Friday, 22 January 2016

Boden Clearance

A quick post to let you know (in case you missed it!) that Boden have an additional 10% off their clearance prices.  Do be quick as items go fast.  I had a voucher so I've just ordered this cashmere jumper.  I have always loved their cashmere and the fact that it washes so well in the machine also helps.  Along with Marks & Spencer I think they are the best on the high street for quality and value for this luxury wool. 

Boden Cashmere Jumper £62.37
There are other colours available at a variety of prices and a few with stripes.  This one below is even cheaper at £46.44.  I went for the above as I have enough print at the moment and wanted something more neutral.  I have a cream cashmere jumper that is well worn so feel this will be an update of that.  

Boden Cashmere Jumper £46.44
If you're looking for something a little more casual they are doing this baseball style cashmere jumper, reduced to £62.55.  Again, for me, it was not the style I needed in my wardrobe but would be very easy to wear with jeans.

Boden Cashmere Jumper £62.55
I was a little too slow for this merino jumper in my size which is now £32.04.  The plum and green version is even better still at £24.03.  As I type I'm wondering why I didn't just go for this colour and get the next size up for a more relaxed fit.  At that price, it really is a bargain for merino wool.

Merino Wool Jumper £32.04
Merino Wool Jumper £24.03
Posts may be even more sparse in the next few weeks due to moving house and waiting for the internet - not quite sure how I will cope without it.....wish me luck!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ugly Boots

Can you guess where this post is going?  Yes, correct - Ugg boots!  A friend of mine asked me a few months back my opinion on them, it's a hard one.  I said that admittedly they are not the most attractive things on your feet, they are clumpy and un-flattering.  However they do a very good job at keeping feet warm and as one that feels the cold, they've had a place in my wardrobe for years.  So many that I actually thought it was time to update them as they are really tatty now.  I had blogged about the Petra's below which looked great on-line but not so much in the flesh on me.  They felt a little too rigid on my feet for some reason, which is a shame as this colour is now £72 from £130.  Also available in black and a darker brown.

Ugg Petra at Office 

On the hunt I also tried these Croc boots back in October last year.  Sue recommend them as they are cheaper than Sorel boots and looked very similar.  I have small feet but even the size 3 were too small on me, which was such a shame as they were a bargain at £48 and were waterproof too.  

Whilst on a trip to Westfield my hubby popped to Ugg. (It's been years since we have been to Westfield and we wondered why - that would be the troublesome 3 year old as to why, most painful shopping trip yet and won't be a family one again for at least another year!).  It wasn't on my list to look in Ugg as being near Bicester Village I always thought I get a fairly good deal there.  That was until my eldest dragged me to the kids section and I discovered these beauties for £70 in the sale.  They were a size 3 adult and fitted perfectly yet the Petra's were a 4.5 adult and snug (make sure you try them on if you're buying them!).  They are a nubuck rather than the suede with additional stitching detail around the back which I really like.  I have worn them so much already.  I much prefer the shorter boot on me as they don't drown me and as we're now having a really cold snap they've been a God send.  So check out the kids section if you're up to an adult size 5!

Admittedly, I am a procrastinator in most purchases yet these grabbed me.  Had I done a little more research I may have been tempted by a pair of Sorel's via John Lewis who also have kids ones going up to a size 5.  Oops.  However I do love the simplicity of an Ugg, no faff, you can literally slip them on and run out the door for the school run (do remember to spray them with a protector spray first though).  

Ladies Sorel boots £130 via John Lewis 
Kids Sorel boots £70 via John Lewis (they go up to a size 5 but currently sold out)

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Back when it was mild in early December I had a Christening to attend.  I didn't feel like wearing tights and a dress or skirt so dug out my old faithful Topshop crop trousers.  I bought these on a whim for a job interview about 5 years ago as I was desperate for a smart trouser.  They have worn so well and am yet to find anything that comes close to them.  I love how they taper in at the ankle but have a slightly looser, masculine look to them. 

