Monday, 18 August 2014

The Cos Round-Up

I've just come back from a lovely few days visiting my sister in Dublin with my eldest daughter.  My sister is my true partner in crime when it comes to shopping, we could both spend hours upon hours roaming and purchasing but as we had a 7 year old with us, it was rained in.  I did pas a Cos though and as requested by Sue, he's a little round up from their latest offerings.

The midi is here to stay
Fabulous floral skirt
I've been a little late to the table in Cos appreciation but one thing that has stood out for me is their materials.  I have some great silk and cotton tops that have washed so well.  I also like the simplicity of a lot of their pieces.

Silk top £45
Silk t-shirts in a variety of colours £39
Boxy top £35
Leather shopper £135
Leather cross body bag £115
100% wool coat £150
90% wool & cashmere/polyamide balance £150
I didn't purchase as I was being pulled out of the shop to get on a Viking Tour Bus (it was worth it though, I fully recommend it if you are visiting Dublin) but I plan on spending more time in their when I get some child free shopping hours.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What's In My Bag?

Bag that day; Balenciaga
If you're anything like me, you will love a nosey post like this!  This was a 'I have no kids with me' bag hence only one token child 'ish' thing but I do generally lug around this hefty lot with me all the time.  I am a 'just in case' kind of person.  I won't bore you with pictures of what's inside everything, we will be here all day but here's a few close ups.

These four are always with me without a doubt;
  • Miu Miu purse 
  • Lulu Guiness zip pouch; most probably intended for cosmetics but holds all my families gift cards and coupons, yes I have a coupon purse....
  • Gucci cosmetics pouch; I don't tend to take my makeup out with me, it's purely a lip balm, mirror, lozenges, plasters, hair grips kind of pouch
  • Smythson business card holder

  • Mini iPad with read leather case; this is new to me, I'm not an iPad fan but it is perfect for travel and size wise brilliant to hold.  I am in love with it already (and I don't often say that about technology pieces!).  Just in case any of you have saved up your Tesco vouchers, it's their double up promotion period and iPads are included, hence I got mine for next to nothing!
  • Mini filofax; I refuse to use the calendars on my phone, I like pen and paper for diaries

  • Gucci sunglasses
  • One Direction tissues (I did tell you at the start there was a token 'child ish' thing included, these are them!
  • Dior Nail Glow; I painted on the go that day
  • And finally, believe it or not, a Mulberry tape measure.  You never know when you need to measure something......
So does anyone else carry this much with them on a regular basis?  Aside from the nail polish and iPad, the rest is pretty much standard in my bag.  I have tried to cull it, but the one time I leave something behind, I need it.  Obviously sunglasses aren't needed come the Winter months!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

& Other Stories

I was in London this week and had a spare half hour to pop along to a few shops.  Oxford Street was rammed so I mainly stayed down Regent Street and headed straight to & Other Stories as I don't often get a chance to visit it.  For those of you who don't know this store, it's H&M's older sister so to speak.  The store is lovely to browse around, lots of clean lines in the styles, simple colour palettes, some classic and contemporary pieces and not cluttered but easy to navigate.  I tend to home in on the high end fabrics and this silk shirt was no exception.  

Silk shirt £65
I love this mink version of it
One of my favourite things about this store is that you can try their beauty products as they have a sink with all the scents out ready and waiting.  What a lovely idea (especially in London where I constantly feel grubby after all the tube journeys!) and it makes it so temping to purchase.  Not being one to walk past the sales stand I did grab a few products to try.

The washing area

And environmentally friendly too!
My purchases (between 50-70% off, total bill was just under £7!)
I'm a huge lip pencil fan so thought I'd try out theirs and some sponges for when I eventually purchase a tinted moisturiser of some description
Some little treats for my Mummy - the scent was amazing and what a description too!
So there's my little round up of this store, if you are near it, do pop in (the only one in the UK is Regent Street, London).  They sell online too. 

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