Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sales Are In Full Swing....

And I've been ordering away online, I can't quite stop myself now and have gone over my birthday money budget in the hope (and also knowing how fussy I am) that half of what i've ordered won't fit!  But to start with, the boot in my post here, damn it they've gone down to £57 and they still have my size......what to do, what to do.  I haven't stopped thinking about them and what I can wear with them so I think I may call tomorrow and reserve them to pick up this week.

The Chinti and Parker top also in this post has now sold out, so that's that decision made (was also told it looked like a pj top by the husband and that did put me off slightly).  My quest for a cashmere hoody has been a long one so when I saw two on sale, I ordered both.  The Next one I'm not holding out much hope for as I reckon the stock will have gone by the time they despatch but it was worth a shot.  It was over £100 down to £39 in grey, no image even left on their website!  The pink Whistles one may be too pale but again, giving it a go as both free delivery so nothing lost there. 
£195 down to £60 (and now sold out via HoF from yesterday!)
Next currently have this lovely Whistles jumper left in their clearance.  It is 70% wool 30% cashmere.  I was tempted but I have a pink cashmere jumper already so I'm refraining from a double pink in the wardrobe. 

£145 down to £50
After searching around to see if the pink cashmere Whistles hoody was a good buy, I stumbled across this Whistles dress in Asos.  I have a wedding in a few weeks and although I have some outfits in the pipeline and wasn't planning on purchasing a new dress, I thought I'd give this one a go as I fell in love with the unusual print.  I have a very old silk Whistles dress that I bought for the exact same reason, I like it when the print is just that little bit different. 

£155 down to £51 via Asos
And whilst I have a bit of a jumper thing going on, I thought I'd share with you my bargain jumper I found in the Charing Cross TK Maxx on my birthday.  It is Marc by Marc Jacobs and was £45 from over £100.  I questioned it to start with as I thought it was a little retro for me but the more I looked at it, the more I loved it.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Topshop Sale Finds

Well Bicester Village ended with....wait for it, a new peg bag!  I know, I know, last of the big spenders hey but I'm a firm believer of all things fate so my birthday pennies weren't meant to be spent there. The next day I popped to my local Topshop to return a t-shirt I'd bought online (bad reviews, note to self, must read them before I purchase!) and what a result I had.  I had seen this top in the Summer but hadn't had a chance to try it on.  It's cotton, one of my favourite (non) colours, is a classic style and for £12, it was mine.  

Next up was this kimono which I loved when it came out but felt the £45 price tag was a bit steep. Last in my size, £15.  I adore this - much to the dismay of my husband who really doesn't but I like it that much his opinion just didn't count!  He said I was having one of my 'fashion moments again'.....

Yet another top I had had my eye on and yes, you've guessed it I wasn't keen on the £34 price tag, so this £10 one sat better with me.  I sized up as wanted a slightly looser fit.  I can't wait to wear this, it will work so well with my staple trouser of choice - jeans, but will just make the whole look a little more interesting.

I grabbed this jumper as soon as I saw it on the rail even though it was the wrong size as I loved the texture.  For £10, even if it wasn't the best fibre composition it was too soft to leave behind, I would wear as loungewear.  Luckily a few rails down my size was there!  It has moulted so I have just given it it's first wash in the hope it won't anymore.

If only you could touch it, you'd understand!
I found this top online for £10 from £36, it needs a good iron but again my favourite colour (in case you're new to my blog, I like a lot of neutrals as the base to my colour palette!).  It requires a little vest underneath but thought that it would be easy to wear without making an outfit too formal as it is a loose fit.  I always tend to wear prints/ruffles/patterns up top purely because that is where I am smallest so it balances out my proportions.

Not one to look like I just bargain hunt (!) I headed to the jeans as I have lived in my ripped knee Joni's and wanted a blue pair with no rips.  I bought the Leigh's to give them a whirl, £38.  They are super soft (exactly what it says on the tag), slightly higher in the waist than a Baxter but not as high as the Joni's - so a great in between.  Second time I've worn them today and they haven't lost their shape and are just as comfy as the first day I wore them.  I'm a little nervous of the dye so I'm wearing with dark boots to start with before they've had a few washes.  Topshop jeans get a big thumbs up.

