Friday, 3 July 2015

Hurry Hurry Hurry - Cheap Cashmere!

Now be very quick people, don't deliberate like my dear self.  I've been talking recently about out of season buying - prime example coming up.  Cashmere is the luxe of wool wear, it is super soft, warm and oh so comfortable.  Marks and Spencer is, in my humble opinion, possibly one of the best on the high street.  I have several pieces, all bought in the sales, that have lasted several hand washes in my machine and still no bobbling.  So grab one of these online as currently they have a full range of sizes as no one would think to buy cashmere in this hot weather - but I'm hear to teach you to buy key items that last for half the normal price!  I will link them below so go straight to what you like and check the hell out!

Light Lilac Jumper (also available in green for £43) £119 down to £45
Antique Rose Cardigan £85 down to £42

Blurred Cardigan £99 down to £50
Ribbed Jumper (also available in green) £99 down to £36 

PS You have my client to thank for this as I found just the one piece in store today whilst shopping with her so it made me check online.
PPS No, I haven't purchased any.  I have a little collection that is doing well for me however the orange one really is very tempting.   

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The One About The Shoes

Just in case you are a new reader and may not have grasped this from previous posts, I'm a little obsessed with good quality materials, natural ones at that.  Leather is a must on my feet (yes, Haviana's have a place - by the pool or else they just rub my feet).  On a recent holiday to Spain, I naturally had to go to the supermarket (and quite frankly one of my favourite things to do abroad, I love finding new food and inspiration, I must get out more I know).  Right next door there is a mini department store which always seems to have the odd few brands in at cheap prices.  Needless to say, I deviated as I'd done well there before.  Top tip when in Spain or Italy - always, always have a peek in the shops you least expect.  The Spanish and Italians make great leather shoes.

I found these leather tassel pumps for around £20 in the sale
They have been worn so much already, what a bargain!
On my second visit, determined to find another bargain, I found these below.  Immediately drawn by the animal print and the leather again, was amazing, lined in and out.  However they just felt huge on my feet.  When I looked down it felt like I had flippers on.  I took the photo to see if it was just me and my perspective which it probably was but knowing I hadn't hit Zara at that point, I didn't want to not be 100%.  So for £35, these babies were grabbed by someone else (literally, I saw the lady dash to the till) . 

Thanks to a lovely Instagram reader, I came home to my Ash sandals.  I had regretted not getting them in the sample sale and refused to pay the full asking price of over £100.  Still thinking they were pricey (and for me, they were) at £67 I took the plunge but I am so glad I did.  They finally made their debut today.  They are one strap shorter up the ankle than the ones I was initially after however I prefer these so it really was meant to be that I walked away at the sample sale.

For anyone after a damn good pair of leather sandals that are a bit different (and slightly like the Balenciaga ones I most definitely can't afford) check out Brand Boudoir.  They have a great selection and the best prices I've seen.

Lastly, I know I've blogged about these Fig leather sandals before from Topshop however I finally got to see them in the flesh a few weeks ago.  Most definitely worth the £39 price tag and a great alternative to my ones above.  They have them in black, white, tan and gold.  If I hadn't have purchased my Ash one's then I think these would have been my new Summer sandals.  I am holding out for the post Summer sales though and maybe they can be next years sandals for half the current price.....!

Friday, 26 June 2015

The McQueen Exhibit

I can't believe it's been a month since I went to the V&A to see this amazing exhibit and I've only just got round to sharing it with you, it's still as fresh as yesterday.  My friend is a huge McQueen fan so was desperate to see it and being a lover of fashion, I wasn't going to say no.  However, I wasn't really expecting to get what we got.  From the start to the finish, the amount of work and love poured into sharing the stories of the late Alexander Lee McQueen's creations was flawless.  It is on until the 2nd August however advance tickets online are now sold out so you have to try your luck on the day.  Go if you can, you won't be disappointed.  Here's a sneak peak of some (and I mean only some - you seriously got your monies worth) of my favourites.

The Black Swan gown - look at those feathers!

Cut leather
Glass beads
Appliqué embroidery and beads

The famous splattered paint dress that happened live at one of his shows
Dyed ostrich feathers and hand-painted glass microscope slides

His use of feathers was breath taking

McQueen was a genius in his field, always pushing the boundaries, he was fearless.  His use of materials was also so exciting, from crocodile heads to feathers, it was art in it's finest form.  I was utterly captivated walking around looking at the exhibit, feeling so privileged to be viewing his own thoughts in his masterpieces.  Being a slightly (!) emotional person I was also sad about this huge loss, not in the least to our world of fashion but also that of a human being who clearly had such creative passion in him.  This was further cemented when the same friend insisted we go to see the theatre show which was yet another creative masterpiece.  It was a short glimpse into McQueens life with dance, costumes and superb actors.  It's only having a short stint but if it tours - go and see it.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Out Of Season Buying Success

Last year when I was on a mission to 'organise' the way I shop, I started to update monthly on here a shopping list of what I 'needed' and what I had purchased just to help the habit.  I haven't been so great this year as I hold my hands up - my love of a bargain over rides what I need in that current minute.  I'm not sure I'm ever going to change, I know my style, I know what I like, it will get worn eventually......well that's the plan.  There is always a little room for error though.  Last September I blogged about these shorts from Zara.  I bought them for £9.99 in the sale, it was coming to the end of the Summer clothing season.  Everyone else was looking at coats and I went and bought shorts!  Needless to say, they didn't get worn much last year.  It's a risk to buy some items out of season yes, however these weren't.

T-shirt; Vince
Shorts; Zara
Bag; Topshop
Sandals; Kurt Geiger

A little over excited about my Zara purchases that day!  Post coming soon, promise! 
I took them on my recent holiday to Spain (I need that heat again) and they were so comfortable.  Perfect for travelling in a suitcase as they didn't crease, the spots hide any sticky finger prints from the girls and unlike all the denim shorts I kept on trying on around the time, they are the perfect length.  

A few things to remember;
  • If you buy something out of season and tuck it away until it's wearable, leave the tags on.  That way if you change your mind when you dig it out, it can be sold on as new.
  • Try to stick to classics when buying, especially if this is a new way of buying for you.  Avoid current on trend pieces - there's no guarantee they will be OK to wear next season!
Some of my favourite shorts currently on the high street;
White Stuff at John Lewis £35

Maison Scotch at Asos £60

Topshop now £15
Boden £49
Hush £30

New Look £24

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