I decided to keep it a really simple monochrome look and wore my favourite silk Sandro top.  This was bought from the Bicester Village outlet and I remember squirming at paying £50 or £60 for it a couple of years ago.  I have since tried to buy less cheap items and invest slightly more as this top reminded me that you really do get what you pay for.  I would pretty much say it's been worn monthly since.  I love how floaty it is and the lace detail is a timeless style.  It still looks as good as new.  

Taken on purpose for you to see the top swinging in action....Um no, I wish I was that good at posing for photos,  probably my youngest making a break for it causing me to turn!
My shoes were another Bicester Village find a good few years back also.  They are by Bally and yes, for my regular readers, they are suede and leather lined - what a shoe!  You know me and suede shoes and leather lining, gets me every time.  They have a little gold detail around the heel that I love and really are comfortable.

Just in case you were on the look out for a white/cream top to add to your wardrobe, Boden have this gorgeous lace one.  They are so easy to wear, from jeans to trousers and skirts, it's an item that every wardrobe should have.  It is currently on offer with 10% off with free delivery and returns until the end of January.  

Boden Floral Lace Top £80.50 (also available in navy)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Preloved Topshop & Jigsaw Bargains

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.  I hope the festive season was good to you and you are all relaxed and ready to face 2016!  I have had a busy few weeks as we have lots of Birthdays after Christmas so I haven't had a proper good sales shop.  I have however used the sales to really look at investment pieces, only purchasing a few cheap vests but saving my Christmas and Birthday spends for bigger, heavily reduced items.  That being said, there's still time for me to make some silly purchases yet.....

Pre Christmas I always find it hard as the sales do start early but I don't ever want to buy too much and peak too soon.  I had seen the Topshop Magnificent boots in a pre-loved shop.  I hesitated as at £60 (£79 full price) even though they had been worn once and weren't scuffed, I didn't feel the discount was good enough.  When I went back to collect some of my unsold items they had gone down to £45 - no brainer!  With £30 towards them after I had sold on some pieces in the shop I felt the £15 was a very good deal.  I also grabbed this leather Jigsaw bag for £20.  I have had my eye on rucksacks for a while but didn't want to spend a lot in case the style doesn't work for me.  I love this soft gold leather one and can't wait to start using it properly.  

Boots; Topshop
Rucksack; Jigsaw
Even though I am a serial returner (I do like the comfort of my own home and wardrobe to make decisions, coupled with the fact I usually have a 3 year old in tow who limits my time) there is something to be said for a no returns policy.  It makes me think, quickly.  There's no time for said items to sit there in my room waiting to be used.  The boots were testament to that and were worn the next day then pretty much stayed on my feet for a few weeks. 

Coat; Zara (before you ask, it's very old, about 5 years and from the Brussels store.  I adore it even now and still get asked about it!) 
Merino jumper; Boden
Jeans & Boots; Topshop
They do have a block heel, which is higher than the heel of the Ash boots I'm used to for day wear.  I did over wear them and have sore feet so I gave them a break.  However it hasn't stopped me since and they have been worn on the school run too.  I have actually enjoyed a higher heel, it always makes me stand better and being short, I love feeling tall even if it is fake!

These boots do soften quickly.  The leather is very supple but they are also fairly tight to start as they are called a sock boot.  I haven't worn them with a skirt yet, only with jeans turned up, sitting just over the top of the boot.  The soft point at the front if also very flattering on the foot.  

Jacket; Zara
Sweater; Uniqlo
Jeans & Boots; Topshop
Bag; Prada

Topshop have reduced the cream and navy to £55.  The brown I have are still £79 but they've also added some suede ones to the collection - damn, my absolute favourite material for shoes!  If I hadn't have got the above at such a silly price, I do believe I may be parting with my cash for these ones below, utterly gorgeous.

Boots; Topshop

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