid 30's, it's completely a pain in the rear and more about convenience (contact lens tolerance is getting worse with age).  Luckily my eldest helps me when I put my specs down and can't find them! I keep telling myself I've done childbirth twice, this will be fine but it's not helping much!  

In the mean time, I hope you've all been taking advantage of the bank holiday week-end offers. Finally after about 9 months of looking we have sorted out our new bed (I don't take decisions lightly, I really don't).  Apart from that, I only have some amazing J Crew purchases to share when I'm back up and running.  However, they are from the US so I've been sneaky with the prices!  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are full of chocolate. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

My First Video Featuring None Other Than Mr Manolo Blahnik!

A little teaser from my Vogue Festival trip, just to keep my loyal readers going (full blog post coming soon!).  It's grainy I know, but you should get to hear the man himself who is pretty damn fabulous.  Oh and that's Angela Missoni getting hot and using her fan!  Such a busy bee of late (thank you to my new clients) so hoping to be back to normal sharing my shopping finds ASAP.  Have a lovely Easter everyone x


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