Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cheating On Fashion With Homeware

If you are a Sex & The City fan like me, you will remember in the second movie when Carrie says she's 'been cheating on fashion with furniture' as she's been doing up her flat with Mr Big.  Well this is me for the foreseeable future.  Having bought a run down property that not only needs internal work (think avocado suite and several coats of paint on top of wallpaper) but structural work too, my eyes are firmly on the home right now.  (NB It will be lovely eventually, I didn't randomly buy something to give me more grey hairs, honest!).  Don't worry though, my first love is always there lurking in the background but expect a few home posts thrown in for good measure this year. Starting with some amazingly priced accessories at none other than Primark.  I don't have a store local to me to be able to see what's on offer regularly but I popped in to grab my girls some vests the other month when I was nearby.  I was pleasantly surprised at what they had.  

Glass Candles £2
Ros Gold Hangers £3 
Cushions £7
Jar Candle £3
Glass Candle £2
LED Lights £6
For me, Primark has it's place and if you're after long lasting items then it's not for you but this camo jacket was cotton, £20 and I have a thing for camo among others.  I wasn't really looking for a jacket at the time, my youngest as always wasn't being that accommodating of my shopping needs so I left it behind.  Queue a month long search including several SOS's to mates around the country when I decided how much I wanted it but this one got away.  Damn it.  Again!

So if you're near, pop in and check out their homeware, they have some great pieces to cheer up a room and with very purse friendly prices. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The New Leather Bag & A Gentle Reminder To Myself

I am only a little blog, I don't do this full time, it's purely a hobby that sits alongside my styling business and being a Mummy so I still get excited when I'm approached by a company to review a product.  It's a novelty that never wears off (and apologies in advance, for some reason they've come in a flurry so expect a few more over the coming weeks).  Mandy's Heaven contacted me to see if there was anything I fancied reviewing from their online store, naturally I went straight to the handbags.  I was even more excited that the one I homed in on was leather and made in Italy.  Result.

Sweater & Jeans; Topshop
Bag; Mandy's Heaven
Shoes; Timberland
Cat; My Own 
Unfortunately this bag is now out of stock but they have some other fabulous ones in, in particular this suede one that like mine, can be used as a clutch as well as a cross body bag.  It's also available in other colours.  Have a look here to see their collection.  

So the little reminder to oneself - have you guessed it yet?  You know I always harp on about fibre compositions (check the Italian leather handbag reference?!?).  Well I haven't been 100% true to myself and bought two sweaters in the last 6 months from my beloved Topshop that I really shouldn't have.  I love this one I'm wearing in these photos but without planning it - I was thinking about the handbag close up, the picture below shows the true extent of buying a sweater that isn't made to last.  Insert a sulky face there if I could.  Now for some, they accept it, it doesn't bother them but me, I like my pennies to go a long way and pride myself on buying well made, stylish clothes to remain in my wardrobe for a good few years at least.  I got carried away with the sweatshirt trend and as you can see below, the jumper is now matted and not as fluffy as it was a few months ago.  It is made from 66% polyester, 22% cotton and 11 % viscose.  My other one is 76% polyester and 24% cotton. The cotton content was just not enough to stop them looking tatty in less than 6 months.  Such a shame.

I'm sorry Topshop, you are absolutely still one of my favourite shops on our High Street and I fully support you and all the hard work you do.  You provide on trend pieces for a wide variety of age groups, I just got this one wrong.  It wasn't pricey at under £30, I'm just a hard working Mummy not a frivolous teenager and I expect a lot for my buck.

Readers - don't ever say I'm not honest in my own little blog space on the World Wide Web!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Some Miu Miu, Marant & Chanel Sparkle

Keeping it short and sweet tonight with an image based post (plenty to ramble on about in my next post coming this week) plus I have an article I'm working on for someone so it has to be brief, sorry! However less to read and more to ogle over for you.  I was in London last month and popped to Miu Miu as they were sharing their new range.  One of my favourite brands who deliver style, class, luxury all in one hit so regardless of whether it's purse string friendly for you, indulge in a little escapism with these divine clothes!  Naturally I popped to a few other stores whilst on Bond Street - rude not to right?

Such simple detail that set's the piece off 
I came over all 'Carrie Bradshaw' when I saw these!
Love clashing prints and bold coloured fur
Those ballerinas! 
I adore a simple pattern on a jumper and the colour selection was perfect 
I like how the pattern is just ket to the top half so it's not over powering
Neutrals - a firm staple of mine!
I home in on anything with a heart on!
A few treats (and an extra bag for the children) however it was early and I had a cuppa instead of the champagne that was offered!
Sparkle Shoes!
And more!
I then headed to Isabel Marant as I love the simplicity of the store and I knew exactly where it was from my boot expedition I wanted to have a little nose. 

Tassels with a little colour pop, perfection
I have a collection of tops like this, white/off white/cream and floaty, they never fail to look good with a skinny jean
As Chanel was so close, I couldn't walk past without a look.  I dream of walking in and picking something randomly with no thought just love for the item, in the moment, there and then.  One day. 

Sweet Dreams! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Two Of My Favourite Sale Buys

I had to change the title of this post as it included the forbidden word at this time of year (Christmas!) - yes I am that behind with blog posts at the moment but regardless of when I bought them, they were investment pieces so still worth sharing.  The jumper is by Rag & Bone and at £220 originally was hugely reduced to £49.95 in Harrods.  It has that 'worn' look so I wasn't 100% to start with as wondered if it did in fact look old and worn but I really liked the chunky knit and length so I took the plunge.  

I am so glad I did as I have honestly worn it so much.  It is one of my favourite jumpers at the moment, it's just very comfy and looks great with skinny jeans.  It still has that old worn look and probably more so as it's been worn and washed a lot but unless you are up close you don't really notice. 

So my big splurge with my Christmas and Birthday spends (Birthday is 9 days after Christmas - yes, the joy...!) were these Marant boots.  I saw them in the Selfridges sale, fell completely in love with them then spent a week hunting them down.  I tried everywhere, the Kurt Geiger outlet shop at Bicester who stock Marants, the internet - it had to be this specific colour/pattern, Selfridges, Harrods.  Everywhere accept the actual Marant shop it would seem!  Sometimes I even surprise myself at how simple I can be!  So when we were shopping in Westfield (remembered why we hadn't taken the then 3 year old shopping for a while) I left my hubby with the girls and dashed to the shop 20 mins away on the tube.

Now they come up small, just in case you are looking at Marant boots.  They are narrow but leather lined so stretch, even so I still had to go a whole size up.  My plan was to have a every day boot that was a little bit different.  I really wanted some Manolo's in the sale but I decided that even at half price I couldn't warrant it when they would probably get worn 2-3 times a year.  These were £400 down to £200 and my most expensive shoe yet.  I don't feel I have really gotten to grips with them yet.  I daren't wear them when it rains as I don't want to ruin the skin.  Once they've been broken in and softened more around the ankle I'm hoping to wear them with skirts in the Summer.  

I don't regret them, I love that they are different to any of my other flat boots and were hard to get hold of, so you don't see them on other people much but currently but I don't feel I'm giving them a fair go at the moment.  

PS If you are interested in the jumper it is the Camille Tunic and The Outnet currently have it in however it is £110 in the white and £119 in the grey.  I love the white so am going to keep an eye on it on the off chance it gets reduced to somewhere near what I paid for mine.  (Don't ever knock the Harrods sale - it's the best!). 

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