This is possibly my favourite purchase (although, this was such a good shop, I find it hard to choose) this denim shift dress was down to £20 from £38.  I saw it online and checked if they had my size in my local - a great online feature that Topshop have, I love it.  It was still there when I went to store, yippee!  I bought it originally for Summer school runs however with a thermal and tights, it worked so well even now for the school run.  

(Yes, that is my Lizzie cat wrapped up in my baby blanket from 30+ years ago...oh & Spongebob!)
A simple back with just a zip up

Not that these are from Topshop but the boots above were my New Years Day purchase when I was in London with my sister.  I have been after a tan boot since forever and being suede was a bonus (I have a thing for suede shoes).  They were £28 and have been worn so much already. 

Gap boots

So the moral of this story - head to Topshop as their sale has just got a ton better.  Oh and buy out of season staples.  I always find great bargains when I buy in the wrong season, so long as it's not high fashion items that won't work anymore, you're on to a winner!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Birthday Spends

I always think I am a bit of a weird sales shopper.  I get all excited then loose the will to live in stores very quickly,  so I ignore them for a few weeks.  Then the sales pick up a bit more momentum and the discounts are upped and I get all excited again.  Only to ponder whether I'm really purchasing for the price or the actual need.  Mmmmm!   So I've put all my birthday money into my savings account and I'm pondering these items.

I saw the above Selected Femme boots in a little local boutique in November.  They were reduced from £115 to £69, I loved them but having recently purchased my Ash boots, I thought another pair was a little extravagant.  However I didn't stop thinking about them.  There is a little hole in my wardrobe for a dressier boot such as this to wear with skirts/dresses when I wear tights.  However I failed in one of my golden rules - always try on!  Two months later, I was there again today and they fitted perfectly.  They are leather lined too and still at £69.  I walked away again thinking I want them to be £50 - mad?  Yep, I think so too.

Then I felt I had another hole for a really thick school run coat.  I have a Nike down filled one that I impulse bought when I was pregnant with no 2 as was getting drenched on the school runs and it fitted over my bump.  It did the job but 3.5 yrs on after a failed washing attempt, it's not so thick anymore.  I saw the above in the Zara sale.  £109 down to £69.99.  It looks thick and is also down filled, I love the big hood (my Nike one has a big hood but it's so big it covers my eyes - don't random buy when pregnant is the moral of that story!).  Initially it was the price that put me off, just not reduced enough for my liking.  However as I sit here typing it's currently pouring with rain, the school run is in an hour and I'm now thinking the lack of 'waterproofness' may also be a big fat no no.

And here is the random, 'I just like it' purchase!  Do I need it, nope but this is birthday money talking here.  I've heard and seen a lot of this brand Chinti and Parker and I do love their cheeky/cute designs just not the price tag.  This was £90 down to £45 and is organic cotton.  Part of me wants to give it a try and see what all the hype is about, part of me says that's a silly price for a cotton top.  BUT you get what you pay for - in most cases anyway.  Even me, the shopaholic that I am, is still learning about what not and what to invest in brand wise.  It's hard, you get swayed by a price but then within a year it's bobbled, shrunk, fit for bed wear and you think is it actually worth spending more for it to sit in my wardrobe longer?  I'm not heavily into faddy fashions, I buy to last and my style is pretty simple with twists used in accessories.  

So conclusions.  I'm popping to Bicester Village tomorrow to do a pre-shop ready for a client so it would be rude to not have a little look around.  After writing this, I'm kind of thinking the boots and the top.  The coat I can make do with, I have a Barbour (with no hood - they so need to come as standard) and other warm coats.  I hate snow so if we get any, my large Nike puffa will do for the few paces I will walk in it.  The C&P top is a little treat, something I probably wouldn't buy normally - so what birthdays are about.  The boots, well them boots.  If they are meant to be mine, they will still be there when I go back!  Oh the life of a shopaholic!

PS If the shipping was all free it would help, internet shops - #JustSaying ....
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