Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Search For The Perfect Camel Coat Continues

I have a little wish list on my phone of key items I feel I'm missing in my wardrobe.  It's not particularly glamorous (a grey sweatshirt being one of them!) but long standing is a decent camel coloured coat.  I tried a fair old few last year and nothing ticked all the boxes.  I am short, it can't be too long.  I want some wool in it so it's warm and doesn't bobble and last more than a few wears.  I want a good shade of camel and low and behold, I want it to fit me well.  So when H&M sent me an email with one from their 'Conscious' collection with 58% wool at £59.99 (then there was a 25% code off and free delivery making it £44.99), this felt like a no brainer.  I honestly didn't deliberate long, which is rare for me.  It took 5 days to arrive - I was beyond excited.  Especially as they actually had it in a size 6 (I am petite up top but just for the record, I also wear 8's & 10's) which for some reason, not a lot of their clothes are available in online.  

Um hello size 6 coat that you could wrap around me twice (ok, slight exaggeration).  Gutted wouldn't have even cut it.  I think I would even have side tracked the fact it was darker than I wanted if it had fitted me well but no, it was majorly to big, to dark and fairly thin.  

So if you're a size 10, buy the 6 - that's if you don't mind it being a dark shade of camel.  I loved the style, I had actually planned outfits around it already.  That will teach me for being ahead of my game.  

The picture below is it online - definitely a lighter shade than what arrived.  Sometimes I do despair at sizing.  I would quite happily put myself forward for a fit model.  I'm just not sure how they could get it so wrong.  

That being said, if you get the sizing right, H&M still have some good offerings - especially when they have coats on sale right now.  This shorter wrap style below is 50% wool and now £41.99.  See here.  

You can't go wrong with a biker style leather jacket.  This is from their premium range and reduced with 40% off down to £83.99.  See here

So I'm back on the hunt for a camel coat.  I ordered one from ASOS last year but was again, really disappointed in the sizing and quality.  I've seen the below and am fairly tempted.  I'm not a huge ASOS shopper but everyone else seems to do really well out of them so feel I should perhaps give them another go.  This one is reduced to £63.50 with 77% wool.  Somethings stopping me though - probably the luck I've had so far and the bother of having to package it back up and return it via the postoffice (and the usually long queue to do so!).

I've seen this Hush coat below featured on a few blogs now and I love it.  I'm just not sure I can justify the £190 price tag right now even though it has the best fibre composition I've seen in a long while - 93% wool, 6% cashmere and 1% polyamide.  Now that's what I'm talking about - go Hush!  One to watch in the sales quite possibly.  

I think perhaps I need to spend some time hitting the shops for me and have a really good mooch around (t's all about the clients and the kids these days!). Has anyone else come up with a great version that ticks all their boxes or am I not alone on this front?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Outfits Round Up

I did warn you in my last post that the Boden Alice shoes would feature heavily in my round up so there are no surprises here!  They really have been a great addition to my wardrobe.  I reach for them so much, I love that they don't fall off as easily as a ballet pump when I'm sitting.  I'm almost worried I may tire of them but that's not stopped me wearing them so far.  Needless to say, they've been worn with jeans - a lot!

School run attire!
Sweater; Marc Jacobs
Jeans; Zara
Shoes; Boden
Work mode with a client!
Cardi; Zara
Bag; Ugg
Jeans; Topshop
Shoes; Boden
I tend to forget about this Ugg bag in the Summer months as feel the sheepskin is just more Winter however the sun decided to shine brightly when I took it out to play!  It's a great hands free sized bag, just enough room for some essentials.  

Ugg sample bargain for £27 a few years back now. 
A denim on denim day!
Shirt & jeans; Topshop
Boots; Gap
Off out to a friends for the evening - with popcorn of course!
Jumpers; Cos
Jeans; Zara
Bag; Prada
Shoes; Boden
Park time after school!
Jeans; Topshop
Watch; Tag
Sunglasses; Chloe
Shoes; Boden
A monochrome day - love the back to this jumper!
Jumper; Rag & Bone
Jeans; Topshop
Trainers; Nike

Saturday, 19 September 2015

My Favourite Boden Purchases & What A/W Has In Store

When Boden bought out their Alice heels I was desperate for a pair.  Not only were they gorgeous but my second daughter is called Alice and I'm a sucker for things like that!  However, the voice of reason struck and I really didn't need more heels.  So when they released the flat version I was over the moon.  Even more so when the email flashed up that they were heavily reduced, plus I had a voucher - result!  (They also do a mid heel - see here).  

Alice flats £49.50 (other colours from £29.70)
I absolutely love them.  They come up true to size and are so comfortable.  I am a huge suede fan so that was the icing on the cake, plus the tassels in the pewter colour work perfectly alongside the black and grey.  I have a few pairs of ballet pumps so these are a great addition, they are more structured than a pump and feel more like a shoe as they aren't slip on.

I was having a double tassel kind of day!
Jeans and bag Topshop
I am sure I've featured this cardigan before but as it's coming into Autumn I wanted to remind you about their cashmere.  I bought this a while back, again it was reduced to around the £50 mark.  It is probably the best piece of cashmere I own as far as quality goes (I'm talking High Street cashmere here, I'm sure there's some amazing designers pieces out there too!).  It's hard to describe but it's like it's been knitted together tighter, a really well made piece.  I have worn and worn it, it's a proper work horse in my wardrobe.  They have this ribbed jumper in currently which I'm wondering if it will be of similar texture to my cardigan, I will definitely be keeping an eye on it in the sales!

A few photos from their press day earlier this year to follow.  There were some stand out pieces which I'm sharing with you however their basics crew neck cashmere (available in a variety of colours) still drew me in.  

I loved this cashmere jumper - the colour was just as gorgeous in the flesh.  £99
They are launching their new British Icons very soon (sign up here to hear about it first).  The cardigan and coat below were some of my favourite from the collection - I love it when there's a real story behind what a brand is bringing to us.  Even more so when there is going to be less available!

Finishing with a few pairs of shoes and a handbag!

I can't find these shoes online so I don't think they have been launched yet.  The gold are my favourite - you can jazz up a pair of jeans so easily with them.
 These flats were being 'papped' a lot! They have have them in navy and plum satin also.  £99
This fur bag was so soft and totally beautiful.  The leather straps were well made, I could see this being used as an every day chuck it all in bag, glamming up any outfit!  £139, available in two other colours, due in 5 weeks.
My Alice flats have really been worn so much, I hugely recommend them.  Next post will be some recent outfits - apologies in advance - they feature in most of them!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Some Oasis Inspiration and Outfit Catch-Up

I walked past a window display in Dublin last month that caught my eye - it properly stopped me in my tracks, great marketing Oasis!  How fabulous is this little collaboration that they have going on with the V&A museum.  Its says their designers have picked prints from the Victoria & Albert museum archives to create these pieces.  I actually love the clashing of the prints - and even more against those tiles (now where can I buy those tiles...!).

Top £24, trousers £38
Top £32, skirt £45
I love this shirt dress for £45
Sharing a few snaps from one of my Summer holiday breaks visiting my big sister in Dublin.  I am a little behind with them I know.  Lesson learnt this Summer, we packed just a bit too much in and didn't really use the long break to relax in our own home enough.  Anyway, back to Dublin and some pictures from a few outfits I wore.  My sister kindly looked after the girls one evening and sent us to a gorgeous restaurant as a belated 10 year Anniversary present to us so I put on a little sparkle for that evening!

Top; Zara
Pumps; French Sole
Jeans; Zara
Bag; Topshop
Jumper; Markus Lupfer
Jeans; Topshop
Trainers; Nike

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