Monday, 28 July 2014

The TK Maxx Finds

I always seem to find some amazing deals in TK Maxx.  Maybe it's because I give it that little bit more time than normal shops to hunt out those bargains or maybe I'm just lucky.  Either way, I do love the shop.  My local store had these gorgeous Birkenstocks in, I thought the patent red was gorgeous. They weren't my size (I need a 36 please anyone?) but they do seem to get drops of Birkenstock's in fairly regularly if anyone is in the market for a pair.  They were £24.99 (from memory.....apologies!).

Then I found this gorgeous shirt by Victoria Beckham.  My sister was with me and they had one in her size so she was very lucky that day.  I have looked online and in stores since and never seen it again.  I was a tad jealous to say the least, but at least someone benefitted from my find!  It had a waffle style print to it, subtle but more substantial than a plain white shirt and was £54.99.

I've just had a lovely few days away in Bath.  For some reason while I was there I looked up the local TK on my phone as had a feeling it might be a good one and I was so right.  It was small but the Gold Label (high end items) were brilliant.  I was so excited, I completely forgot to take any photo's, but there was a Victoria Beckham dungaree dress, pieces by Helmut Lang, Zoe Karssen to name but a few and the largest number of designer sunglasses I've seen in one of their stores.  I didn't walk away empty handed.  I am on a mission to only buy skirts/dresses at the moment as that's an area lacking in my wardrobe.  I found this Moschino polka dot one for £19.99 from £110.  The pictures of it on the hanger really don't do it justice, I will share it on one day soon.

I also grabbed this Marc Jacobs t-shirt for £24.99, RRP £90.  I love the frill detailing on it.

Any one else had some luck their recently and which towns were they from?

Outfit Round-Up

This year is the year I moved on from my skinny jeans!  I am not totally without them of course, but the two pairs I bought from Gap that are their straight leg cut have had so much wear already. These were my bargain £12 ones teamed with a very old H&M t-shirt and Next animal sandals. Just a school run/about town look!

And then the skinnies came out for a girls night out!  These are also Gap, their wet look jeans.  I love the fit however the coating hasn't lasted as long as I had hoped.  Teamed with a blush pink lace Warehouse top and some very high heels (luckily we sat and caught up over cocktails and didn't have a dance!).

Clutch; sample from somewhere!
Shoes; Gucci
Ring; Dorothy Perkins
Earrings; Topshop
Bracelet; Valentino
Another day look - before the weather heated up of course.  Ralph Lauren ankle skimming jeans with a Cos top.  I've rolled the sleeves up a little as they finished just around my elbow and felt a little long.  I love the bright yellow hem, it really gives the top another dimension taking it from plain to having that little pop of colour.  

Im very pleased with my J.Crew purchases this year and this top has been no exception.  As I mentioned in my previous blog about it, I was a little dubious about the jewelled neckline but it has been in the machine, inside out on a hand wash cycle and no problems at all.  Gap jeans again and possibly my most worn shoes so far this year, my rose gold Primark sandals.  Don't get me wrong, they go with so much and are easy to throw on if I've not painted my toenails, but I know that won't be around next season as they have been well worn.  At £12, I didn't really expect them to last next season anyway.  

You get the idea - there's a theme to my casual looks - denim!  Flats were needed for the Robbie Williams concert and a cardi for when it got cooler.  I dug out this old Topshop cardi (and I'm talking 8+ years here) that has little peach flowers on it.  Somehow, it has stood the test of time and worked perfectly with my shoes and handbag.  The top is sleeveless, needed for the heat inside the O2.

Top; Zara
Cardi; Topshop
Watch; Tag
Bag; Italian - no idea, sorry!
Jeans; Gap
Shoes; Primark
It's been years since I saw Robbie solo (naturally I saw him when he reunited with Take That - HUGE fan!) and for some reason I didn't have any expectations, but he was amazing.  A true entertainer and the style of songs worked perfectly for him (his Swing Both Ways tour).  His Dad even came on to perform with him! really is so true!
Bag; Prada
Pumps; French Sole
Jeans; Gap
Pouch; Lulu Guinness
T-shirt; Juicy Couture

Monday, 21 July 2014

The M&S Sale - Be Quick!

I am supposed to be wrapping teacher's and anniversary presents not to mention packing for a few days away but I couldn't not share with you some amazing finds online at M&S.  Here is what I've bought.

Pure silk skirt for my eldest daughter (adjustable waist band as well).  £6.99 from £32.  Buy it here.

Mens suede belt, £25 down to £5.99.  This is for me!  I ordered the baby pink as well but it was marked so I returned that one but I love this coral colour more.  It is the perfect width, not too skinny or fat, result!  See it here.

Excuse the creased shorts, it was the end of a long day!
In keeping with the coral theme, this 100% cotton jumper was £35 down to £12.99 from their Limited collection.  It is fairly chunky so not for now but will be perfect when it starts cooling down.  Find it here.  (Size 18 left only at time of publishing this post!).

Another 100% cotton item, this Conran duvet set, £89 down to £28.99 (with pillow covers).  I was looking for something with more grey in it but still some white and the taupe stripe also breaks it up.  Yet to christen it but I don't doubt it's quality or style.  Find it here.

I always do bulk orders for M&S.  It's so easy to collect in store the next day and return to them too and I would rather do that and not miss out on sizes.  There were however some items that didn't make the  cut (bank was pleased, I was not so, especially on the cashmere front).  

Pure cashmere t-shirt £69 down to £24.99.  It just came up too large and boxy on me, but I adore this so urge someone to try it as I will be happy that I've at least given the amazing purchase to someone else!  Sizes 10-18's left, find it here.  I also ordered an apple green one for my Mum but her's didn't fit either (and is now completely out of stock).  

These Italian made shoes (from the Made In Italy range) were £175 and finally went down to £26.39 but all out of stock.  They just didn't work on my feet but boy were they amazing.  Boxed with dust bags, the whole shoe was leather and so well made.  See here (just teasing you now, I'm sorry).

Now these weren't in the sale but at £19.50 for a leather slider I thought they were a bargain.  Better still, today they have 20% off so are £15.60.  I so wanted these to work as I have a black sandal style hole in my wardrobe but they came up deep.  Fully recommend though, another well made pair of shoes M&S.  Find them here

Moral of the story, hunt down those bargains when M&S go to 70% off!  I put in keywords such as silk, cashmere, leather to find items I love.  Happy shopping!

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