Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Making My Slightly Summer Boots Work In Winter

Some of you may remember these Topshop fringed boots from last year, I debated over the colour as also liked the black ones.  I ended up with the lighter ones, sprayed them with a protector (they are suede) and wore them a lot at the time with skirts.  With my dark blue Jamie skinnies tucked into them I have been wearing them again now the snow has stopped.  I am so pleased I kept this colour, I love how they add a little volume and something to the end of a plain skinny trouser like these jeans.

Gilet; Zara
Shirt; H&M
Bag; Prada
Jeans & Boots; Topshop

Same jeans, just a more casual look for the school run and with my new Miss Slefridge Parka - I love it!  So pleased with it for £45, it's so warm and feels better wearing a khaki colour than my big black puffa Nike one.

Coat; Miss Selfridge
Jumper; TK Maxx
Jeans & Boots; Topshop
Lucky Black Cat; Lizzie!
Pasty & Tired Look Due To Toddler; My Own
(Yes that is my cat Lizzie's tail again, she is my shadow!)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Bargain (of the home improvements variety!)

So I normally share my clothes shopping habit however my shopping habit doesn't stop there.  You could put me in a supermarket (especially foreign ones, I love foreign ones) if there were no other shops and I would still be happy!  The hunt for a bargain mainly drives the habit.  Winter months I do tend to hibernate a little, especially after Christmas so I've been focusing on lots of little homely updates.  This post is just a little idea a friend had for my fireplace that has cost me minimal yet made me love it - when I previously did not.  I've never had a fireplace and have wanted to rip my gas fire out since we moved in 4 years ago.  Several different logistical reasons stopped us and after painting the surround when we first moved in, I still kept looking at it in disgust.  

The sample
I looked at fully opening up our chimney and putting a log burner in - my end goal, but a costly one.  At well over £1500, this was not the house we wanted to spend that kind of money on.  So my friend suggested tiling over the marble surround.  Back in December I found a tile I loved but as always, you've guessed it, I wasn't happy with the £70 price tag to do it.  I searched and searched and waited a little longer.  £30 later, they were mine!

My husband and I are no DIY experts, we avoid it if at all possible but when it saves us a fair bob or two, we are always willing to try.  This wasn't the easiest thing to do (and only my hubbies second ever attempt at tiling - the week prior was the bathroom!) and required all our hands to keep them in place whilst placing the next ones up etc (they slid a little!).  There was a reason my girls didn't play in the playroom that day - that marble run came in great use!  We used normal tile adhesive after scouring the marble and left the first lot to set over night. 

The jug was £1.70 from Homebase and the pot from Ikea £1.90 - not sure what I'm doing with this yet, it's just very similar to my wall colour so I had to buy it!
By night my candles are lit and lights twinkling
There were a few other samples I had ordered to try, this one being one of them.  My husband came up with the idea of backing this with some felt/padding......hey presto, some new coasters!  So yes, at 45p a tile, I've ordered a few more!

A little random post from me but if you have a fireplace and you don't like, for minimal spends there are ways to change it.  I also ordered some more fake pebbles from ebay (mainly due to my youngest nibbling them as a baby) which were £10.  The cream grout was £5 so for £45 my fireplace is now a lot more pleasing on my eye.

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Fur Hooded Parka

So you know in my last post I gave myself just that little bit of leeway to still use my birthday money spends in my dry February?  Well thank goodness I did!  I found this last week when in-between a pre-school drop off and pick up I had to dash into town to run a few errands.  It was down to £40 in Topshop but too big and I also thought the fur hood was too much.  The more I thought about the coat though, the more I felt I had a gap for one (completely talked myself round of course).

A day later I then found this little gem in Miss Selfridge.  I don't have one local to me so grabbed the opportunity to pop in when I was passing.  As always I was in a hurry, sometimes that time limit with me is a good thing as I have to make a decision.  It fitted and was £95 down to £45.  I had my short wool Zara coat on that day but I really needed something longer.  My big puffa down one is great for terrible weather but this felt like a good in-between coat.  Job done!

As usual, it was hung up to look at but after only 48 hours, was worn.  The fur hood is so snuggly and soft around my neck - just what I need when my glands are up and fighting off my tonsillitis (hence I look pale but had to crack a cheesy smile for you!).  Sorry to say only a 4 is left online but do try the stores as there were a few in the one I looked in.  The fur is detachable and the lining makes it extra warm.  I have worn it every day since, why did I leave it so long to purchase a fur hooded parka I ask myself?!?

Not a lot left from Topshop online either but again, my local store had loads in.  There is this one from them online, £75 down to £50 if you are looking for something a little looser fit wise. 

Leaving you with my current situation.....and they work for any tonsillitis sufferers out there!

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