Sunday, 15 January 2017

Some New Season & Super Sales Buys

I was super impressed with what River Island had to offer today - lots of gorgeous floral embroidery going on.  I couldn't convince my client to invest in a piece so I thought I'd share them on here just in case one of my lovely readers fancied some instead!

Shirt/Jacket £42
Jacket £48

Cold Shoulder Top £35
Stripe Crochet Top £35 
Naturally Topshop didn't disappoint.  There's some lovely Spring colours coming through in their jeans.  My client bought these and they looked absolutely gorgeous on her so I would highly recommend them.  They were a great stepped hem length and shade - willing on our next season!

Jamie Authentic Jeans £42 
Lace T-Shirt £22
Mesh Midi Dress £49
The sales are starting to get a little messy in stores now but don't be put off with the great deals online.  The discounts are pretty good - Zara especially.  They even have a section of over 60% off - yes, I headed straight to that tab!  I was hovering over this coat but got side tracked.  I tried it on in store and at £49.99 for 64% wool (originally £129) I couldn't leave it behind (the collar is detachable if diamantes aren't your thing!).

Check Wool Coat £49.00
Their coats are definitely worth a browse.  I popped a feather down jacket as my 'Bargain Buy' in the week for £19.99, the yellow has sold out but there is a khaki still online.

Down Jacket £19.99
Camouflage Jacket £19.99
I've also kept an eye on Boden's clearance section.  I love their knitwear and this jumper is in my basket as they've just given me a £10 birthday voucher.  I haven't checked out just yet though! Originally £99.50 with 80% wool, this is now £49.75.

Iris Jumper Ivory
Iris Jumper Red/Pink

Shop wisely people! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Homeware Inspiration & My Bargain Pieces

I warned you last year my blog was going to open up a little more and has done since then so it's about time I bought you a little homeware post.  Being in the midst of huge renovations and sales it's pretty hard not making major purchases right now but space is limited so I'm refraining!  It hasn't stopped me browsing though.  I've been a long standing fan of Laura Ashley, you really do get what you pay for, their quality is brilliant.  I was lucky enough to go to their press day last year which was so inspirational.

I am desperate for one of these love/snuggle chairs! 
How cosy does this set up look.  That chair so has my name on it.  
I love the whole look and feel of this lounge.  The navy sofa's are very tempting based on having two black cats and children that fail to keep sticky fingers off my nice furniture!
I'm a huge hook freak.  I love them and have them everywhere to help organise and make use of dead space.  I like the simplicity of this flower against a coloured wall.  
This Hydrangea hook is currently online for £5.40 (original price £12)
When can I move in!  The feather lamp shade is a firm favourite with my 10 year old for her new room. 
The feather cloud pendent was £70 but currently on sale at £44.10 so be quick!  
Continuing along the home front I was gifted some gorgeous table linen from a new brand Claribel London when I went to the Spirit of Christmas fair last year.  I was super impressed with their ethos and use of natural fibres.  The ladies behind the brand have created some amazing, unique pieces that are well worth a look.  

Too pretty to use in my building site of a home right now!  These have gone in my special tote full of saved up nice pieces for when our building work has finished. 
If you read my blog regularly you will have seen I purchased this chair last year (for the bargain price of £55 in the Bargain Basement section of Ikea!) - how good does that cushion of theirs look on it!  That's definitely one for my wish list.  


Now my love of animal print doesn't just stop at my wardrobe, I'm known to throw in a few pieces around the home too. I'd been after a pouffe/foot stool ever since I'd seen these in Ikea however refused to pay the £200 price for one. I looked at all options, even considered buying a rug and making my own with an old coffee table but in the end I knew I had my heart set on these. Again, I saved a search on eBay and eventually one came up. I contacted the seller to ask re the condition and found out there were two. I paid £140 for both in the end and was going to sell one on depending on which I preferred (one more fluffy!). However the whole family loves them so much we're keeping both and will put one in the kitchen/diner when it's built. Thank you eBay!

The bench is also a second hand find via a lady I've met who restores furniture.  This old bench set me back £50.
I can't wait until my house is finished, I just love finding unique pieces to mix and match to furnish my home.  I've had to stop as we have now run out of space but this side table was another pre-loved and refurbished item but this time from a shop in a neighbouring town.  My parents ended up getting it for me for Christmas as I just loved it so much and couldn't get it out of my head.  I do the same with homeware that I do with clothes, I just fall for pieces and work them into my life somehow!  This glass top hexagon table was £65.

