Sunday, 3 May 2015

Some Of My Favourite Pieces On The High Street Right Now

I love this skirt I found in H&M.  It just wasn't the right shape on me (tight around the thighs, gaping around the waist, you know the story) however it just had that Chanel tweed feel about it, minus the price tag obviously.  It was lined too so wearable with a simple white t-shirt in the Summer or jumper and tights int he Winter.  

H&M £24.99
Topshop always bring out a great short - it was more lacey last year.  These have that simple chic feel to them without being over fussy.  The pom pom detailing on the bottom just adds a point of difference to them from a tailored short. 

Topshop £32
A natural born stripe lover, I just seem to gravitate towards them.  Another Topshop find, this striped shirt is just a little bit different to the norm due to the stripes going in different directions.  It has a linen feel to it so perfect for the warmer months. 

Topshop £34
This gorgeous dress dropped by my inbox courtesy of Zara.  As I've previously mentioned, I love a dress that is comfortable to wear and this looks just that.  A little bit of detailing on the sleeves to break up the block colour and additional pleats under the bust line, this is a easy every day Summer dress. 

Zara £35.99

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Swinging H&M Dress!

I popped into my local H&M last week-end as my friend was in town for my PJ Party (yep, I know how to look after my girlies).  We don't have a huge array of shops in town so I don't actually go in that often for clothes, its more for general bits and bobs I need.  However armed with my girlfriend we of course obliged in a little light retail therapy.  I grabbed this gorgeous dress for £14.99 from H&M.  It is £19.99 but if you send a quick text whilst in store with your email address you get 25% off!  I loved how easy and comfortable it was to wear and thought it also looked great with my boots.  I like dresses that are casual as being a bit of a jeans addict, it does take something like this to pull me away from my every day comfies.  

The lighting was a little bright!
Slightly more flattering lighting!
There's some gathering going on at the back of the dress, hence there's a bit more fabric for a good old swing!  Slightly maternity style I know, but I do still love it and it's retro vibe.

If's browns not your colour (and not usually mine!) then there as also a blue option for those that fancy it.  I can't seem to find it online - and I searched through 300 odd dresses so I'm hoping it's not all sold out for you already.  

PS This is out of May's budget....
PPS Think the Zara top in below post needs to go back to store....

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Zara Purchases

I have a tick on my list from last month's mini shopping list for more trousers.  It's been a while since I purchased any from Zara as I find their sizes a bit hit and miss.  However I had some time in the Easter break to have a proper browse and found these khaki cropped jeans.  They come up completely true to size and at £25.99 thought that the price wasn't bad at all (not even in the sale!). They have a slightly faded look going on in the front which I like as gives them a bit of an old worn look.  Unfortunately I can't find them online to share but they had loads in store.  

Shirt and belt; Topshop
Jeans; Zara
Ballet pumps; Jones Bootmaker

I also found a white and beige floaty top for £19.99.  It was available in yellow too but it just felt a little to bright.  I love yellow, just that this one was more orangey (doesn't look it in the photo though!) and the tones just weren't right on me.  I liked the back of it especially however it's been sat on my special hook since I purchased it.  I haven't had an occasion to wear it and I am borderline on the colour combo as without a tan feel it comes up a little bland.  It will be a TBC piece for another week or so I think!

The yellow that stayed in the shop!

Looking online it comes in black and white and a few patterns too.  Think it might be one of those tops I wear once and then forget about.  Watch this space!

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