Please excuse the missing skirting - the back wall/window is going to be knocked into internal doors so there was no point fitting any yet.  Oh and the chocolates aren't all mine!  We didn't know there was parquet flooring in the house until after we moved in.  We've had it restored professionally but I'm struggling with how easily the pine dents so I don't think it will be forever but it makes a nice change and the carpet covering it was manky anyway.  

Friday, 6 January 2017

Savvy Sales Shopping

A Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope you are all well and truly rested after the festive break.  Or perhaps the break starts now the kids are back at school......!  We have lots of family birthdays around Christmas time (great planning I know) but it does always mean we hit the shops for various reasons quite a bit.  As we are midst renovations right now I'm being more selective than ever and currently have a nice little stash of birthday and Christmas money being saved away.  That being said, I have managed to grab a few bargains - but beware, the sales haven't reached their full potential yet, wait for better discounts if you dare!

I do love M&S cashmere, it wears well and only recently have I somehow managed to shrink a few pieces.  I loved this red crew neck which was £75 down to £50, then scanned at £40 and I had a £5 Sparks birthday voucher so £35 - happy me!  I've linked their cashmere here but I've found more selection and better prices in store right now.  

(Not as bright as it seems and paws to the left courtesy of Lizzie cat)
Gap is always a firm favourite of mine and as a few of my sweaters need replacing I grabbed this cotton one which was down to £14.99 (£24.99 online though I'm afraid).  Make sure you sign up to their emails, they are always sending offers and I had a further 25% off via a recent one making this £11.24 - bargain.

A blog post of mine wouldn't be a post without featuring Topshop would it!  When I was supposed to be running to grab a last minute child's present I saw the sale sign and couldn't help but duck in.  I had seen this shirt earlier in the year and loved it but at £12 I wasn't going to let it stay in the shop.  It is a size larger than I normally take but it fitted well and as it's cotton it allows for some shrinkage. I've not seen it online so check out stores if you're after one.  

Gorgeous back detail
On the same 'emergency' Christmas present shopping trip, I had to pop to H&M and saw this wool hat for £2.  Yes, you read that right, £2.  Needless to say that didn't remain in the shop either.

Now this is the one I need a little help with.  I love the Missoni print and this was down to £20 in TK Maxx.  I thought it was gorgeous but I'm not a huge scarf wearer to be honest and after it was joked I looked like a llama herdsman (I have the best mates) I've not worn it yet.  I don't want to be sucked in on price and just because it's designer, but it is still beautiful.  Being short of space at the mo I'm being very careful what makes it's way into my limited wardrobe.  

Lizzie cat again, yes! 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Topshop Addict Moi?

Yes, another blog post featuring Topshop, sorry if I'm getting boring!  So one rule I try to live by re Christmas party frocks has always been to buy well ahead of time to avoid the horrible moment when you see someone else in the same outfit as you.  Time as always, got the better of me this year and I left it very close to the date.  I nearly returned this Topshop dress for fear of just that but somehow, with over 2000 people in the venue I avoided seeing anyone else in my dress.  I was also worried it was too short, too tight etc but I didn't really have much option but to wear it.  Oh and I was reassured by some lovely friends it was just fine.  I can report though it didn't feel too short or too tight after wearing it all night and it's washed brilliantly on a gentle wash.  A classic that hopefully will be in my wardrobe for a while.  

Monochrome Floral Contrast Dress £100 
The shoes were also Topshop and also current but I loved them non the less so went the whole hog with Topshop. I threw in a vintage Chanel handbag which I knew no one else would have so that made me feel a little better! 

Topshop Graceful £59 (I managed them in the Black Friday deal for just over £40 so watch out for their sales!)

This wasn't planned but I'm living in my Topshop faux fur coat right now (and also because I still haven't got my other winter coats out of storage in the loft yet!) so I popped it on top - a whole Topshop ensemble pretty much!

These shoes didn't make the cut for my wardrobe though, sorry Topshop!  I love a little sparkle and they looked like such a great shoe.  From the front I loved them, they were comfy, a great heal height but the actual heal itself made them go back to store.  They were just too clumpy for little old me.  Gutted but I won't keep them if they aren't right.  Even my 9 year old said 'come on Mum, they so aren't you, what are you doing'.  Enough said really.  

Glitter Shoes £49 now £20 (only silver online in an 8 so try stores!)
Finishing off with another shot of my Topshop faux fur which jazzed up my new sweater featured on my last post.  Such a good find on eBay, so glad I took he plunge at the end of Winter earlier this year, it was a slight risk that I wouldn't get the wear but animal print just never dates does it! 

I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to write again, so if I don't, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  Don't forget to shop wisely in the sales, check the returns policies to give you extra time to decide at home but do consider buying out of season staple items - get some bargain Summer sandals now! 

With love from Natalie 

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